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Student Testimonials

Asuka Ohno

Asuka Ohno

“There have been a lot of positive outcomes. Here, people are welcoming and willing to help always. In the workplace or in classes, people ask if I need help. That helped my academics and also helped with learning English.”

“Brookings has become my second home. Whenever I travel in the US and I come back to Brookings, I feel like I’m finally home and I can sleep well.”

Exercise Science | Graduating in 2019

Emma Qurashi Photo

Emma Qurashi

“I like how professors take interest in the students here, they try to get to know their students on a personal level."

Psychology | Spring 2018

Jerome Charles Image

Jerome Charles
Trinidad & Tobago

“The classes are small, so you’re not considered just a number. I had relationships with most, if not all, of my professors here at SDSU. The higher that I went in my degree, the more advice I would get from faculty. I think that advice went a really long way and helped me decide what direction I should take in my career.”

Electrical Engineering | Graduate Student

Maryam Enteshari

Maryam Enteshari

“SDSU is my second home. SDSU is not only a university, it is a place where I met my friends. I laughed with my friends, I cried with my friends; it’s a very warm home for me.”

Dairy Science | PhD

Nargiza (Giza) Mukhidinova Image

Nargiza (Giza) Mukhidinova

“SDSU has really good price for really great experience for the knowledge you gain. If you really want to achieve something, SDSU is a really great beginning for your next step in life. It helped me to understand who I am and what I want.”

Hospitality Management | Spring 2018

Ng Jin Hang Photo

Ng Jin Hang

“From the first day I arrived at SDSU, I experienced something that I think is very representative of the culture here. That is the kindness of the people who hold doors open, greet you with a smile, ask about your day and give you personal attention. Some might say this is just common courtesy that is found anywhere else but I think kindness is more pronounced within this campus than anywhere else.”

Computer Science | Spring 2018

Sofiya (Sonya) Zybaylova

Sofia (Sonya) Zybaylova

“You have the freedom of choosing your own schedule and going at your own pace. I think it’s also really nice that we have an international office as a resource as well as advisors to help you figure out your classes. I’ve loved the experience of being in this friendly community.”

Broadcast Journalism | Spring 2018

Trang Dinh Photo

Trang Dinh

"The international office helped me a lot. They are very responsive and very supportive to international students. Every time I have questions or concerns, they reply to me very quickly. They have a lot of events and activities at SDSU that helped it feel more like home and made me feel like a member of SDSU’s family.”

Interior Design | Graduating in 2019