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Faculty Papers

Aldrich, J.M. Diaries

J.M. Aldrich was a student at Dakota Agricultural College who was employed as an assistant in entomology at the college after graduation.  He went on to become a dipterist for the Smithsonian Institution. This collection consists of three diaries of J. M. Aldrich during his tenure as a student at Dakota Agricultural College from 1885-1888.

Alexander, Ruth Ann Papers

Ruth Ann Alexander was professor and head of the English Department. This collection is composed of files related to her writing and speeches, records related to her term on the Brookings School Board, Chautauqua, and with her term as head of the English Department. Also included is material related to various other activities in which Alexander was involved.

Barnes, Allen Papers

Allen Barnes was Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences from 1967-1985. This collection consists of material related to the Centennial celebration of South Dakota State University, Barnes’ term as Dean of Arts and Sciences, and his work on getting a Performing Arts Center established on campus.

Berg, Sherwood O. Papers

Sherwood Berg was president of SDSU from 1975-1984. This collection consists of material related to the National Advisory Commission on Food and Fiber established by President Lyndon B. Johnson on November 4, 1965 on which Sherwood O. Berg served as chairperson.

Billow, Joye Ann Papers

Joye Ann Billow was a professor of pharmaceutical sciences and licensed pharmacist throughout her career. She joined the South Dakota State University College of Pharmacy faculty in 1972 and served for 30 years until her retirement in 2002. She was faculty advisor to the SDSU Chi chapter of the Kappa Epsilon Fraternity for women pharmacy students. The collection is primarily composed of collected photographs, Billow’s awards and writings, and her family’s genealogical documents.

Burns, Robert V. Papers

Bob Burns was a professor of political science and director of the Honors College. This collection is composed of minutes, agenda and correspondence associated with the various committees and commissions on which he served, and a small amount on material dealing with his State Representative campaign in 1980.

Cecil, Matt Papers

Matt Cecil was a media historian and Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication. This collection is composed of Cecil's research of the relationships of journalists and J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI from 1928 to 1972.

Doner, David B. Scrapbooks

David B. Doner was Registrar at South Dakota State College. This collection is composed of a scrapbook, which largely documents his career of public service.

Dornbush, James N. Papers

Jim Dornbush was a member of the Civil Engineering faculty. He did extensive research and consultation in water pollution control and sanitary engineering. This collection is composed of reports on experiments conducted at the Big Stone Power Plant, collected material, files related to his consulting work with Dorand Engineering Services, personal material consisting of correspondence, class lectures, research, community involvement, and publications.

Evans, David Allan Papers

American poet, poet laureate of South Dakota (2002-2015). This collection is composed of manuscripts, publications, correspondence, reviews, and writings by David Allan Evans.

Faculty Publications

Artificial collection composed of articles and publications written by South Dakota State University faculty.

Gambill, Norman Papers

Norman Gambill was a scholar in art history and film studies, he was head of the Visual Arts Department for 26 years retiring in 2010. This collections in composed of his while he was department head of Visual Arts at SDSU from 1984 to 2010, Also included are unpublished manuscripts, Ph.D. thesis, and personal legal documents.

Gartner, F. Robert Papers

This collection is composed of materials created by F. Robert Gartner in relation to his research on range management and prescribed burning, activities, presentations, and writings.

Grant, Geoffrey and Sue Papers

Geoffrey and Sue Grant were professors of rural sociology and English at South Dakota State University. This collections consists of material from their trips to China.

Gritzner, Charles F. "Fritz" Papers

Charles F. Gritzner is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Geography at South Dakota State University. Topical specializations include Cultural Geography, Educational Geography and Population Geography. Area specializations are Latin America, Japan and the American Southwest. Collection is composed of writings, teaching and research materials, and material related to his non-teaching professional activities.

Hansen, N.E. Papers

Niels Ebbesen Hansen (January 4, 1866 – October 5, 1950) was a Danish-American horticulturist and botanist who was a pioneer in plant breeding. This collection consists of articles and other materials written by Niels Hansen, during his time at South Dakota State College, as well as material gathered by Helen Hansen Loen, granddaughter of N.E. Hansen.

Harding, A.S. Papers

A.S. Harding was professor and head of the history and political sciences department at SDSC. He taught courses in history, political science, sociology, and economics. This collection consists mostly of material compiled by Harding while researching the history of South Dakota State University. Includes correspondence, research notes and finished writings.

Hendrickson, J.P. Papers

J.P. Hendrickson was a professor and head of the political science department. This collection is composed of material collected by J.P. Hendrickson in his work with the South Dakota Constitutional Revision Commission and the writing of the Home Rule Charter for Brookings, South Dakota in 1996. Folders contain reports, commission documents, minutes, correspondence, material relating to constitutional amendments, and notes.

Hogan, Edward P. Papers

Edward Hogan was professor and head of the Geography Department. This collection consists of appointment books, correspondence, clippings, certificates, biographical material, photographs, material published by Dr. Hogan, and material collected by Dr. Hogan in his research.

Johnson, Delmar R.  Records

Del Johnson was director of University Computing Services from 1982-2003. This collection is composed of records collected by Delmar Johnson while he served as director of University Computing Services (1982-2003) and director of Administrative and Research Computing (2003- ) at South Dakota State University.

Kerr, R.F. Papers

R.F. Kerr was librarian at South Dakota State College beginning in 1885. This collection consists primarily of correspondence, diaries, and other writings from Kerr’s life in South Dakota and elsewhere. Also includes items from his teaching career, including class records and items collected during his Japanese teaching experience. The bulk of material is correspondence.

Kramer, J. Howard Papers

J. Howard Kramer was a professor, head of the education department, and director of the Summer School. This collection consists of unedited manuscripts for book published as South Dakota State University, a history: 1884-1975. Also includes unpublished biographies of SDSU’s presidents up until 1975.

Lee, MaryJo Benton Papers

MaryJo Benton Lee has held many positions at SDSU including teaching and administrative. She was diversity coordinator for the College of Engineering and co-founder and coordinator of the SDSU-Flandreau Indian School Success Academy. This collection is composed mainly of materials related to the Promotional Techniques for Engineers class developed in 1987.

Martin, Dave Papers

Five members of the South Dakota State University (SDSU) Men’s Basketball Team participated in a trip to Cuba in 1977 as part of a South Dakota delegation led by Senators George McGovern and James Abourezk. This collection comprises material related to the 1977 trip to Cuba, including photographs, slides, newspaper clippings, and programs. Also part of the collection are letters and other documents that detail the effort that went into making such an endeavor happen. David Martin, former Sports Information Director at South Dakota State University, created and compiled these material.

Miller, John E. Papers

John E. Miller was a history department faculty member and author of many articles and books. This collection is composed of research on Brookings County, SD, South Dakota State University, the Brookings County Democratic Party, Hubert B. Mathews, Hubert Jean Mathieu, other collected research related to his writings, and oral history interviews.

Musson, A.L. Papers

A.L. Musson was a professor and head of the animal science department. This collection consists primarily of items collected by Musson on a trip to Somalia and East Africa in 1954. Also includes correspondence and research resulting from the trip.

Olson, Robert K. Papers

Roberta K. Olson was dean of the College of Nursing at South Dakota State University from 1994 to 2013. This collection is composed of materials related to her tenure at Dean of the College of Nursing at South Dakota State University. Included are reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, publications, presentations, notes, writings, and photographs.

Pearson, David F. Papers

David F. Pearson began his career as a professor of Economics at South Dakota State College in 1957. In 1959, President Briggs appointed him Special Assistant to the president. In 1973, he was name to the newly created position of Vice President of Administration. The collection contains files from the office of David F. Pearson while serving as Vice President for Administration and consists mainly of correspondence and files dealing with the F. O. Butler Foundation, the engineering controversy of the early 1970s, and material dealing with the celebration of the United States Bicentennial celebration on the campus of South Dakota State University.

Plumart, Phillip E. Papers

Phillip E. Plumart a professor of poultry at South Dakota State University. The collection is comprised largely of materials related to the poultry coursework of Phillip E Plumart, both as a graduate student and as a faculty member.

Powers, William H. Papers

William H. Powers was librarian at SDSC from 1905-1931. This collection consists mainly of notes and research for history of South Dakota State University. Also includes correspondence and notes related to the Brookings Public Library, Ethical Culture Club and the World Disarmament Committee.

Richardson, Marilyn Papers

Marilyn Richardson was a professor in the health, physical education, and recreation department teaching primarily dance. This collection consists of materials related to dance and the teaching of dance at South Dakota State University. Slides, photographs, videos, posters and scrapbooks document the formal entrance of dance into the SDSU curriculum.

Sewrey, Charles L. Papers

Charles L. Sewrey taught political sciences, economics and history. This collection consists of collected materials presumably used for research, correspondence and writing and miscellaneous materials. Manuscripts and published works are devoted primarily to anti-Catholicism.

Trump, Alfred G., Jr. Papers

Alfred G. Trump, Jr (1907-1994) was the head librarian at South Dakota State College in 1948 and was named director of its libraries in 1959. He held this position until his retirement in 1972. He continued as its archivist emeritus until 1977 and was also instrumental in the logistical challenges of its move of from Lincoln Library to the Hilton M. Briggs Library in 1977. The papers consist mostly of materials related to Trump’s retirement from the South Dakota State University Library, including scrapbooks and programs. Other items in the collection include certificates and plaques.

Volstorff, Vivian V. Papers

Vivian Volstorff was Dean of Women, Director of Student Activities and professor of history. This collection consists of material from Volstorff’s time as Dean of Women, records from her work with campus organizations, planning documents, and personal information and correspondence.  Also included are Volstorff’s many speeches and writings, including research and drafts for her book, Winds of Change.

Wagner, Robert T. Papers

Robert T. Wagner, president of South Dakota State University, 1985-1997. Papers related to his career at SDSU as a teacher and administrator.

Wahlstrom, Richard C. Papers

Dr. Richard C. Wahlstrom was a professor at South Dakota State University who served as Head Professor in the Department of Animal Husbandry. He later served as the Department Head of Animal Husbandry for eight years. He holds the prestigious title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus at S.D.S.U. as well. The collection is comprised mainly of articles written by Wahlstrom and associates as well as speeches and talks given by Wahlstrom relating to his research involving the swine nutrition.