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Sherwood O. Berg Papers

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UA 53.13


Sherwood O. Berg Papers


Sherwood O. Berg




8.0 linear feet (8 records center boxes) photographs




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

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Name of item . Sherwood O. Berg Papers. UA 53.13. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M .Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


Sherwood Berg was president of SDSU from 1975-1984. This collection consists of material related to the National Advisory Commission on Food and Fiber established by President Lyndon B. Johnson on November 4, 1965 on which Sherwood O. Berg served as chairperson.

Biographical Note

Sherwood O. Berg was raised on a farm near Hendrum, Minnesota. All of his public schooling was taken at Hendrum where he participated in 4-H Club work for at least 10 years, earning honors in this area. His father died while he was a senior in high school and for a time, Berg took over the management of the home farm.

He attended the School of Agriculture on the St. Paul Campus of the University of Minnesota for two years. He entered South Dakota State College [SDSC] the fall of 1940. He choose to come to SDSC because of their agricultural program, the opportunity to place on the basketball team and to work so that he might contribute to paying his college expenses. In 1943, he entered military service where he remained until 1946. While Berg was in military service, he obtained U.S. Army, field infantry experience. During his last year of military service, he was Military Government Food and Agricultural Officer.

In 1946, Berg returned to South Dakota State. In 1947, he was granted the BS degree. In 1948, he was awarded an MS degree from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. In 1951, the University of Minnesota conferred the PhD degree on him. Following the completion of his work for the PhD, he was agricultural attaché to Yugoslavia from 1951 to 1954 and to Norway and Denmark from 1954 to 1957.

In July 1957, Berg accepted the position of Professor and Head, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Minnesota. He held this position until June 1963. In July 1963, he accepted the position of Dean of the Institute of Agriculture, and Professor of Economics, University of Minnesota. During his tenure as Dean of the Institute of Agriculture, he served as chair of the President's National Advisory Commission on Food and Fiber.

From 1973 to 1975, Berg was Director, The Indonesia Project of Midwest Universities Consortium. After his work in Indonesia he returned to the United States and to his Alma Mater, beginning his duties as President of South Dakota State University August 1, 1975. A position he held until 1984.

In 1952, Sherwood O. Berg married Elizabeth Ann Hall. They have two children, Mary Elizabeth and Bradley Joseph.

National Advisory Commission on Food and Fiber

President Lyndon B. Johnson established the National Advisory Commission on Food and Fiber on November 4, 1965 on which Sherwood O. Berg served as chairperson. President Johnson instructed the Commission to make an appraisal of agricultural and foreign trade policies; to conduct a study of the effects of agricultural policies on the performance of the economy and foreign relations; and to prepare a report, which would serve as a guide for future decisions and policies

The work of the Commission was initially divided into six major areas: 1. Production and consumption trends and potentials in the world, 2. Policies for commercial agriculture, 3. Policies for the non-commercial sector of agriculture, 4. Policies for forestry and natural resources development, 5. Agricultural trade and foreign economic policies; and 6. The role of agriculture in world economic development. Five commissioners with staff and consultants were assigned to each area.

The full time staff was small and included professional economists on leave from universities, from the federal government and from business. They were augmented by a group of consultants and experts from both the public and private sector. The Commissions research and study took many forms. Surveys were conducted; existing information was analyzed; position papers were prepared. The Commission was briefed by leading authorities and experts, and public hearings were held throughout the country.

The full Commission met 13 times over a period of 18 months for two or three days each time. At these meetings, the Commissioners heard testimony from leading authorities and experts and engaged in group discussions. The staff and consultants who later proposed recommendations prepared analyses and materials focusing on specific issues.

The Commission was made up of 31 members who represented agriculture, economics and labor throughout the United States. The chairperson was Sherwood O. Berg, who was Dean of the Institute of Agriculture at the University of Minnesota at the time. The remaining members were Harry B. Caldwell, Willard W. Cochrane, C.W. Cook, George C. Cortright, Woodrow W. Diehl, Edmund H. Fallon, Carl C. Farrington, Frank Fernbach, Roscoe G. Haynie, Fred V. Heinkel, Roy Hendrickson, William A. Hewitt, George K. Hislop, J.G. Horsfall, Herbert J. Hughes, D. Gale Johnson, Herman S. Kohlmeyer, Robert Magowan, L.L. Males, Edward F. Mauldin, Paul Miller, W.B. Murphy, Ernest J. Nesius, Leon Schachter, Janice M. Smith, Lauren Soth, Jesse Tapp, Jay Taylor, Herman Wells, and John Wheeler.


This collection is arranged into series:

Series 1. National Advisory Commission on Food and Fiber

  • Sub-series 1. Collected material
  • Sub-series 2. Correspondence
  • Sub-series 3. General Commission records
  • Sub-series 4. Hearing records
  • Sub-series 5. Meeting records
  • Sub-series 6. Publications

Contents Note

This collection is composed of material related to the National Advisory Commission on Food and Fiber established by President Lyndon B. Johnson on November 4, 1965 on which Sherwood O. Berg served as chairperson.

The collected material is composed mainly of information collected for use by the Commission in conducting its studies. This material covers a range of topics from cotton and hunger to agriculture and government policies.

Series 1. National Advisory Commission on Food and Fiber

Sub-series 1. Collected material. The collected material is composed mainly of information collected for use by the Commission in conducting its studies. This material covers a range of topics from cotton and hunger to agriculture and government policies.

Sub-series 2. Correspondence. The correspondence is composed of communications in the form of memorandums and letters between commission members. Also included are congratulatory letters and reactions to the final report.

Sub-series 3. General Commission records. The general commission records are composed of Commission budget information, clippings, member lists and biographies, daily activities reports, press releases and study group material.

Sub-series 4. Hearing records. The hearings material consists of correspondence statements, transcripts and some chairman's notes for hearing conducted by the Commission throughout the United States. This material is arranged alphabetically by location of the hearing.

Sub-series 5. Meeting records. The meetings material consists of agendas, correspondence and items discussed at the many meetings held by the Commission. This material is arranged alphabetically by location of the meeting.

Sub-series 6. Publications. The publications consists mainly of drafts of the final report to the President of the United States, but also includes background papers, briefing statements, brochures and technical papers produced by the Commission. The report drafts are arranged by chapter with each folder including notes, additions and corrections to the report. The remaining folders are filed alphabetically.

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Sherwood O. Berg Papers Container List. UA 53.13

1. Collected material11Address by Secretary of Ag. at Federal Land Bank anniversary dinner1967
1. Collected material12Agricultural Policy Review1968
1. Collected material13Agriculture's status and potentialundated
1. Collected material14American Freedom from Hunger Foundation1966
1. Collected material15Background information: Miscellaneous1965-1966
1. Collected material16Changes in agriculture in 26 developing nations 1948 to 19631965
1. Collected material17Chemistry's role in feeding the world1967
1. Collected material811Clippings1967
1. Collected material18Cohort contributions to change in total number of farms1967
1. Collected material19Compilation of statutes1965
1. Collected material812Congressman Curtis report on US cotton textile trade policy1966
1. Collected material112Dept. of Agriculture and related agencies appropriations bill, 19681967
1. Collected material110Dept. of Agriculture appropriations for 19671966
1. Collected material111Economic outlook for U.S. cotton1967
1. Collected material113ENOUGH! The tale of our struggle1966
1. Collected material114Federal telecommunications system1966-1967
1. Collected material115Fibers in the United States: A graphic summary1966
1. Collected material116Finance and development1966
1. Collected material117Food for freedom1966
1. Collected material118Food for peace1963-1966
1. Collected material119Food from farmers to consumer1966
1. Collected material120Food Industry newsletter1966
1. Collected material121Foreign Assistance Act1967
1. Collected material122Human and institutional element in agricultural administration1966
1. Collected material123Implications of change in input markets for credit and financeundated
1. Collected material124Implications of the findings of marketing researchundated
1. Collected material125Industry changes in feed, fertilizer, petroleum, and other chemicalundated
1. Collected material126Issues emerging out of the food commission report1966
1. Collected material127Kiplinger newsletters1965-1967
1. Collected material128Miscellaneous1966-1967
1. Collected material129National Food Marketing Commission : Issues1966
1. Collected material130National Limestone Institute convention highlights1967
1. Collected material131Next 15 years in agriculture1965
1. Collected material132Notes on the agricultural economics of 17 European countries1956
1. Collected material133Nutrition Foundation, Inc. 25th anniversary report1967
1. Collected material134Organization and structure of producer units of farm productsundated
1. Collected material135Population control1966
1. Collected material136President's Science Advisory Committee [PSAC]1966-1967
1. Collected material137Price merchandising in food retailing: a case study1966
1. Collected material138Price, supply, and demand for cotton1967
1. Collected material139Public Law 480 [SEE ALSO Food for Peace]1965-1966
1. Collected material140Public policy and the application of science to agriculture1967
1. Collected material141Race between procreation and food production1965
1. Collected material142Report: Limited land in the world food problemundated
1. Collected material143Requested policy papers1967
1. Collected material144Research recommendations of "The World Food Problem"1968
1. Collected material145Reserves of agricultural commodities1966
1. Collected material146Rural society in transition1966
1. Collected material813Southwestern Miller,  The1966
1. Collected material147Synthetics and substitutes for agricultural commodities1966
1. Collected material148Ten years of cotton textiles1966
1. Collected material149United Nations Review1964
1. Collected material150US Food and Fiber System in a Changing World Environment1967
1. Collected material151War on hunger1966-1967
1. Collected material152Washington Farmletter1965-1967
1. Collected material153Western Europe agricultural situation1965
1. Collected material21Working papers: Commodity programs for agriculture1966
1. Collected material22World food crisis1965-1966
1. Collected material23World food needs1962
1. Collected material24World Food Study and Coordination Commission1967
1. Collected material25World population and food crisis1965
1. Collected material26World war on hunger [Hearing before Committee on Agriculture]1966
2. Correspondence27Comments given on draft of report1967
2. Correspondence28Comments of staff reactions to report1967
2. Correspondence29Commission members A-G1966-1967
2. Correspondence210Commission members H-L1965-1969
2. Correspondence211Commission members M-Z1965-1969
2. Correspondence212Congratulatory letters A-M1965-1966
2. Correspondence213Congratulatory letters N-Z1965-1966
2. Correspondence214General operations1965-1967
2. Correspondence215Halvorson memorandums1965-1966
2. Correspondence216Hillman memorandums1966-1968
2. Correspondence217Miscellaneous A-C1965-1967
2. Correspondence218Miscellaneous D-F1965-1967
2. Correspondence219Miscellaneous G-H1965-1967
2. Correspondence220Miscellaneous I-O1965-1968
2. Correspondence221Miscellaneous P-Z1965-1969
2. Correspondence31Outside response to final report1967-1968
2. Correspondence32President Lyndon B. Johnson and Vice President H.H. Humphrey1965-1967
2. Correspondence33Requests for Food and Fiber Report and address list1966-1970
2. Correspondence34Response to report1967-1968
2. Correspondence35Technical papers1967-1968
2. Correspondence36US cotton policy1966
3. General Commission records37Budget1966-1967
3. General Commission records38Clippings : after release of report1967
3. General Commission records39Clippings : Commission personnel1965-1966
3. General Commission records310Clippings : miscellaneous1965-1967
3. General Commission records311Commission members biographies1965-1966
3. General Commission records312Commission members lists1965-1967
3. General Commission records313Committee information1965-1966
3. General Commission records314Consultants1965
3. General Commission records315Daily activities report1965-1966
3. General Commission records316Don Lerch file1966-1967
3. General Commission records317Engagements and discussions on report1967-1968
3. General Commission records318Executive order1965-1966
3. General Commission records319Goals1966
3. General Commission records320James App file1966-1967
3. General Commission records321LaVern Freeh diary of events1965-1967
3. General Commission records322List of files1967-1968
3. General Commission records323List of statements submitted1966
3. General Commission records324Plan of action1965-1966
3. General Commission records325Press releases : final report1967
3. General Commission records326Press releases : membership1965-1966
3. General Commission records327Press releases : miscellaneous1965-1967
3. General Commission records328Press releases : staff news1966-1967
3. General Commission records329Reception : report release1967
3. General Commission records330Robert E. Olson file1966-1968
3. General Commission records41Staff organization1966
3. General Commission records42Study Group I1966
3. General Commission records43Study Group II1966
3. General Commission records44Study Group III1966
3. General Commission records45Study Group IV1966
3. General Commission records46Study Group V1966
3. General Commission records47Study Group VI1965-1967
3. General Commission records48Television series1967-1968
3. General Commission records49Travel records1966-1967
4. Hearing records410Atlanta: correspondence1966-1967
4. Hearing records411Atlanta: statements1966
4. Hearing records412Atlanta: transcript1966
4. Hearing records413Dallas : chairman's notes1966
4. Hearing records414Dallas : correspondence1966
4. Hearing records415Dallas : transcript1966
4. Hearing records416Dallas : unedited transcript1966
4. Hearing records417Minneapolis : correspondence1966
4. Hearing records51Minneapolis : statements1966
4. Hearing records52Minneapolis : transcript1966
4. Hearing records53New York : correspondence1966
4. Hearing records54New York : private hearing1966
4. Hearing records55New York : statements1966
4. Hearing records56New York : transcript1966
4. Hearing records57San Francisco : transcript1967
4. Hearing records58St. Louis : correspondence1966
4. Hearing records59St. Louis : statements1966
4. Hearing records510St. Louis : transcript1966
4. Hearing records814Statementsundated
4. Hearing records511Tucson : correspondence1966-1967
4. Hearing records512Tucson : statements1966
4. Hearing records513Tucson : transcript1966
5. Meeting records514Atlanta : November 9-10, 19661966-1967
5. Meeting records515Dallas : April 14-15, 19661966
5. Meeting records516Des Moines : August 16, 19661966
5. Meeting records517Minneapolis : September 13-14, 19661966
5. Meeting records518Miscellaneous1966-1967
5. Meeting records61New Orleans : May 3-5, 19671967
5. Meeting records62New York : July 14-15, 19661966
5. Meeting records63San Francisco : January 12, 19671967
5. Meeting records64St, Louis : October 11, 19661966
5. Meeting records65St. Paul : February 12, 19661966
5. Meeting records617Unknown locationundated
5. Meeting records69Washington, D.C. : August 31, 19661966
5. Meeting records612Washington, D.C. : February 22, 19671967
5. Meeting records611Washington, D.C. : February 8-9, 19671967
5. Meeting records66Washington, D.C. : January 11-13, 19661966
5. Meeting records68Washington, D.C. : June 22-23, 19661966
5. Meeting records616Washington, D.C. : June 23-24, 19671967
5. Meeting records613Washington, D.C. : March 2-3, 19671967
5. Meeting records67Washington, D.C. : March 24-25, 19661966
5. Meeting records614Washington, D.C. : March 30-31, 19671967
5. Meeting records615Washington, D.C. : May 21-22, 19671967
5. Meeting records610Washington, D.C. : November 15, 19661966
6. Publications71Agriculture in the U.S.1966
6. Publications72Background paper : Technological front in the food and fiber economy1968
6. Publications73Briefing statements1967
6. Publications74Brochure : Food and Fiber Policy for the Future1967
6. Publications75Brochure : layout1967
6. Publications76First interim report1966
6. Publications77Report : draft - Appendices1967
6. Publications78Report : draft - Chapter 11967
6. Publications717Report : draft - Chapter 101967
6. Publications718Report : draft - Chapter 111967
6. Publications719Report : draft - Chapter 121967
6. Publications720Report : draft - Chapter 131967
6. Publications721Report : draft - Chapter 141967
6. Publications722Report : draft - Chapter 151967
6. Publications723Report : draft - Chapter 161967
6. Publications724Report : draft - Chapter 171967
6. Publications725Report : draft - Chapter 181967
6. Publications79Report : draft - Chapter 21967
6. Publications710Report : draft - Chapter 31967
6. Publications711Report : draft - Chapter 41967
6. Publications712Report : draft - Chapter 51967
6. Publications713Report : draft - Chapter 61967
6. Publications714Report : draft - Chapter 71967
6. Publications715Report : draft - Chapter 81967
6. Publications716Report : draft - Chapter 91967
6. Publications726Report : draft - Introduction1966-1967
6. Publications727Report : draft - Part "A"1967
6. Publications728Report : draft - Part "B"1967
6. Publications729Report : draft - Part "C"1967
6. Publications730Report : draft - Part "D"1967
6. Publications81Report : draft - Summary and conclusions1967
6. Publications82Report : Food and Fiber for the Future [Final]1967
6. Publications83Report : footnotes1967
6. Publications84Report : Japanese edition1967-1968
6. Publications85Report : Memoranda of comment, reservation or dissentundated
6. Publications86Report : miscellaneous drafts1967
6. Publications87Report : outline1966
6. Publications88Report : summary of commission's recommendations1967
6. Publications89Technical papers : Agriculture and foreign economic development1967
6. Publications810Technical papers : Foreign trade and agricultural policy1967

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