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Donations & Transfers

The South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections welcomes donations of archival materials and books from individuals and organizations. Donors are to contact the Archives to discuss the potential donations prior to donating to the Archives. A signed deed of gift is required for any donation of materials given to the Archives. Not all materials donated to the Archives will be selected for permanent retention, and donors have the opportunity at the time of donation to designate if they want to have the unselected materials returned to them or have the Archives dispose of such items.

We actively seek materials documenting the development of the South Dakota State University community, including the administration, faculty, staff and students. We are also looking for historically significant materials that support the major research and educational subject areas of South Dakota State University and document the development of the area surrounding the University. These include collections of regional interest such as local organizations, businesses, and community members. For more information regarding our collection scope, please see our Collection Development Statement.

If you are interested in making a donation, please contact us. We will be happy to talk with you about your donation.

University Records

We collect the official records, papers, and publications of South Dakota State University administration, colleges and departments that are created during the conduct of University business. This will consist of records generated by the administration, colleges, centers, committees, and departments.

Faculty Papers

We accept the personal and professional papers of faculty at South Dakota State University. These papers document a faculty member’s career as a researcher and educator at the University.

Student Organizations

We collect student organizations that document student life at the University.

Alumni Papers

We collect materials, relating to the lives of SDSU’s graduates and former students, including their time at SDSU and after leaving SDSU.

South Dakota People and Organizations

The donations of papers and records of local individuals, families, businesses, and organizations from the region will be considered for inclusion in the Archives. Please contact us if you have a collection you would like to donate or if you have any questions.

Please also consult the following brochures by the Society of American Archivists, "Donating Your Personal or Family Papers to a Repository" and "Donating Your Organizational Records to a Repository".

The South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections cannot appraise donations for tax purposes.

More questions? Contact us!