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Edward P. Hogan Papers

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Collection Summary


UA 53.17


Edward P. Hogan Papers


Edward P. (Edward Patrick) Hogan


1960-2014, undated


6.0 linear feet (6 record boxes)




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

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This collection is stored off-site. Requests to view this material must be made at least 24 hours in advance. This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

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Name of item . Edward P. Hogan Papers. UA 53.17. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M .Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


Edward Hogan was professor and head of the Geography Department. This collection consists of appointment books, correspondence, clippings, certificates, biographical material, photographs, material published by Dr. Hogan, and material collected by Dr. Hogan in his research.

Biographical Note

Edward Patrick Hogan was born in St. Louis, Missouri, the oldest of five children. His parents were Edward W. Hogan and Dorothy Fehrenbach Hogan. He attended St. Gabriel the Archangel Grade School and Bishop Du Bourg High School. He received his B.S. (1961), M.A. (1962), and Ph.D. (1969) degrees from Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri.

Dr. Hogan came to South Dakota State University in 1967 as a faculty member in the Geography Department. He was charged with developing the state's only geography program. He has served as the Coordinator of Student Academic Affairs of the College of Arts and Science, 1983-1991; Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Science, 1977-1983; Head of the Department of Geography, 1973-1991; Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, 1991-1999, and was appointed Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Chief Information Technology Officer in December, 1999. Dr. Hogan also serves as Coordinator of Faculty Development, Articulation, and the Director of Summer Term.

Among his honors are the Distinguished Teaching Award from the National Council for Geographic Education, the Distinguished Service Award from the Defense Mapping Agency, Who's Who in the Midwest, Who's Who in the World, and International Who's Who. Dr. Hogan was also selected for including in the Leaders in American Geography, a work that identifies and contains the biographies of the seventy nine leaders in geographic education who have had major impact on geographic education in America since its founding. In 1991, Governor George S. Mickelson named Ed Hogan the State Geographer of South Dakota.

Dr. Hogan is married to Joan Ford Hogan and they have five children, Bridget, Edward Jr., Timothy, Erin, and Molly.

Contents Note

This collection is composed of appointment books, correspondence, clippings, certificates, biographical material, photographs, material published by Dr. Hogan, and material collected by Dr. Hogan in his research.

The papers are composed of appointment books, correspondence, clippings, certificates, biographical material, and photographs. An item of note in this series is the first South Dakota State University flag that was designed by Dr. Hogan in the later 1970s. The material published by Dr. Hogan consists of material published by Dr. Hogan. Included are manuscripts, clippings, books, and articles.

Key Words

  • Aged -- South Dakota
  • Brookings (S.D.)
  • Hogan, Edward Patrick, 1939-
  • Migration, Internal -- South Dakota
  • Rural-urban migration -- South Dakota
  • Social indicators -- South Dakota
  • South Dakota -- Geography
  • South Dakota -- History
  • Youth -- South Dakota

Container List

11Appointment book1976
12Appointment book1988
13Appointment book1989
14Appointment book1991
15Appointment book1991
16Appointment book1992
17Appointment book1992
18Appointment book1993
19Appointment book1993
110Appointment book1994
111Appointment book1995
112Appointment book1996
113Appointment book1997
114Appointment book1998
115Appointment book1999
116Appointment book2000
117Appointment book2001
118Appointment book2002
119Biographical information 1undated
120Biographical information 2undated
121Biographical information 3undated
123Certificates of Appreciationundated
124Center for Public Higher Education1997
125Center for Public Higher Education1997-1998
126Photograph of Hogan Playing Basketball with Gary Johnson at the SDSU Convention1973
240Edward P. Hogan Resume2003
241Edward Hogan retirement ceremony2003
242EPH Biographyundated
244Grant requests2002
246ID Card-South Dakota State University1974-1975
251Retirement comments2003
252St. Louis University notebooksundated
253Testimony before State Planning Agency1972
254U.S. Senate testimony1976
255Appointment book2003
256Appointment book2005
257Appointment book2006
258Appointment book2007
260Hogan Service Reports1969-1987
261Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs1985
31Association of ND Geographers1975
32Association of ND Geographers1982
33Association of ND Geographers1986
34Association of ND Geographers1992
35Atlas of South Dakotaundated
36Book reviewsundated
37Brookings Area Chamber of Commerce1975
38Brookings Clinicundated
39Brookings County Historyundated
310Brookings County Populationundated
311Brookings Financial Centerundated
312Brookings Summer Festival Bus Tourundated
313Brookings Register: Out migration of South Dakota youth1969
314Brookings, South Dakota: Its Present and Futureundated
315Century of Homesundated
316Characteristics and Needs of the Aged in South Dakotaundated
317Characteristics, Needs, and Future Trends of South Dakota's Older Citizensundated
318Characteristics and Trends in Housing in Brookings, South Dakota: 1961-presentundated
319Characteristics and Trends in Housing in Brookings, South Dakotaundated
320Characteristics, Needs, and Future Trends of South Dakota's Older Citizensundated
321City Plaza1984
322Columbia Gazetteerundated
323Commencement Address - Elkton High School1980
324Community Development Assistance: An example of education's contribution to community development and job creationundated
325Community Development Assistance: An example of education's contribution to community development and job creation1972
326Convention articleundated
327Cultural Landscape of Irelandundated
328Dakota City: The City of Planned Progressundated
329Demand for Agricultural Production and Federal Public Land Laws and Policies Relating to Intensive Agriculture1969
330Dept. of Geography: The Growth of Eastern South Dakota1974
331Dilemma of South Dakota youthundated
332Diversity Councilundated
333Draft of the Geography Standards1995
334Effect of the Physical Environment on the Intended Out-migration of South Dakota Youthundated
335Ellsworth Huntingtonundated
336Every Eighth South Dakotan1976
337Every Eighth South Dakotanundated
338Everyone Likes a Winner: Geography Department Plan for Growth or Achieving Excellence in Undergraduate Recruitment1998
339Exterior Characteristics for Determining Date of Houseundated
340Family AM-Talkundated
341Demography for Classroom Use1960
342Dakota City, South Dakota - City for Planned Programs1968
343Industry will Bring Vast Changes to Brookings1969
344Industry will Demand Expansion of Parks System1969
345South Dakota State University Equivalent of Industry1969
346Hogan Tells Resulting Losses of Out Migration1969
347Loan Fund, Job Fairs, 18 Voting Age may Stem Out Migration1969
348Researcher Advises Youth: Look before you Leave South Dakota1969
349Educators' Salaries Lag: SDSU is Number 721971
350Educators' Salaries Low1971
351Faculty Averages 15.87, Long Tenure Cited1971
352Brookota Days: a Proposed Annual Eventundated
353Unique Landscape: a Reviewundated
354Contours of South Dakota Political Culture in South Dakota History, Vol. 34, No. 22004
355Demand for Food Production 1980 and 2000undated
356Brookings Railroad and Safety Committee2007
357SDSU Report of Task Force on Infrastructures and Services1999
358SDSU Information and Technology1999
41Family history2000
42Fishback Family Home, Originalundated
43Flandreau talkundated
44French Settlement Patterns in Missouri to 18201966
45Future of the Oceansundated
46Future of South Dakotaundated
47Future of South Dakotaundated
48Future of South Dakota: South Dakota State University College of Engineering talk1996
49Futurology Talkundated
410Geographic Range of Various Goods and Services Provided at Sioux Falls, South Dakota1970
411Geographical Analysis of Selected Winter Weather Patterns in Eastern South Dakotaundated
412Geographical Bulletin1997
413Geographical Review-1972 reprint1972
414Geography of South Dakota1995
416Geography of Minnesota1979
417Geography of North Dakota1979
418Geography of South Dakota1979
419Geography of South Dakota1994-1996
420Geography of South Dakotaundated
421Geography of South Dakota1998
422Geography of South Dakotaundated
423Geography of South Dakota, Third edition1998
424Geography of South Dakota TV Script "Infinite Variety"undated
425Geography of South Dakota TV Seriesundated
426Geography of the Northern Plains and Other Essays1990
427Geography of Wisconsin1979
428Geography Philosophyundated
429Growth Center of Eastern South Dakota1971-1986
430Growth Center of Eastern South Dakota1991-1996
431Guide to Economic Development for Small Communities1979
432Harris-Barnes originalundated
433House Types in South Dakotaundated
434House Types of the Upper Midwestundated
435House Types in Brookings, South Dakota: A visible historyundated
436Hunger in Americaundated
438Image Modeling Program1988
439Image Modeling Programundated
440Indian Journal of Social Research1971
441Indirect of the High School Geography Requirementundated
442Industry Development talkundated
443Industry talkundated
444Infinite Variety1990
445Ireland, Published in Earth2008
446Out Migration of South Dakota Youthundated
447Articles in News from SDSU1968-1976
448Familial Environment's Effect on the Intended Out Migration of South Dakota Youthsundated
449Brookings, South Dakota: Its Present and Futureundated
450Effect of the Physical Environment on the Intended Out Migration of South Dakota Youthundated
451House Types in Brookings1976
452South Dakota Changing Demographic Impacts on Healthcare presented at the Mental Health Wellness Conference2008
453Grant: Training Geographers for Junior Colleges and Colleges1969
454SDSU Geographic Information Sciences Center of Excellence2004
455SDSU International Student Programs1984-1985
51Infinite Varietyundated
53Kadoka: Badlands base campundated
54Leaders in American Geography1992
55Leaders in American Geographyundated
56Lewis and Clark Expeditionundated
57Main Street Magazine "Fancy Old Houses"1974
58Map supplementundated
59Microsoft Encarta Article in South Dakota1996
511Missouri Geographer1966
512Newspaper articles on Geography bookundated
513Non-traditional reportundated
514North Dakotaundated
515North Dakota Geographers Association: Out-migration; Main Street Magazine1975
516OM-Teachers talkundated
518Out-migration articleundated
519Out-migration of South Dakota youthundated
521Photo outline of South Dakotaundated
522Physical Environment of South Dakotaundated
523Pierre, South Dakotaundated
524Pork Packing industry of St. Louis1962
525Proposal-Kadoka Community Retirementundated
527Publications Institute Reporter1991
528Rapid City, South Dakotaundated
529Reasons for the out-migration of South Dakota youth1970
530Reasons for the out-migration of South Dakota youth - manuscript1969
531Reasons for the outmigration of South Dakota youth - bibliography and tables1969
532Reasons for the out-migration of South Dakota youth - volume 11969
533Residential change in Brookings, South Dakota1988
534Residential change, house types, and economy in South Dakotaundated
535Role of the press in community developmentundated
536Seventh South Dakotan1985
537Course Materials: Geography of South Dakota1976
538Course Materials: Physical Geography Lab Manual1984
539Grant: Geography Education Alliances1992
540Grant: Survey on Attitudes towards Services of Funeral Homes1980
61South Dakota Industry talkundated
62South Dakota1999
63South Dakota: An illustrated geography1991
64South Dakota history1976
65South Dakota House Types: Our Agricultural Heritage1977-1978
66South Dakota House Types: Our Agricultural Heritage1978
67South Dakota Senior Populationundated
68South Dakota Writers' Anthology1983
69Study of the Future in the Year 2000, AD1972
610Testimony before the State Planning Agency1972
612Visible History of South Dakota Homes1973
613Walking Tour of Sisseton1999
614Watertown Public Opinion1969
615What an increase in tourism could mean for Brookingsundated
616What happened to the Democratic Party?undated
617Why do you teachers keep telling my child to leave South Dakota?!?undated
619World Informationundated
620Assessing officers1993, 1996
621Bunge article1973
622Center for Planning, Land-use, and Zoning studiesundated
623Demographic Study of the Greater St. Louis Educational Area, Part IIundated
624Economic Development1994
625Fed Gazette2002
626Garney Henley: A Gentlemen and a Tiger1972
627Health Care for the Rural Elderly1977/1979
628Illustrated History of the Arts in South Dakota1989
629Iowa Assessors1996
632LIFE workshopundated
633Nations Rural Elderly: Hearing before the Special Committee on Aging - U.S. Senate1976
634Upper Midwest Report1980
635Wally Coxundated
636World of Tomorrow - Life in the U.S. AD 2000 and beyondundated
638Illustrated Geography of South Dakota in the Sewrey Faculty Colloquium1990
639Brookings, South Dakota: the Growth Center of Eastern South Dakota1976
640Extension System for the Future of South Dakotaundated
643South Dakota Geography Convention Historyundated
645Personal Action Requestsundated
646SDSU Geographic Institute Proposal1968
647SDSU University Restructuring Committee, Proposal for a College of Natural Sciences1977-1978
648SDSU Separate Geography Department Proposal1978
649Social Science Education Meeting with the South Dakota Board of Regents1983