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Departmental Responsibilities for International Students and Scholars

Providing a clear explanation of the rights, responsibilities, requirements and options to international students and scholars is a joint effort between the Office of International Affairs and the various Academic Departments around SDSU's campus. 

The Office of International Affairs will refer all academic questions students may have to their academic/departmental advisers. Conversely, we routinely depend on departmental advisers' recommendations for immigration related items such as: estimated dates of completion, verification of normal academic progress, whether off-campus employment might be integrally related to a student's academic program, etc. Certain actions that the student or department may take can have serious immigration consequences or may require pre-approval or immediate notification requirements in SEVIS. Academic Departments should let the Office of International Affairs (OIA) know of major changes with an international student's program, funding, personal circumstances or health.  

Please notify OIA in the following circumstances: 


  • Inform OIA of any communication received from the new student/scholar regarding cancellation, deferment, difficulty in obtaining a visa and late arrival on campus. 

Upon Arrival:

  • Remind new students to attend the OIA New Student Orientation/Check-In (mandatory). 
  • Remind new scholars to check-in with OIA.
  • Ensure students are registered full time.

Throughout the Student's Degree Program:

  • Forward any information to OIA regarding changes in the student's degree program, withdrawal, non-attendance, termination of program or any other circumstances obstructing the student's ability to make normal academic progress.
  • Assist student with completion of the academic department sections of employment request forms, change in curriculum/level request forms, program extension forms, etc.


  • Inform OIA if the Department becomes aware of an international student who is or has been terminated/suspended, decides to change program and not continue or does not return/continue after travel abroad.