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Current International Students

Our office is the primary contact for our international students from the time you apply until the time you graduate. We promise you that it will always be a warm and inviting experience for you as you enter our office and work with our staff. We look forward to assisting you while you attend South Dakota State University! 

As you attend SDSU, we will do what we can to help you adjust to the culture and encourage you as you strive to accomplish your academic and career goals.  Furthermore, we will support you as you encounter the United States' immigration laws and regulations that are oftentimes complicated and unclear. 

Whenever you have questions, let us help!

Student Appointments

The Office of International Affairs has an open door policy... if our door is open, we are typically available.

  • Walk-in advising is available and is intended for short (15 minutes or less) questions. If you would like to meet for more than 15 minutes, you should schedule an individual appointment with an adviser.
  • Students are encouraged to schedule appointments as first priority is given to students who have pre-scheduled an appointment.