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David F. Pearson Papers

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UA 3.1


Administration Office. David F. Pearson Papers


David F. Pearson, Vice President for Administration, South Dakota State University




6.84 linear feet (6 records center boxes, 2 small document cases)




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

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This collection is stored off-site. Requests to view this material must be made at least 24 hours in advance. This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

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Name of item . Administration Office. David F. Pearson Papers. UA 3.1. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


David F. Pearson began his career as a professor of Economics at South Dakota State College in 1957. In 1959, President Briggs appointed him Special Assistant to the president. In 1973, he was name to the newly created position of Vice President of Administration. The collection contains files from the office of David F. Pearson while serving as Vice President for Administration and consists mainly of correspondence and files dealing with the F. O. Butler Foundation, the engineering controversy of the early 1970s, and material dealing with the celebration of the United States Bicentennial celebration on the campus of South Dakota State University.

Biographical Note

The Executive Vice President for Administration provides leadership and supervision for the support, service, and administrative units on campus. Overall responsibilities include financial management, personnel services, buildings and grounds, student services, legal affairs, public relations, policy development, campus planning, and support for alumni and foundation affairs.

David Pearson received a law degree from the University of South Dakota and returned to South Dakota State University in 1957 serving as an Assistant Professor of Economics. In 1959, President Briggs appointed him Special Assistant to the President. He retained his teaching position, attaining Professor status in July, 1965. In 1973, President Briggs named him to the newly created position of Vice President for Administration. In reality, many of the duties Pearson was assigned from 1959 to 1973 were essentially the same as those formally given to him after 1973. In addition, he headed the Greater State Fund, which has grown into what we now know as the SDSU Foundation. David Pearson retired in August, 1980. He died July 10, 1990.

David Pearson's career at SDSU:

  • September 1957 Assistant Professor of Economics
  • May 1959 Assistant Professor of Economics, Special Assistant to President Briggs
  • July 1961 Associate Professor of Economics
  • July 1965 Professor of Economics
  • July 1973 (effective date) Resigned as Assistant to President Briggs
  • February 1973 Vice President for Administration, Professor of Economics
  • August 1980 Retired from VP of Administration, Professor of Economics, Emeritus Status.


The collection is arranged into four series:

Series 1. Correspondence

Series 2. F.O. Butler Foundation files

Series 3. Engineering controversy files

Series 4. Bicentennial celebration files

Folders are arranged alphabetically within each series.

Contents Note

This collection is composed of files from the office of David F. Pearson while serving as Vice President for Administration. Folders consist mainly of correspondence and files dealing with the F. O. Butler Foundation, the engineering controversy of the early 1970s, and material dealing with the celebration of the United States Bicentennial celebration on the campus of South Dakota State University.

Series 1. Correspondence.

This series is composed of correspondence sent and received by David F. Pearson while service was Vice President for Administration.

Series 2. F.O. Butler Foundation files.

This series is composed of material dealing with the organization of the F.O. Butler Foundation at South Dakota State University. Folders contain approved requests, Articles of Incorporation, campus enrichment, and correspondence files.

Series 3. Engineering Controversy files.

This series is composed of material dealing with the controversy surrounding the possible removal of the College of Engineering from South Dakota State University in the early 1970s. Folders contain correspondence, analysis, departmental actions, clippings, and master plan material.

Series 4. Bicentennial Celebration files.

This series is composed of material dealing with the celebration of the United States Bicentennial on the campus of South Dakota State University. Folders consist of budget and proposal material, committee minutes, calendar of events, and correspondence.

Key Words

Pearson, David F., -1990

South Dakota State University -- Administration

South Dakota State University -- Bicentennial celebrations (U.S.)

South Dakota State University -- Engineering controversy

South Dakota State University -- F.O. Butler Foundation

South Dakota State University -- Vice President for Administration

University administrators

Container List

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David F. Pearson Papers Container List. UA 3.1

1. Correspondence131976 December1976
1. Correspondence111976 March 16-311976
1. Correspondence121976 November1976
1. Correspondence171977 April1977
1. Correspondence1111977 August1977
1. Correspondence1151977 December1977
1. Correspondence151977 February1977
1. Correspondence141977 January1977
1. Correspondence1101977 July1977
1. Correspondence191977 June1977
1. Correspondence161977 March1977
1. Correspondence181977 May1977
1. Correspondence1141977 November1977
1. Correspondence1131977 October1977
1. Correspondence1121977 September1977
1. Correspondence1191978 April1978
1. Correspondence1231978 August1978
1. Correspondence1271978 December1978
1. Correspondence1171978 February1978
1. Correspondence1161978 January1978
1. Correspondence1221978 July1978
1. Correspondence1211978 June1978
1. Correspondence1181978 March1978
1. Correspondence1201978 May1978
1. Correspondence1261978 November1978
1. Correspondence1251978 October1978
1. Correspondence1241978 September1978
1. Correspondence811979 April (oversize)1979
1. Correspondence2151979 April 1-131979
1. Correspondence211979 April 16-301979
1. Correspondence2221979 August 1-201979
1. Correspondence281979 August 21-311979
1. Correspondence851979 December (oversize)1979
1. Correspondence2141979 December 1-121979
1. Correspondence2101979 December 13-311979
1. Correspondence1291979 February1979
1. Correspondence1281979 January1979
1. Correspondence2191979 July 1-171979
1. Correspondence221979 July 18-301979
1. Correspondence2111979 June1979
1. Correspondence821979 June (oversize)1979
1. Correspondence1301979 March 1-151979
1. Correspondence2131979 May 1-101979
1. Correspondence271979 May 11-311979
1. Correspondence841979 November (oversize)1979
1. Correspondence2181979 November 1-141979
1. Correspondence241979 November 15-301979
1. Correspondence2231979 October 10-221979
1. Correspondence2121979 October 1-91979
1. Correspondence291979 October 23-311979
1. Correspondence831979 September (oversize)1979
1. Correspondence2201979 September 1-171979
1. Correspondence231979 September 18-301979
1. Correspondence891980 April (oversize)1980
1. Correspondence3241980 April 1-141980
1. Correspondence311980 April 15-301980
1. Correspondence351980 August1980
1. Correspondence391980 December1980
1. Correspondence871980 February (oversize)1980
1. Correspondence2171980 February 1-141980
1. Correspondence2241980 February 15-281980
1. Correspondence861980 January (oversize)1980
1. Correspondence251980 January 15-311980
1. Correspondence2161980 January 2-141980
1. Correspondence341980 July1980
1. Correspondence321980 June 10-301980
1. Correspondence3231980 June 1-91980
1. Correspondence881980 March (oversize)1980
1. Correspondence261980 March 11-311980
1. Correspondence2211980 March 1-181980
1. Correspondence331980 May1980
1. Correspondence381980 November1980
1. Correspondence371980 October1980
1. Correspondence361980 September1980
1. Correspondence3131981 April1981
1. Correspondence8111981 April (oversize)1981
1. Correspondence3171981 August1981
1. Correspondence3211981 December1981
1. Correspondence3111981 February1981
1. Correspondence3101981 January1981
1. Correspondence8101981 January (oversize)1981
1. Correspondence3161981 July1981
1. Correspondence3151981 June1981
1. Correspondence3121981 March1981
1. Correspondence3141981 May1981
1. Correspondence3201981 November1981
1. Correspondence3191981 October1981
1. Correspondence3181981 September1981
1. Correspondence3221982 January1982
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files325Annual meeting1945-1964
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files326Annual meeting1965-1970
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files327Approval requests1975-1976
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files328Approval requests1977
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files812Approved requests (oversize)1977
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files329Articles of Incorporationundated
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files813Articles of Incorporation (oversize)1932
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files331Campus enrichment1971
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files332Campus enrichment1971
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files334Campus enrichment1973
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files41Campus enrichment1973
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files330Campus enrichment1969-1970
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files333Campus enrichment1972
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files42Campus enrichment1974
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files43Campus enrichment1975
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files44Campus enrichment1976
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files814Campus enrichment (oversize)1971
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files815Campus enrichment (oversize)1975
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files45Campus enrichment-Approved requests1977
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files46Campus enrichment-Approved requests1978
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files47Campus enrichment-West River Seminar1973-1977
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files48Contingency funds1976-1977
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files55Correspondence-Financial1944-1959
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files53Correspondence-Financial1960-1976
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files54Correspondence-Financial1975-1977
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files435Correspondence1969
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files436Correspondence1969
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files437Correspondence1970
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files438Correspondence1970
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files49Correspondence1942
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files410Correspondence1943
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files411Correspondence1944
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files412Correspondence1945
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files413Correspondence1946
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files414Correspondence1947
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files415Correspondence1948
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files416Correspondence1949
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files417Correspondence1950
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files418Correspondence1952
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files419Correspondence1953
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files420Correspondence1954
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files421Correspondence1955
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files422Correspondence1956
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files423Correspondence1957
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files424Correspondence1958
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files425Correspondence1959
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files426Correspondence1960
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files427Correspondence1961
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files428Correspondence1962
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files429Correspondence1963
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files430Correspondence1964
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files431Correspondence1965
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files432Correspondence1966
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files433Correspondence1967
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files434Correspondence1968
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files439Correspondence1971
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files440Correspondence1972
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files443Correspondence1973
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files441Correspondence1974
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files442Correspondence1975
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files444Correspondence1976
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files51Correspondence1977
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files52Correspondence1978
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files816Correspondence (oversize)1948
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files817Correspondence (oversize)1949
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files818Correspondence (oversize)1952
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files819Correspondence (oversize)1955
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files820Correspondence (oversize)1959
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files821Correspondence (oversize)1963
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files822Correspondence (oversize)1964
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files823Correspondence (oversize)1965
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files824Correspondence (oversize)1966
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files825Correspondence (oversize)1967
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files826Correspondence (oversize)1968
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files827Correspondence (oversize)1969
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files828Correspondence (oversize)1970
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files831Correspondence (oversize)undated
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files829Correspondence financial (oversize)1969
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files830Correspondence financial (oversize)1970
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files56F.O. Butler Plaza1970-1976
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files57F.O. Butler projects1970-1978
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files58F.O. Butler Ranch, Inc. 7-11 Ranch1969
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files59F.O. Butler story1975-1977
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files510Financial report1953-1962
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files511Financial report1958-1977
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files512Financial report1964-1969
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files513Historical1945
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files514Income & expenses1947
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files515In-house Fellowship1970-1978
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files832In-house fellowship1971-1973
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files516Investment company1955
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files833Investments1972, 1976
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files517Investments1972-1977
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files518Legal descriptions1969
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files834Legal documents1932-1969
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files519Legal documents1947-1949, 1959
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files520Meeting minutes, agendas1948-1977
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files521News releases1944, undated
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files522Power of Attorney1963
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files523Public relations1974
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files524Restated Articles of Incorporation1977
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files525Scholarship1948-1979
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files526Scholarship recognition day1959-1960
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files527Tax information1948-1967
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files835Tax information1959-1965
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files528Trust agreement1948-1959
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files836Trust agreement1968
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files837Villa Theresa1956
2. F.O. Butler Foundation files529Villa Theresa1956-1959
3. Engineering Controversy Files531Academic programs and roles for each institution1970
3. Engineering Controversy Files532Alumni publications1971
3. Engineering Controversy Files530Articles1971-1972
3. Engineering Controversy Files533Correspondence1969
3. Engineering Controversy Files534Correspondence1970
3. Engineering Controversy Files535Correspondence1971
3. Engineering Controversy Files536Correspondence1972
3. Engineering Controversy Files61Cost analyses1968-1972
3. Engineering Controversy Files62Departmental action1971
3. Engineering Controversy Files63Enrollment1960-1972
3. Engineering Controversy Files64Graduates1961-1966
3. Engineering Controversy Files838Legislative activity (oversize)undated
3. Engineering Controversy Files65Legislative activity1971-1976
3. Engineering Controversy Files66Master Plan-Board of Regents special meeting1971
3. Engineering Controversy Files67Master Plan-College of Engineering House journal1971
3. Engineering Controversy Files68Master Plan-College of Engineering Senate journal1971
3. Engineering Controversy Files69Master Plan-Costs/enrollment1969-1971
3. Engineering Controversy Files610Master Plan-Editorials & credibility/historical1969-1971
3. Engineering Controversy Files611Master Plan-Effects on other areas/EROS/Agriculture1970-1971
3. Engineering Controversy Files612Master Plan-General information1969-1970
3. Engineering Controversy Files613Master Plan-Industrial Development/previous studies1953-1969
3. Engineering Controversy Files614Master Plan-Legal1886-1891, undated
3. Engineering Controversy Files615Master Plan-Miscellaneous1966-1978
3. Engineering Controversy Files619Master Plan-News clippings1971
3. Engineering Controversy Files620Master Plan-News clippings1971
3. Engineering Controversy Files617Master Plan-News clippings1969
3. Engineering Controversy Files618Master Plan-News clippings1970
3. Engineering Controversy Files621Master Plan-News clippings1972
3. Engineering Controversy Files622Master Plan-News clippings1973
3. Engineering Controversy Files616Master Plan-News clippingsundated
3. Engineering Controversy Files623Master Plan-Pearson's notes1971
3. Engineering Controversy Files624Master Plan-Pugsley compilation of the land grant collegesundated
3. Engineering Controversy Files625Meeting the post-secondary education needs of SD1974
3. Engineering Controversy Files626Prospectus in bioengineering1964-1968
3. Engineering Controversy Files627Report on Committee D of the Academic Master Plan for the State of South Dakota1970
3. Engineering Controversy Files628Research1970
3. Engineering Controversy Files629Scholarships and financial aid1970-1972
3. Engineering Controversy Files630SDSU Engineering Alumnus look at his college and finds...undated
3. Engineering Controversy Files631Student Association handoutsundated
3. Engineering Controversy Files632TV news script1971
3. Engineering Controversy Files633USD-Springfield curriculum1971
4. Bicentennial Celebration files634Budget proposal1973-1974
4. Bicentennial Celebration files635Calendar outreach speakers-tips1975-1977
4. Bicentennial Celebration files636Commemoration book1976
4. Bicentennial Celebration files637Committee meeting1973-1974
4. Bicentennial Celebration files638Committee meeting1974-1975
4. Bicentennial Celebration files639Committee meeting minutes1973-1976
4. Bicentennial Celebration files640Copies of Bicentennial proposal lists1974
4. Bicentennial Celebration files641Correspondence1974-1976
4. Bicentennial Celebration files642Correspondence1975
4. Bicentennial Celebration files839Correspondence (oversize)1975
4. Bicentennial Celebration files643Daniel Boorstin1974-1975
4. Bicentennial Celebration files644Finances, including grant proposals1973-1975
4. Bicentennial Celebration files645Financial1975-1976
4. Bicentennial Celebration files646General correspondence1974
4. Bicentennial Celebration files647Logo & ideas for use & slogans1973-1974
4. Bicentennial Celebration files648Outreach proposal grant application1976-1977
4. Bicentennial Celebration files71Projects1974-1976
4. Bicentennial Celebration files72Projects for which funding not been requested1973-1974
4. Bicentennial Celebration files73Projects requiring funding1973-1974
4. Bicentennial Celebration files74Proposal1973
4. Bicentennial Celebration files75Proposal1973-1974
4. Bicentennial Celebration files76Proposal1973-1975
4. Bicentennial Celebration files77Proposalundated
4. Bicentennial Celebration files78Sculpture contest1974
4. Bicentennial Celebration files79SDSU College of Nursingundated
4. Bicentennial Celebration files710State Bicentennial Commission-correspondence1973-1975
4. Bicentennial Celebration files711Suggested events1976
4. Bicentennial Celebration files840Tips, Fife & Drummer, & news releases (oversize)1975

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This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

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Krystal Maras, 2004 July 7.