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Living-Learning Communities

Living-Learning Communities at SDSU provide an environment for residents to connect their academics with life outside the classroom. Students who are accepted to live and participate in these communities have the opportunity to live with others whose academic interests match their own, be supported both academically and socially through intentional programs geared toward their learning community, and interact meaningfully with faculty and staff members.

Find more information on each Living-Learning Community:

Below is a description of each Living-Learning Community, as well as a description of which hall they are associated with.

A community for students who place a high value on inclusiveness for people of all identities, including gender identity and sexual orientation.

Students in this LLC live in Caldwell Hall (3rd floor).

The focus of the CAFES LLC is to connect students' academic and residential experiences, with the goal of fostering a sense of belonging at SDSU and ultimately leading to academic success. There are supportive student staff that assist students with their academics and transition to college as well as provide educational events related to agriculture and biological sciences.  

Students in this LLC live in Pierson Hall (2nd and 3rd floors).

*For the 2022-2023 Academic Year students in the LLC will live in Brown Hall (2nd floor) due to the Pierson Hall Renovation. 

The Engineering Living-Learning Community (ELLC) is a place for students majoring in Agriculture & Biosystems, Mechanical, Civil, or Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics Technology, Construction Management, Operations Management, or Math to thrive at SDSU. Here, you will live and learn with other students majoring in these fields.

You will have the opportunity to study with your classmates, grow as a professional, and develop friendships with students who share similar goals. Not only that, but students living in the ELLC have a built-in "support group" right on their floor at no additional cost. ELLC members can sit down with faculty and advisors at planned events and have a resident Learning Community Coordinator who organizes study groups, help sessions, tutoring, and serves as a campus academic resource to the residents on their floor.

Students in this LLC live in Mathews Hall (2nd, 3rd and 4th floors).

The HPLLC is open to any full-time, first or second-year student who is pursuing a health-related major (Pre-Nursing, Pre-Pharmacy, pre-health professional [PA, PT/OT, Medicine, Dental, Optometry, Chiropractic, Veterinary Medicine, etc.], Exercise Science, Health Education, Athletic Training, Medical Lab Science, Nutrition, or Dietetics). 

HPLLC student staff provides social and academic support to students as they transition from high school to college. Staff members also coordinate informational events related to working in the health field and applying to professional health programs.

Students in this LLC live in Mathews Hall (2nd, 3rd and 4th floors).

A partnership with the Miller Wellness Center to explore health, wellness, fitness, and sport opportunities on and off campus to promote lifelong healthy behaviors. Open to all students.

Students in this LLC live in Schultz Hall (4th floor).

The Honors College LLC is open to any full-time student who intends to pursue graduation with Honors College distinction. The HCLLC, located in the new Honors Hall, includes offices for the Fishback Honors College Dean and administrative staff, in addition to the Fishback Honors College classroom. Additional community space is provided in the lower level and collaborative group study rooms along with kitchens and lounges are located on each floor. 

Other features include an outdoor gathering space/fire pit and college library. Students in this community benefit from Fishback Honors College student/faculty activities taking place in the hall and having student and professional staff resource persons available to assist them with Honors courses, advising, and making the most of their Honors experiences. Pending student interest, floors in the Honors Hall will be designated for Honors College Health Professionals, Engineers, and other academic disciplines.

Students in this LLC live in Honors Hall (All floors).

The Military Affiliated Living-Learning Community is a partnership among the SDSU Veterans Affairs Resource Center, as well as Army and Air Force ROTC, committed to creating a community that promotes success and growth among military affiliated students. Within the LLC, Veterans, service members, cadets, and dependents can participate in programs and events that allow for peer learning and connection with other military affiliated students within the residence hall. The LLC is dedicated to helping military students navigate the complexities of the college experience. With the newly remodeled Veterans Affairs Resource Center housed right next door, students will get specific assistance with military education benefits, advisement and financial aid, and be provided with other academic supports that help facilitate a smooth college transition.

Students in this LLC live in Brown Hall (1st floor).

This LLC is for individuals who love the outdoors and all it has to offer. Designed to strengthen the community and collaboration among students and faculty within the Department of Natural Resource Management (NRM). This LLC connects academic and residential experiences around the topics of the outdoors including how best to manage and conserve our natural resources. The LLC features regular activities including study groups, field trips, group discussions on NRM research or issues, and social events with NRM students and faculty. All are welcome!

Students in this LLC live in Pierson Hall (2nd floor).

*For the 2022-2023 Academic year, students in this LLC will live in Brown Hall (1st floor). 

The Oyate Yuwitaya Tipi (OYT) is a community of Native and non-Native peoples who will be provided with opportunities to enhance their understandings of the diverse histories, contexts, cultures, and experiences of American Indian and Alaskan Native peoples. Founded upon the principles of respect, reciprocity, responsibility, and kinship, our purpose is to be a living-learning environment that fosters educational success, nurtures student leadership, promotes solidarity, and honorably acknowledges the Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota nations of South Dakota. 

Students in this LLC live in Mathews Hall (1st floor).

The Performing Arts Living-Learning Community (LLC) is focused on like-minded individuals who all love the performing arts, whether that is music, theatre and/or dance. The focus of the community will be living among others who also love the performing arts, learning more about the performing arts with various planned activities and having a community of peers to get engaged in campus living. This LLC is open to everyone who is interested, and not limited to performing arts majors.

Students in this LLC live in Schultz Hall (2nd floor). 

This themed community provides a quiet environment for students wanting an atmosphere that is conducive to studying and sleep. Quiet hours begin at 9:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and at 10:00 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights.  There is also a heightened awareness of courtesy hours to not engage in “loud” activities that can interrupt your neighbors’ right to sleep, study and not be disturbed. 

Students in this LLC live in: Abbott Hall (4th floor). 

This is an excellent opportunity for students who transfer to SDSU to connect with other transfer students and ease their transition to SDSU. Focused opportunities to learn about resources, traditions, connecting with academic staff, and more will be priorities for programs and other opportunities for transfer students living in this community.

Students in this LLC live in: Spencer Hall (4th floor).