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Estimated Costs for International Students

2023-2024 Estimated Costs for International Students

The following is the 2023-2024 estimated annual cost for international students attending South Dakota State University. Tuition, fees, room and board charges are subject to changes that are published annually by the South Dakota Board of Regents and annual increases of up to 5% should be expected.

15 credit hours/semester
9 credit hours/semester
Graduate, with Assistantship 
9 credit hours/semester
Program Fee---
General Activity Fee 
$50.85/credit hour
International Student Fee$150$150$150
Residence Hall 
Based on Mathews, Pierson, Young 
or Hansen Halls (double occupancy)
Premier Meal Plan$2,127$2,100**$2,100**
Includes estimate for transportation and other incidental costs
Semester tuition, fees, and living costs$12,308$12,909$7,023
Yearly Health Insurance (Mandatory)***$708$708$708
Annual Cost of Attendance (2 semesters)$25,324$26,526$14,754

*Based on 15 credit hours per semester of general courses which are required for 4-year graduation. Please visit Undergraduate Tuition and Fees by Major to determine actual costs by major. Programs such as Aviation and Architecture have significantly higher costs. Please see below for special programs with higher estimated costs of attendance.

**These are estimated costs associated with anticipated apartment rental, utilities, and food costs. You can refer to the Living Wage Calculator for Brookings County, South Dakota for estimated room and board costs.

Students should allow for personal expenses, which can run from $500 to $2,000 per year.

Additional Estimates of Annual Expenses

Additional ExpensePrice
Living Expenses for Dependent Spouse$10,032
Living Expenses for Each Dependent Child$6,958

If you are self-funded (the bank documents are in your name), you must provide evidence that you can fund your entire duration of the study. To determine this amount, multiply your total costs with dependents as follows: 

Undergraduate and Ph.D. x 5 or Master's Degree x 3

***Insurance Requirements

  1. Insurance quotes are based on the Basic Plan.
  2. Mandatory University Insurance must be purchased through the approved insurance provider and not from another agency — either in your country or in the United States, unless eligible for the Federal Exchange. Please check the site for updated rates and policy changes.
  3. Students who have been in the US for more than 5 years as an F-1 Student or more than 2 years as a J-1 Student/Scholar are eligible to purchase Health Insurance through the Federal Exchange. Please contact for information about this option.
  4. Dependent (spouse or child) plans can be purchased from the approved insurance provider. Dependents are required to show proof of insurance. The insurance will be required to be on file.

Special Programs with higher estimated costs of attendance:

Accelerated Nursing Cost Estimate

Tuition and Fees$32,888
Room and Board$8,876

Architecture Annual Cost Estimate

Tuition and Fees$19,775
Room and Board$8,876

Aviation Education Specialization Annual Cost Estimate

Tuition and Fees$32,341
Room and Board$8,876