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Warren D. Fish

Warren Fish
Warren D. Fish

Distinguished Engineer

Hometown: Tyndall

Civil Engineering,

Warren D. Fish was a member of the Miltonian Society, YMCA, Military Band, track team and was Art Editor on the 1916 Jackrabbit and the Collegian during his years at South Dakota State College. Following some work in surveying and construction, his career was interrupted by World War I. In 1919, Fish joined the South Dakota Highway Department and in 1934 he joined the Bureau of Public Roads of the U.S. Department of Commerce, where he remained until his retirement in 1960. His first activity with the Bureau was in the Division/Field office covering federal-aid highway activity in seven states. World War II brought responsibilities for defense access roads. In 1951, he was assigned to the Washington headquarters to administer allotments of controlled materials during the Korean War. In 1953, Fish was designated chief, specifications, standard plans and materials section. In 1954, he was designated chief, construction administration branch, construction and maintenance division. This involved all phases of activity related to the construction of federal and federal-aid highways.