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Notable People

Four SDSU presidents (Sherwood Berg, Peggy Miller, Robert Wagner, and Hilton M. Briggs) attend Miller's inauguration.

The South Dakota State University Archives & Special Collections contains the university archives, as well as material related to South Dakota history and life. Within the two general collection areas of Manuscript and University Archives, a vast array of people are represented through contributed materials. 

Below, you will find a complete list of named and notable collections housed at South Dakota State University Archives & Special Collections. Most of the collections offer significant insight into South Dakota or the region, but the primary focus of this collection is twentieth century rural South Dakota.

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Aldrich, J.M. Diaries (UA 53.14)

Alexander, Ruth Ann Papers (UA 53.22)

Anderson, Sigurd Papers (MA 13)


Barnes, Allen Papers (UA 53.3)

Bates, Ward B. Scrapbook (MA 55)

Berg, Sherwood O. Papers (UA 53.13)

Biggar, George C. Papers (MA 1)

Billow, Joye Ann Papers (UA 53.25)

Bjorklund, Elvin Papers (MA 96)

Briggs, Hilton M. (UA 53.37)

Burns, Robert V. Papers (UA 53.19)


Cecil, Matt Papers (UA 53.23)

Cook-Lynn, Elizabeth Papers (MA 42)

Corothers, Lonita Gustad Papers (MA 48)


Daschle, Thomas A. Papers

Denholm, Frank E. Papers (MA 74)

Doner, David B. Scrapbook (UA 53.34)

Dornbush, James N. Papers (UA 53.18)

Driving Hawk Sneve, Virginia Papers (MA 19)

Dwyer, David Papers (MA 47.1)


Evans, David Allan Papers (UA 53.16)


Gambill, Norman Papers (UA 6.9.2)

Gardner, Wayne Papers (UA 53.85)

Gartner, F. Robert Papers (UA 53.21)

Garnos, Gordon Papers (MA 82)

Gibbons, William Papers (UA 53.46)

Graber, Edwin C. Poetry Collection (MA 34)

Grant, Geoffrey and Sue Papers (UA 53.32)

Gritzner, Charles F. "Fritz" Papers (UA 53.29)


Hansen, N.E. Papers (UA 53.4)

Harding, A. S. Papers (UA 53.5)

Hart, Reed G., Jr. Scrapbooks (MA 80)

Hawley-Lothrop Families Collection (MA 65)

Hendrickson, J.P. Papers (UA 53.20)

Hepper, Carol Collection (MA 43)

Hogan, Edward P. Papers (UA 53.17)


Jacobsen, Emil, My Life from 1903 (MA 56)

Johnson, Dan W. Papers (MA 41)

Johnson, Delmar R. Records (UA 42.4)

Johnson, Donald D. Papers (MA 18)

Johnson, Henry and  Inez Journals (MA 32)

Johnston, Blanche Avery Class of 1916 Collection (MA 71)

Jones, Susan A. Diary Transcription (MA 44)


Karolevitz, Robert F. Papers (MA 39)

Kerr, R.F. Papers (UA 53.6)

Kramer, J. Howard Papers (UA 53.7)

Kuehn, F. C.W. Papers (MA 4)


Lee, MaryJo Benton Papers (UA 53.24)

Loucks, H.L. Correspondence with R.F. Pettigrew (MA 23)


Marghab, Vera Way Papers (MA 25)

Martin, Dave Papers (UA 53.27)

Miller, John E. Papers (UA 53.15)

Musson, A. L. Papers (UA 53.8)


Norby, George and Evelyn Photograph Collection (NA 1)

Norris, Kathleen Papers (MA 47)


Olson, Roberta K. Papers (UA 53.41)

Opdahl, W. Sigurd and Goldie Family Papers (MA 87)


Pearson, David F. Papers (UA 3.1)

Plumart, Phillip E. Papers (UA 53.35)

Popowski, Bert Papers (MA 5)

Powers, William H. Papers (UA 53.9)

Pyle, Gladys - Incredible Gladys Pyle Collection (MA 20)


Reifel, Benjamin Papers (MA 9)

Richards, David Collection on N.E. Hansen (MA 49)

Richardson, Marilyn Papers (UA 53.11)


Schultz, Theodore W. Collection (MA 22)

Sewrey, Charles L. Papers (UA 53.10)

Sexauer, Elmer and Cecile Papers (MA 6)

Shunk, Harold W. Papers (MA 3)

Simonson Oscar and Alice Papers (MA 75)

Stewart, Beryl Papers (MA 14)


Thomas, Clark S. Student Expense Notebook (MA 73)

Thomson, Verl Collection (MA 68)

Trump, Alfred G., Jr. Papers (UA 53.39)


Visser, Audrea Collection (MA 52)

Volstorff, Vivian V. Papers (UA 53.12)


Wagner, Robert T. Papers (UA 53.31)

Wahlstrom, Richard C. Papers (UA 53.26)


Young, Gertrude Stickney Papers (MA 8)


Zuber, Marcus S. Collection (MA 40)