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Richard C. Wahlstrom Papers

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UA 53.26


Richard C. Wahlstrom Papers


Richard C. Wahlstrom




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South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

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Name of item . Richard C. Wahlstrom Papers. UA 53.26. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M .Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


Dr. Richard C. Wahlstrom was a professor at South Dakota State University who served as Head Professor in the Department of Animal Husbandry. He later served as the Department Head of Animal Husbandry for eight years. He holds the prestigious title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus at S.D.S.U. as well. The collection is comprised mainly of articles written by Wahlstrom and associates as well as speeches and talks given by Wahlstrom relating to his research involving the swine nutrition.

Biographical Note

Richard Wahlstrom graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1948 with a Bachelor of Science in Animal Husbandry. Wahlstrom then attended the University of Illinois where he earned a Master’s degree in animal nutrition followed two years later by a Ph.D. in animal nutrition. While at the University of Illinois, Wahlstrom served as a graduate assistant mainly in research. From 1951 to 1952, he pursued research with the Merck Institute of Therapeutic Research. After Merck, Wahlstrom came to South Dakota State College, hired on for researching and teaching Animal husbandry from 1952 to 1959. Wahlstrom became the Head Professor of Animal husbandry in 1959, followed by becoming Head of the Department in 1960 to 1967. Wahlstrom returned once more as the head of the department for the academic year of 1987.

Wahlstrom served in many organizations including Rotary International, First United Methodist Church, and an American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) Fellow.

Wahlstrom has received many awards over the years, including being named Teacher of the Year, three times. Other awards and honors include the ASAS Animal Management Award (1976), the SDSU Gamma Signa Delta Award for Research (1980), the F.O. Butler Award for Outstanding Research (1986), the ASAS Animal Industry Service Award (1989), and the title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus from SDSU (1988).

Contents Note

The collection contains numerous of articles written by Wahlstrom, well as speeches and talks given by Wahlstrom relating to his research regarding the nutrition of swine. These topics include selenium poisoning, protein supplements, vitamins, and other dietary issues.

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Wahlstrom. Richard C.

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Richard C. Wahlstrom Container List. UA 53.26

Box Folder Description Date(s)
1 60 78th Annual Meeting: American Society of Animal Science (ASAS), Awards Assembly and Reception (31 July) 1986
1 66 81st Annual Meeting of American Society of Animal Science, Awards Banquet (3 August) 1989
1 5 Article/Picture: Programs in London and Ireland 1956
1 19 Article: Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal for Growing-Finishing Pigs and Brood Sows Kept on Concrete (February) 1962
1 45 Article: Dietary Calcium’s Effect on Chlortetracycline Absorption in Growing Swine Examined (3 March) 1980
1 58 Article: Effect of Tryptophan and Threonine Supplementation of a Low-protein, corn-sunflower diet for Young Weaned Pigs (9 December) 1985
1 37 Article: Feed Management, A New Look at Oats as a substitute for Corn-Soy (March) 1976
1 22 Article: Feed, Part II: Minerals, Vitamins, Additives (April) 1966
1 30 Article: High Lysine Corn in Swine Diets (12 March) 1973
1 57 Article: Oats, What’s I it for Growing-Finishing Swine? (February) [Feed Management] 1986
1 53 Article: Pig News and Information, Sunflowers in Pig Nutrition 1985
1 72 Article: Pork Industry Handbook, Vitamins for Swine, Authors Robert C. Thaler, Richard C. Wahlstrom undated
1 20 Article: Some Economic Characters of No-Tail Sheep (5-10 March); Co-authored by J. McCarty and K.E. Ghoneim 1963
1 71 Correspondence: to Dr. and Mrs. Richard Wahlstrom, Subject: Campanile Society (15 June) 2005
1 69 Correspondence: To Richard Wahlstrom 1987, 1990
1 67 Educational and work Background, as prepared by the Animal Science Department for Dr. Wahlstrom as a Nominee for the American Society of Animal Science Award of Industry Service (presented 3 August 1989) 1989
1 70 Final Report of Dr. Richard Wahlstrom, Voca Volunteer to Association de Productores de Oleaginosas y Trigo (Anapo) [14 October – 12 November] 1992
1 38 Images/Photographs: Dr. Wahlstrom Receiving Awards, 1976: Receiving ASAS Award in Animal Management for Research, 1989: Receiving ASAS Animal Industry Service Award 1976, 1989
1 18 Journal Article: Improving Swine Production (Spring) 1961
1 7 Journal Articles: “The Effect of Penicillin and B-Vitamins on the Growth of Pigs Fed Different Levels of Protein” (November), “The Effect of Arsanilic Acid and 3-Nitro-4-Hydroxyphenylarsonic acid on Selenium Poisoning in the Pig” (February); “Amino Acid Supplementation of Swine Rations 1954-1955
1 16 Journal Articles: A Companion of Different Methods of Iron Administration on Rate of Gain and Hemoglobin Level of the Baby Pig (February); Evaluation of Supplemental Lysine for Weanling Pigs Fed Oat Rations 1960
1 39 Journal Articles: Brewers Dried Grains s a Nutrient Source in Diets for Pregnant Sows; Effect of Supplemental Choline on Reproductive Performance of Sows: A Cooperative Study 1976
1 51 Journal Articles: Compensatory Responses of Swine Following Protein Insufficiency in Grower Diets; Effects if Excess Arginine on Swine Growth and Plasma Amino Acid Levels; Effects of Potassium and Lysine Supplementation on Performance of Young Pigs Fed Low Potassium Diets; The Relationship of Hair Color to Selenium Content of Hair and Selenosis in Swine 1983-1984
1 8 Journal Articles: Creep Rations for Pigs; Free-choice or Complete Mixed Rations for Pigs 1955-1956
1 21 Journal Articles: Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal Rations for Confined Brood Sows (May); Energy and Protein Relationship Studies with Growing-Finishing Swine (November) 1964-1965
1 41 Journal Articles: Dried Blood Meal as a Protein Source in Diets for Growing-Finishing Swine; Effect of Dietary Protein During Growing and Gestation on Development and Reproductive Performance of Gilts; Effect of Gestation Metabolize Energy Levels on Sow Productivity 1977
1 29 Journal Articles: Effect of Cooked Soybeans on Performance, Fatty Acid Composition and Pork Carcass Characteristics (May); Effects of Housing Environment, Dietary Protein level and sex on Growing-Finishing Swine during Winter Seasons (June); Studies of High Level Cooper Supplementation to Rations for Growing Swine (July) 1971
1 28 Journal Articles: Effect of Energy Intake and Dichlorvos during Gestation on Reproductive Performance of Gilts and Some Chemical Characteristics of the Offspring (November); Cooperative Regional Studies with Growing Swine: Effects of Unidentified Factor Ingredients on Rate and Efficiency of Gain of Growing swine (November) 1970
1 43 Journal Articles: Effect of Protein During Gestation and Lactation on Reproductive Performance in Swine; Effect of High-Protein in Oats in Diets for Young Weaned Pigs; Effects of Sulfate Water on Swine Production and Young Pig Performance 1978
1 46 Journal Articles: Effect of Supplemental Choline on Performance of Starting, Growing, and Finishing Pigs; Effects of Housing Systems on Growing-Finishing Swine; Sunflower Seeds as a Fat Source in Sow Gestation and Lactation Diets; Effect of Metallic Cations on Chlortetracycline Absorption in Growing Swine 1980, 1982
1 36 Journal Articles: Effects of Dietary Antimicrobials during Early Growth and on Subsequent Swine Performance; Varying Levels of High Protein Oats in Diets for Growing-Finishing Swine; Effect of Level of Feeding during Lactation on Sow and Pig Performance 1975
1 32 Journal Articles: Effects of Dietary Protein Level and Feed Restriction on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Swine; Effect of Chlorpropamide in Gravid Swine and Blood Glucose and Fructose in the Fetal Pig 1973
1 26 Journal Articles: Effects of Lysine in the Drinking Water or Growing Swine (March); Corn Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles in growing-Finishing Swine Rations (April) 1970
1 52 Journal Articles: Effects of Seleniferous Grains and Inorganic Selenium on Tissue and Blood Composition and Grow Performance of Rats and Swine; Toxic Effects of Selenium on Growing Swine Fed Corn-Soybean Meal Diets 1984
1 54 Journal Articles: Efficacy of Supplemental Tryptophan, Threonine, Isoleucine and Methionine for Weanling Pigs fed a low protein, Lysine-Supplemented, Corn-Sunflower Meal Diet; Effects of Sunflower Seeds on Performance, Carcass Quality and Acceptability of Pork 1985
1 13 Journal Articles: Feeding the Young Pig (May); ;“For Swine: A New Worming Product (May); Preventing Baby Pig Anemia (November) 1958-1959
1 35 Journal Articles: Grain, Feed Efficiency and Carcass Characteristics of Swine Fed Supplemental Lysine and Methionine in Corn-Soybean Meal Diets During the Growing and Finishing Periods; Cooperative Regional Studies with Growing Swine: Effects of Vitamin E and Levels of Supplementary Copper During the Growing-FInishing Period on Gain, Feed Conversion, and Tissue Copper Storage in Swine 1974
1 61 Journal Articles: Influence of Gestation Energy Level on the Production of Large White x Landrace Sows; Tryptophan and Threonine Requirements of Young Pigs and Their Effects on Serum Calcium, Phosphorus and Zinc Concentrations 1987, 1989
1 42 Journal Articles: Mutant Corn in Young Pig Diets and Amino Acid Supplementation of OPAQUE-2 Corn; Oats, Dehulled Oats and Hulless Oats as Ingredients in Pig Starter Diets 1977
1 10 Journal Articles: Oats for Swine Mo-0-205 (August); Protein Supplements for Growing Pigs (February) 1957
1 31 Journal Articles: Performance of Swine Fed OPAQUE-2 or normal Corn Free-Choice; Protein Levels for Swine Fed to Heavy Weights. I. Effects on Grain and Feed Efficiency; Protein Levels for Swine Fed to Heavy Weights. II. Effects of Quantitative and Qualitative Carcass Characteristics 1973
1 34 Journal Articles: Pre-Slaughter Treatment Affecting Intramuscular and Plasma Lipids I. Effect of ACTH in Rabbits, II. Effect of Marketing, Fasting, and Exercise in Beef; Effects of Low Lactose Whey, Skim Milk and Sugar on Diet Palatability and Performance of Early Weaned Pigs 1974
1 59 Journal Articles: Protein Level and Amino Acid Supplementation of Sunflower Meal Diets Fed to Young Pigs; Effect of Lysine Levels in Pig Starter Diets on Performance to 20 kg and Subsequent Performance and Carcass Characteristics 1986
1 33 Journal Articles: Selenium Supplementation of Naturally High Selenium Diets for Swine 1973
1 14 Journal Articles: The Effect of Selenium Reproduction in Swine (February); The Relation of Pre-Natal and Pre-weaning Treatment to the Effect of Arsanilic Acid on Selenium Poisoning in Weaning Pigs (May); Effect of Sodium Fluoride and Hydromycin on Growing-Finishing Pigs (August) 1959
1 12 Journal Articles: The Effect of Supplemental Vitamin D in Rations for Pigs Fed in the Absence of Direct Sunlight (August); The Effect of Feeding Thyroactive Compounds to Lactating Sows 1958-1959
1 9 Journal Articles: The Value of Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid and Niacin in Rations for Growing Pigs; The Effect of Organic Arsenicals, Chlortetracycline and Linseed Oil Mean on Selenium Poisoning in Pigs (August); The Effect of High Level Antibiotic Supplementation During Part or All of the Growing-Fattening Period of Swine (November) 1956
1 25 Journal Articles: Ultrasonic Prediction of Swine Carcass Composition (May); A Note on the Effect of Tylosin and a Combination of Diethylstilbestrol and Methyltestosterone on Performance an Carcass Characteristics of Finishing Pigs 1969-1970
1 1 Journal Publications: Why Run the Gain off Your Pigs?; Artificial Mile for Baby Pigs 1953
1 23 Lecture/Talk: Brood Sow Nutrition (4 December) 1967
1 49 Lecture: Amino Acid Balance in Swine Diets – the Practical Aspects (25 May) 1982
1 44 Lecture: Compensatory and Overall Performance of Swine Protein Insufficiency (27 March) 1980
1 50 Lecture: Contribution to Swine Nutrition of Scientists in the Region during the last twenty-five years (22 March) 1983
1 55 Lecture: Cost-Effectiveness of Protein and Energy (10 December) 1985
1 40 Lecture: Evaluation of Brewers Grains as an Ingredient for Use in Formulating Swine Feeds (16 November) 1977
1 75 Lecture: Nutritive Value of Sunflower Meal and Sunflower Seed and use in Diets for Poultry and Swine undated
1 74 Lecture: The Perfect Feed Additive undated
1 56 Lecture: Vitamin E/Selenium (10 December) 1985
1 47 Lecture: Water – the Forgotten Nutrient (17 September) 1981
1 63 Lecture: What has Happened to the Swine Industry in 40 Years? 1988
1 17 Minutes of the F.O. Butler State College Foundation (2 June) 1960
1 68 Newspaper Article: The American Society of Animal Science Award in Animal Industry Service, Donor: John Upton 1989
1 48 Publications: Pfizer 30th Annual Research Conference (26 May) 1982
1 64 Richard C. Wahlstrom, Distinguished Professor of Animal Science Program (Awarded 30 April 1988) 1988
1 15 SDSU Publications, Bulletins" No. 474: High Quality Oats for Growing Pigs (February); No. 481: Salinity and Livestock Water Quality (June)" 1959
1 6 SDSU Publications, Circulars: No. 108: Feeding Pigs Trace-Mineralized Salt (June); No. 137: Parakeratosis, A Nutritional Disease of Swine (April) 1954, 1957
1 3 SDSU Publications: Animal Husbandry Field Day; Fourteenth Annual–Sixteenth Annual 1954-1956
1 27 SDSU Publications: Bulletin No. 575: Controlled Environment for Swine (August) 1970
1 4 SDSU Publications: Bulletins, No. 437: Farrowing Systems, Their Effect on Returns in Hog Production (May); No. 446: Antibiotics in Growing and Fattening Pig Rations (April); No. 456: Preventing Selenium Poisoning in Growing and Fattening Pigs (March) 1954-1956
1 73 SDSU Publications: Fact Sheets, Numbers: 107, 366, 367 undated
1 11 SDSU Publications: South Dakota Farm and Home Research, Vol. IX, No. 3 (May) 1958
1 24 SDSU Publications: Technical Bulletin32 (June) Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal in Rations for Pigs and Brood Sows in Confinement 1968
1 2 SDSU Publications: Thirteenth Annual Livestock Feeder’s Day Report (6 May) 1953
1 62 Summary Statement Addressing the Criteria Listed for Distinguished Professor Program and Richard C. Wahlstrom’s Citation 1987
1 65 Taking Stock, Department of Animal and Range Sciences Newsletter (July) 1988

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