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International Student Organizations

SDSU has various International Student Organizations that students can participate in. The International Relations Council is the "parent club" that is supported directly by the Office of International Affairs. There are also international student organizations that are supported by individual countries and cultures as well. These are:

The International Relations Council (IRC)

IRC is the official student organization that represents the international student voice at SDSU. IRC leaders work closely with the Office of International Affairs staff to help new students adjust to life at SDSU. IRC is an advocate for international student concerns and support programs that encourage students to get involved and make new friends both on and off-campus. The IRC also sponsors picnics, organized sports groups, trips, SDSU's International Night and educational programs on world issues. They encourage volunteers to help organize events and provide new ideas for activities and programs. International and U.S. students can join IRC and many nationality groups are represented in it. To become a member and eventual leader contact the Office of International Affairs.

African Students' Association (ASA)

People tend to generalize or have the misconception that Africa has a single culture rather than understanding that Africa is a continent filled with diversity and cultures too numerous to count. The goal of ASA is to remove these misconceptions and to assist, foster and encourage unity, cooperation, harmony, coherence and the well-being of the association not only with the university but in the community as a whole. Students from Africa are encouraged to participate in order to help educate others on the various cultures of Africa.

Bangladesh Students' Association

Chinese Student Scholars Association (CSSA)

Nihao! The CSSA exists to promote and represent Chinese culture and values. The CSSA attempts to accomplish this by presenting a cohesive course of action to advance the academic, social and professional objectives of the association. It is CSSA's desire that the people of South Dakota would come to appreciate the culture that they are so passionate about.

Indian Student Association (ISA)

Namaste! ISA's mission is to foster friendship, fellowship, goodwill and cooperation among the Indian students, staff and faculty of SDSU. Students from India participate in various events throughout the year to give the people of the region an opportunity to embrace the "essence of India." ISA strives hard to make SDSU feel like home to Indian students and scholars and the association not only promotes cultural awareness but also serves as a social tie for the Indian community.

Korean Student Association

Nepalese Student Association (NeSA)

The Nepalese Student Association aims to promote understanding, friendship, integrity and cooperation among NeSA members at SDSU. They also seek to exchange Nepalese language, literature, culture and arts through various activities as well as to provide peer counseling and advising to Nepalese students. It is the objective of NeSA to introduce their culture not only to the SDSU campus community but also to the people of the Midwest. They may be a small country geographically, but they have a passion and pride in their culture that mirrors the heights of the majestic Mt. Everest which resides within their borders.

Pakistan Student Association (PSA)

خوش آمدید, The Pakistan Student Association (PSA) is a dynamic organization dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for Pakistani students at South Dakota State University (SDSU). The PSA aims:

  1. To provide a platform where Pakistani students can voice their concerns, seek guidance, and find solutions to the challenges they may face as international students.
  2. To serve as a bridge by facilitating meaningful interactions between Pakistani students and their peers from diverse cultural backgrounds through fostering mutual understanding, respect, and appreciation.
  3. To play a vital role in promoting harmony and a sense of belonging among the residents of South Dakota by actively participating in on-campus activities.

Saudi Students' Organization (SSO)

The SSO was created in the Fall of 2013 and it seeks to educate the students at SDSU about Saudi culture as well as to ease the cultural transition for new Saudi students arriving each semester.

Sri Lankan Students' Association (SLSA)

Sri-Lankan student Association is an organization in SDSU and is the hub for all the Sri Lankan Students here at SDSU.