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International Student Numbers

South Dakota State University has proudly become the regional center of rich academic and cultural diversity thanks to our large and growing international student population.  While we are always actively working to recruit students to enroll, much of our growth can be attributed competitive tuition, attractive academic programs, but most importantly, referrals from current and former students. The hardworking faculty and staff and the friendly community of Brookings continue to make SDSU a welcome home to students from around the world!

Numbers are accurate as of Fall Semester 2017.

Map of top countries of origin

Map of top countries of origin


Historic level of diversity by number of countries

Number of Countries 2015


Countries with highest number of enrolled students at SDSU

Countries with highest number


New Entering Students (Fall Semester Comparison)

New Entering Students


New Entering Students (Annual Comparison)

New entering students annual comparison


Total International Enrollment (Fall Semester Comparison)

Total international enrollment fall semester