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James N. Dornbush Papers

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Collection Summary


UA 53.18


James N. Dornbush Papers


James N. Dornbush




14 linear feet (14 records center boxes) photographs, sound recordings, moving image materials, electronic records




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

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This collection is stored off-site. Requests to view this material must be made at least 24 hours in advance. This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Preferred Citation

Name of item . James N. Dornbush Papers. UA 53.18. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M .Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


Jim Dornbush was a member of the Civil Engineering faculty. He did extensive research and consultation in water pollution control and sanitary engineering. This collection is composed of reports on experiments conducted at the Big Stone Power Plant, collected material, files related to his consulting work with Dorand Engineering Services, personal material consisting of correspondence, class lectures, research, community involvement, and publications.

Biographical Note

James Norman Dornbush was born February 16, 1928, at Aberdeen, South Dakota, to Isaac Henry and Beatrice (Yocum) Dornbush. He grew up and graduated from high school at Pollock, South Dakota. He received his bachelor’s degree from South Dakota State College in 1949, and then taught for two years at State. On August 7, 1952, Jim married Maxine Biggar in Brookings. He served in the U.S. Army from July 18, 1952, until September 7, 1953. He earned his master’s degree in public health and sanitary engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1959 and his doctorate in environmental and sanitary engineering from Washington University in St. Louis in 1962. In 1964 the Dornbush’s returned to Brookings where Jim was a professor in the Civil Engineering Department at SDSU. He did extensive research and consultation in water pollution control and sanitary engineering.

Jim was a member of First Presbyterian Church, Rotary International, the Elks, and several professional organizations.


This collection is arranged into five series:

Series 1. Big Stone Power Plant

Series 2. Collected material

Series 3. Dorand Engineering Services

Series 4. Personal material

Series 5. Publications.

Contents Note

The James N. Dornbush papers are arranged into five series: Big Stone Power Plant, Collected material, Dorand Engineering Services, Personal material, and Publications,

Series 1. Big Stone Power Plant.

The Big Stone Power Plant Records are composed of the annual and quarterly reports that describe the experiments Dornbush conducted at the Big Stone Power Plant. Included in this collection is the field file for the water monitoring project with a full report that also contains the laboratory work that covers how the wells in the area compared. Throughout this collection there are also worksheets that contain an in-depth look into the experiments that were conducted.

Series 2. Collected material.

The Collected material consists of city and county reports, researcher’s abstracts and publications, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) material guides, Garrison Diversion Unit data, James River information, OAHE unit stages, city and county plans, along with the Clarifier and OpFlow publications.

Series 3. Dorand Engineering Services.

The Dorand Engineering Services Records are composed of papers from Dornbush's career, including files on consulting work independently with Dorand Engineering Services. The bulk of this material covers consulting for Chef Reddy Foods, Fairfield Products, Inc., McCain Foods, and for the City of Watertown, South Dakota.

Series 4. Personal material.

The Personal material is composed of many personal papers including university correspondence, class lectures, research, charts/data, community involvement, City of Brookings consulting, Students theses and orals, material from conferences and seminars such as the Operators Short Courses.

Series 5. Publications.

The Personal material is composed of many personal papers including university correspondence, class lectures, research, charts/data, community involvement, City of Brookings consulting, Students theses and orals, material from conferences and seminars such as the Operators Short Courses.

Key Words

Dornbush, James N

Agricultural pollution

Animal feeding

Big Sioux River (S.D.)

Big Stone Power Plant (Big Stone City: S.D.)

Dorand Engineering Services

Feedlot runoff

Pollution -- Environmental aspects

Sewage lagoons

Sewage -- Purification

Stream measurements

Water quality -- Standards

Water reuse

Container List

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James N. Dornbush Papers Container List. UA 53.18

1. Big Stone Power Plant11Air Monitoring1971-1972
1. Big Stone Power Plant12Air Monitoring1972
1. Big Stone Power Plant13Annual Report1972
1. Big Stone Power Plant14Annual Report1973
1. Big Stone Power Plant16Annual Report1974
1. Big Stone Power Plant17Annual Report1975
1. Big Stone Power Plant18Annual Report1976
1. Big Stone Power Plant19Annual Report1977
1. Big Stone Power Plant110Annual Report1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant111Annual Report1979
1. Big Stone Power Plant112Annual Report1980
1. Big Stone Power Plant113Annual Report1981
1. Big Stone Power Plant114Annual Report [Slightly Different]1981
1. Big Stone Power Plant15Annual Report [Working Copy]1974
1. Big Stone Power Plant115Big Stone City Municipal Well Sampling - Well No. 91972-1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant116Big Stone Lake - Data at lake intake to pumping station1972-1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant118Big Stone Lake Study1967
1. Big Stone Power Plant117Big Stone Lake: Field File, Water Monitoring Project1971-1972
1. Big Stone Power Plant119Civil Layout and Grading Plan - Blue Prints - Blowdown Holding and Evaporation Ponds1980
1. Big Stone Power Plant120Civil Layout and Grading Plan - Blue Prints - Sludge Pond1979
1. Big Stone Power Plant122Civil Subdrain Profiles - Blue Prints1980
1. Big Stone Power Plant121Civil Subdrain Alignment Plan - Blue Prints1980
1. Big Stone Power Plant123Cooling Pond1972-1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant124Correspondence - Memos, Reports, Notes1970-1975
1. Big Stone Power Plant125Correspondence - Memos, Reports, Notes1976-1979
1. Big Stone Power Plant126Correspondence to Ottor Tail - Memos, Reports, Notes1976-1982
1. Big Stone Power Plant127Derald Hay Farm Sampling - Well No. 11972-1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant132E.P.A. Report on Big Stone County, Minnesota  and Roberts and Grant Counties, South Dakota1975
1. Big Stone Power Plant128Ed Lundborg Farm Sampling - Well No. 51972-1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant129Environmental Monitoring Program - Preliminary Report1971
1. Big Stone Power Plant130Environmental Monitoring Programs1973
1. Big Stone Power Plant131Environmental Monitoring Project - Correspondence, Reports, Notes1969-1971
1. Big Stone Power Plant133Farm at railroad overpass sampling - Well No. 31972-1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant134General Information - Maps, Pamphlets, Miscellaneous1970-1972
1. Big Stone Power Plant135Geotechnical Exploration Program - Proposed Blowdown Evaporation/Holding Ponds - Volume I - Recommendations and Engineering Review1979
1. Big Stone Power Plant136Geotechnical Exploration Program - Proposed Blowdown Evaporation/Holding Ponds - Volume II - Field and Laboratory Testing Part 1 of 21979
1. Big Stone Power Plant137Geotechnical Exploration Program - Proposed Blowdown Evaporation/Holding Ponds - Volume II - Field and Laboratory Testing Part 2 of 21979
1. Big Stone Power Plant138Harry Russman Farm Sampling - Well No. 41972-1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant139Herb Kaiser Farm Sampling - Well No. 61972-1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant140Historical Record of Ground Water Levels1970-1982
1. Big Stone Power Plant141Images1971
1. Big Stone Power Plant142Low Flow Study1971
1. Big Stone Power Plant143Minnesota River Sampling1972-1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant144Otter Tail Power Company Study1964
1. Big Stone Power Plant145Paul Thiele Farm Sampling - Well No. 81972-1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant146Progress Report1971
1. Big Stone Power Plant147Project Big Stone1969
1. Big Stone Power Plant148Quarterly Reports1972
1. Big Stone Power Plant149Quarterly Reports1973
1. Big Stone Power Plant150Quarterly Reports1974
1. Big Stone Power Plant21Quarterly Reports1975
1. Big Stone Power Plant22Quarterly Reports1976
1. Big Stone Power Plant23Quarterly Reports1977
1. Big Stone Power Plant24Quarterly Reports1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant25Quarterly Reports1979
1. Big Stone Power Plant26Quarterly Reports - Correspondence, Data and Maps1980
1. Big Stone Power Plant27Quarterly Reports - Correspondence, Data and Maps1981
1. Big Stone Power Plant28Soil Borings and Initial Groundwater Table1970
1. Big Stone Power Plant29Suggested Subdivision Regulations1967
1. Big Stone Power Plant210Trailer Site Sampling - Well No. 21972-1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant211Two Foot Contours - Blue Prints1971
1. Big Stone Power Plant212United Methodist Camp Sampling - Well No. 71972-1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant213Water Sampling Data - Cooling Pond, Minnesota River, Big Stone Lake, Whetstone River, and Well 1 - Well 91972-1981
1. Big Stone Power Plant214Wheatstone River Sampling1972-1978
1. Big Stone Power Plant218Worksheets - Correspondence and Data1975
1. Big Stone Power Plant222Worksheets - Data Collected1979
1. Big Stone Power Plant223Worksheets - Data Collected1980
1. Big Stone Power Plant215Worksheets - Data Collected and Notes1971-1972
1. Big Stone Power Plant216Worksheets - Data Collected and Notes1973
1. Big Stone Power Plant217Worksheets - Data Collected and Notes1974
1. Big Stone Power Plant219Worksheets - Data Collected and Notes1976
1. Big Stone Power Plant220Worksheets - Data Collected and Notes1977
1. Big Stone Power Plant224Worksheets - Data Collected and Notes1981
1. Big Stone Power Plant221Worksheets - Sample Data1978
2. Collected material2251987 Clean Water Act Reauthorization - Provisions for Wastewater Treatment Facilities1987
2. Collected material226Aberdeen, South Dakota - Sanitary Survey-Sewage Treatment Plant1958
2. Collected material227Act to Recodify County Drainage Laws and Powers1984
2. Collected material228Administrative Rules of South Dakota - Article 74:27 - Solid Waste1990
2. Collected material229Aesthetics in Environmental Planning1973
2. Collected material230Agriculturally Related Water Quality Programs in Rapid Creek - By: Leland L. Harms1977
2. Collected material231Agriculture and Water Quality - Best Management Practices for Minnesotan.d.
2. Collected material232Alternative Operation of Jamestown and Pipestem Reservoirs to Reduce Flooding in Northern South Dakotan.d.
2. Collected material233Alternative Waste Management Techniques for Best Practicable Waste Treatment1976
2. Collected material234Amendments to 74:03:02 SWQSn.d.
2. Collected material235American Water Works Association [43rd Annual Conference] - Compilation of Publications from North Central Section1959
2. Collected material236Annual Report and State Water Plan1986-1987
2. Collected material237Appropriate Technology for Water Supply and Sanitation: A Planners Guide1980
2. Collected material238Arlington, South Dakota - Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant Report1957
2. Collected material239Artificial Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment1988
2. Collected material240Assessment of the Feasibility of Establishing an Aquifer Classification System for South Dakota1986
2. Collected material241Assessment of the Feasibility of Establishing Ground Water Quality Standards for South Dakota1986
2. Collected material243Baltic, South Dakota - Wastewater Facility Plan [Final Evaluation of Alternatives] (J.T. Banner and Association)1977
2. Collected material242Baltic, South Dakota - Wastewater Facility Plan [Preliminary Evaluation of Alternatives] (J.T. Banner and Assoc.)1976
2. Collected material244Baltic, South Dakota - Wastewater Treatment Facility (Flannery Engineering)1992
2. Collected material31Big Sioux Aquifer Study (Part 1) - Draft Final Report1984
2. Collected material245Big Sioux Aquifer Water Quality Studyundated
2. Collected material32BMPs for: Water Quality - Reducing Herbicide Runoff: Role of Best Management Practicesundated
2. Collected material33Brief Review of Groundwater Pollution Sources in South Dakota1981
2. Collected material34Catalog of Topographic and Other Published Maps (South Dakota)1987
2. Collected material35Central Missouri River Water Quality Investigation1954
2. Collected material318Chicao, Milwaukee, and Eastern Technical Report - Water Quality Land Use Data Analysis1987
2. Collected material36Clarifier - Newsletter1941-1955
2. Collected material37Clarifier - Newsletter1958-1965
2. Collected material38Clarifier - Newsletter1966-1969
2. Collected material39Clarifier - Newsletter1970-1974
2. Collected material310Clarifier - Newsletter1975-1979
2. Collected material311Clarifier - Newsletter1980-1984
2. Collected material312Clarifier - Newsletter1985-1989
2. Collected material313Clarifier - Newsletter1990-1994
2. Collected material314Clarifier - Newsletter1995-2000
2. Collected material315Classification of Wetlands and Deepwater Habitats of the United States - U.S. Department of the Interior1979
2. Collected material316Clean Water Act Reauthorization and Water Quality Act1987
2. Collected material317Climate of South Dakota [Bulletin]1971
2. Collected material319Constructed Wetland Design - The Second Generation1991
2. Collected material320Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment - Abstracts1988
2. Collected material321Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment - Abstracts1991
2. Collected material322Dell Rapids, South Dakota - Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant1957
2. Collected material323Design Criteria for Sewage Stabilization Ponds (South Dakota Department of Health)1964
2. Collected material324Design Modification of Wastewater Treatment Lagoons for Wildlife and Aquaculture1980
2. Collected material325Diagnostic Study Plan: Richmond Lake1987
2. Collected material42E.P.A. Review of OAHE Project1974
2. Collected material41E.P.A.: Application Kit for Assistance1987
2. Collected material326Effect of Seepage from Unlined Municipal Waste Stabilization Lagoons on Chemical Quality of Groundwater in Shallow Aquifers - By: Alan Kehew, Francis Schwindt, and David Brown1983
2. Collected material327Engineering Research at South Dakota State University - Analysis of Research Programs1970
2. Collected material328Environmental Impact Statement - Appendix A, Map Volumeundated
2. Collected material329Environmental Impact Statement - Volume 11980
2. Collected material43Evaluation of Groundwater Monitoring Data at the Madison Infiltration-Percolation Wastewater System - By: Byung-Chun Choi1988
2. Collected material44Evaluation of Remote Sensing Techniques for the Operational Inspection and Monitoring of Selected South Dakota Wastewater Treatment Lagoonsundated
2. Collected material45Feasibility of Utilization of a Wetland for Tertiary Treatment - By: Donald F. Pirrung1978
2. Collected material46Fertilizer Recommendations Guide - Cooperative Extension Service1996
2. Collected material47Fertilizer Recommendations Guide - Cooperative Extension Service1998
2. Collected material48First Semiannual Monitoring Report: Demonstration of Constructed Wetlands for Municipal Wastewater - Tennessee Valley Authority1988
2. Collected material49Garrison Diversion Unit - Supplemental Environmental Statement1983
2. Collected material410Garrison Diversion Unit - Volume 1 - Final Comprehensive Supplementary Environmental Statement1979
2. Collected material411Garrison Diversion Unit - Volume 2 - Final Comprehensive Supplementary Environmental Statement1979
2. Collected material412Garrison Diversion Unit Commission - Final Report1984
2. Collected material413Garrison Diversion Unit Commission - Interm Staff Report on Issues and Alternatives1984
2. Collected material414Garrison Diversion Unit Commission - Preliminary Final Report1984
2. Collected material415Garrison Extension - Special Report1982
2. Collected material416Garrison Extension Concept - Work Program: Information Summary1983
2. Collected material417Geology and Shallow Ground Water Resources of the Brookings Area - Brookings County, South Dakota - By: K.Y. Lee1958
2. Collected material418Geology and Water Resources of Clark County, South Dakota - Part 1: Geology - C.M. Christensen - Part II: Water Resources - Louis J. Hamilton1986-1987
2. Collected material420Ground Water Discharge Permitsundated
2. Collected material421Ground Water Investigation for the City of Brookings - By: Assad Barari1968
2. Collected material422Ground Water Quality Standardsundated
2. Collected material419Ground Water: Saving the Unseen Resource - Proposed Conclusions and Recommendations (The National Groundwater Policy Forum)1985
2. Collected material423Guide to Technical Resources for the Design of Land Disposal Facilities1988
2. Collected material424Hayti, South Dakota - Completed Municipal Sewage System1957
2. Collected material425Horsley Witten Hegemann, Inc.1991
2. Collected material426House Concurrent Resolution No. 1010 Report on Uncontrolled Flowing Artesian Wells in South Dakota1979
2. Collected material427How to Plan an Inconsequential Research Project - By: Morris B. Eittinger1965
2. Collected material428Huron, South Dakota - Sewage Treatment Plant1957
2. Collected material429Hydrology of Lake Kampeska - Report of Investigation1971
2. Collected material430Importance of Wetland Types to Duck Production and to Non-Game Bird Populationsundated
2. Collected material431Improving your Wastewater Pond System for Wildlifeundated
2. Collected material432Index to topographic and other map coverage (South Dakota)undated
2. Collected material433Innovative Wastewater Lagoon Treatment Facilities for Three Small Midwestern Communities - By: Terry McCarlundated
2. Collected material434Irrigation: Your Water, Your Soil - Interpreting Results of Water and Soil Analyses - Water Resources Institute, South Dakota State Universityundated
2. Collected material435Irrigation: Your Water, Your Soil, and their Compatibility - By: L.O. Fine, C.G. Carlson and J.H. Bischoffundated
2. Collected material436James River Restoration - Draft Environmental Impact Statement1987
2. Collected material437James River Restoration - Legislative Update1986
2. Collected material438James River Restoration Project - As Adopted by James River Water Development District1987
2. Collected material440Land Treatment of Wastes - Includes: Module 3, 6 , 12, 20 and 211978
2. Collected material441Land Treatment Series (Land Treatment of Wastewater) - Report 1: Policies and Procedures - Report 2 and Report 3: General Guidelines1983
2. Collected material439Land Treatment: E.P.A. Policies and Guidelines - By: Roger Deanundated
2. Collected material442Legislative Assembly - State of South Dakota, Sixty-Seventh Session - Act: The Second Century Environmental Protection Act1992
2. Collected material443Lemna Wastewater Treatment Facility for Watertown, South Dakota1991
2. Collected material444Madison, South Dakota - Wastewater Facility Plan: Addendum No. 5 - Further Evaluation of Wastewater Treatment Alternatives1978
2. Collected material445Madison, South Dakota - Wastewater Facility Plan: Addendum No. 6 - Detailed Evaluation of Infiltration-Percolation Wastewater Treatment Alternative1979
2. Collected material446Major Aquifers in Clark County, South Dakota - By: Lewis J. Hamilton1978
2. Collected material447Making the Marketplace Work of the Environment - By: Murray Weidenbaumundated
2. Collected material448Marshall, Minnesota - Preliminary Report on Sewage Treatment1965
2. Collected material449Measuring Water in Irrigation Channels - Farmer's Bulletin1941
2. Collected material450Minimal Requirements for a Water Monitoring Quality Assurance Program1979
2. Collected material451Minnehaha County, South Dakota - Soil Survey1964
2. Collected material452Missouri River Basin - State and Federal Water and Related Land Resource Program - Covers Fiscal years - 1979 to 19851978
2. Collected material453Mitchell, South Dakota - Sanitary Survey of Sewage Treatment Plant1952-1954
2. Collected material51Natural Resource Potential of Sewage Lagoons, Tertiary Treatment Ponds, and the Effluent - By: William R. Lance1971
2. Collected material52New Drinking Water Rules Will Affect Consultants, Municipalities and Utilities - By: Gordon Culp1989
2. Collected material53North Dakota Water and Pollution Control Conference (Official Bulletin)1980
2. Collected material54North Dakota Water and Sewage Works Conference (Official Bulletin) [Convention Issue]1966
2. Collected material55OAHE Unit (Initial Stage) - Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program - Draft1972
2. Collected material56OAHE Unit (Initial Stage) - Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program - Final1973
2. Collected material57Opflow - Monthly Publication1990-1993
2. Collected material58Opflow - Monthly Publication1994-1996
2. Collected material59Opflow - Monthly Publication1997-1998
2. Collected material510Opflow - Monthly Publication1999-2001
2. Collected material511Outfall Sewer System and Sewage Treatment  - Yankton, South Dakota1960
2. Collected material512Performance of Natural Wetland Treatment System for Wastewater Management1987
2. Collected material513Pine Ridge unit (Report) - South Dakota - Nebraska: White Division, Missouri River basin Project1968
2. Collected material514Plumbing Hazards in the Food Industry - By: R. Gillespieundated
2. Collected material515Pollock, South Dakota - Pollock Wastewater Treatment facility (Modification/Replacement Request)1991
2. Collected material516Potato Processing Wastes: Paper No. 3 - By: Andy Schmidt1996
2. Collected material517Potential Pick-Sloan Program Cost Recovery Package1987
2. Collected material518Preliminary Report on Storm Water Investigation and Disposal facilities for City of Brookings, South Dakota1966
2. Collected material519Preparation of Environmental Impact Statements - From: Federal Register, Vol. 40, No. 72 Part III1975
2. Collected material520Proposed Subdivision Regulations - Brookings, South Dakota1966
2. Collected material521Proposed Zoning Ordinance - Brookings, South Dakota1966
2. Collected material522Protecting Ground Water: The Hidden Resource - E.P.A. Journal1984
2. Collected material523Quality Assurance Requirement for Field Sampling and Data Handlingundated
2. Collected material524Rapid City, South Dakota - Report on Sanitary Survey1957
2. Collected material525Regulating Small Quantity Hazardous Waste Generators - By: Janet Robinson and W. David Conn1985
2. Collected material527Report of Improvement and Expansion of Wastewater Treatment Facilities for the City of Marshall, Minnesota1971
2. Collected material526Report of Investigation of the Geology and Shallow Ground Waters at the Brookings Sanitary Landfill - Includes a map of the city landfill1965
2. Collected material528Report on Water Supply Facilities and Proposed Improvements for Yankton, South Dakota1969
2. Collected material529Review of Theses: Brookings Landfill - By: Jerry Cech1991
2. Collected material530Rural Clean Water Program (RCWP) - Lessons learned from a voluntary nonpoint source control experiment1990
2. Collected material531Sand and Gravel Resources in Clark County, South Dakota - By: Wayne Schroeder1978
2. Collected material61Second International Symposium for Waste Treatment Lagoons1970
2. Collected material62Sewage Stabilization Ponds in South Dakota (Division of Sanitary Engineering, S.D. Dept. of Health)1959
2. Collected material63Sewage Stabilization Ponds in South Dakota (Division of Sanitary Engineering, S.D. Dept. of Health)1961
2. Collected material64Sewage Stabilization Ponds in South Dakota (Division of Sanitary Engineering, S.D. Dept. of Health)1963
2. Collected material65Sewage Works in South Dakota - Committee on Water Pollution and Division of Sanitary Engineering1961
2. Collected material66Sewage Works Journal - Vol. IX, No. 61937
2. Collected material67Sewage Works Operation [Unit I]undated
2. Collected material68Sewerage System [Unit III]undated
2. Collected material610Shallow Water Supple for the City of Sisseton - By: Merlin J. Tipton1960
2. Collected material69Shallow Water Supply for the City of Clark - By: Harold D. Wong1960
2. Collected material611Sibley, Iowa - Soil Investigation1978
2. Collected material612Sioux Falls 2000: Comprehensive Development Plan Summaryundated
2. Collected material614Sioux Falls Unit (Draft Environmental Statement) - James Division: Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program1978
2. Collected material616Sioux Falls Unit (Feasibility Report) - James Division: Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program1975
2. Collected material617Sioux Falls Unit (Final Environmental Statement) - James Division: Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program1983
2. Collected material615Sioux Falls Unit (Proposed Draft Environmental Statement) - James Division: Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program1975
2. Collected material613Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Waste Treatment Facilities Report1959
2. Collected material618Soil Survey of Lincoln County, South Dakota1976
2. Collected material619Soil Survey of Union County, South Dakota1978
2. Collected material620Soils of South Dakota - Plant Science Department, Agricultural Experiment Station, South Dakota State University1978
2. Collected material621Solid Waste Dilemma: An Agenda for Action1989
2. Collected material622South Dakota - E.P.A./S.E.A.1987
2. Collected material623South Dakota Agriculture and Water Quality - A Symposium on Water Pollution1970
2. Collected material624South Dakota is the answer, what is the question? - By: Jay H. Lehr1991
2. Collected material625South Dakota Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities1986
2. Collected material626South Dakota Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities1994
2. Collected material627South Dakota Statewide 208 Water Quality Management Plan Update1986
2. Collected material628South Dakota Surface Impoundment Assessment - By: Michael Meyer1980
2. Collected material629South Dakota Water Quality1984
2. Collected material630South Dakota's Environment: Its Pollution and Preservation Proceedings of a Symposium1971
2. Collected material631South Dakota's nonpoint Source Program - Annual Report1992
2. Collected material632Stabilization Pond - Waterfowl Production Area - By: David Odens1975
2. Collected material633Stabilization Ponds for Treatment of Industrial Wastes - Inventory and Reference Material1961
2. Collected material634Standards for the Use or Disposal of Sewage Sludge: Final Rules (Part II) - Environmental Protection Agency - Federal Register1993
2. Collected material636State Water Planning Process [1987-1988]1987
2. Collected material637States' Activities, Attitudes and Policies Concerning Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Treatment - By: R.L. Slaydens, Jr. and L.N. Schwartzundated
2. Collected material638Statewide Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan1991
2. Collected material639Strategy for Clean Water: 1977-1983 [Volume III] - For: Clay, Lincoln, McCook, Minnehaha, Turner and Union Counties of South Dakota1977
2. Collected material640Sturgis, South Dakota - Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant Investigation1956
2. Collected material71Suggested Minimum Standards for Sewage Stabilization Ponds (South Dakota Department of Health)undated
2. Collected material72Summary of Groundwater Monitoring in South Dakota for Water Quality Protection - By: Michael Meyer1986
2. Collected material73Summary of Groundwater Pollution Problems in South Dakota - By: Michael Meyer1986
2. Collected material74Summary of South Dakota's Groundwater Information Resources, Data Management, and Data Needs1986
2. Collected material75Summary of the History of the Brookings Landfill - By: Jerome K. Cech1991
2. Collected material76Summary Report for Class V Demonstration Project1990
2. Collected material77Survey of Selected South Dakota Community Public Water Supplies and their Expected Compliance with P.L. 93-523 (Report by South Dakota Department of Environmental Protection)1976
2. Collected material78Tentative Design Standards for Sewage Stabilization Ponds (Minnesota Department of Health - Chapter 90)undated
2. Collected material635The State of South Dakota and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Agreement1988
2. Collected material79Toxic Cleanup Day Report1992
2. Collected material710Treatment of Leachate-Contaminated Groundwater with an Interception Trench1984
2. Collected material711Washington State Hazardous Waste Plan - Public Review Draft1991
2. Collected material712Waste Stabilization Lagoons [Water Bulletin No. 9]undated
2. Collected material713Waste Water Works in South Dakota1971
2. Collected material714Wasteload Allocation for the Big Sioux River near Watertown, South Dakota - Mary Yakawich1987
2. Collected material716Water and Environment Today - Publication by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources1991
2. Collected material715Water and Sewage Works - Scranton Gillette Publication1965
2. Collected material717Water Poisoning: A Study of Poisonous Algae Blooms in Minnesota - By: Theodore A. Olsonn.d.
2. Collected material720Water Quality Control Instructional Materials1982
2. Collected material721Water Quality of South Dakota's Glacial Aquifers - By: Lawrence Bardwell1984
2. Collected material722Water Quality Survey of Water Quality Class Segments in the James River Basin1974
2. Collected material718Water Resources Investigations of the U.S. Geological Survey in South Dakota1982
2. Collected material719Water Resources of Minnehaha County, South Dakota - By: Richard J. Lindgren and Colin A. Niehus1992
2. Collected material723Watertown - Sioux City - Moville 345-KV Transmission Line - Pick-Sloan Missouri River Basin Program - Draft1973
2. Collected material724Watertown - Sioux City - Moville 345-KV Transmission Line - Pick-Sloan Missouri River Basin Program - Final1974
2. Collected material725Watertown Wastewater Treatment Facility - Municipal Compliance Plan1990
2. Collected material727Watertown Wastewater Treatment Facility - Municipal Compliance Plan1991
2. Collected material726Watertown Wastewater Treatment Facility - Municipal Compliance Plan Appendix1990
2. Collected material729Wetlands of the United States: Current Status and Recent trends - U.S. Department of the Interior1984
2. Collected material728Wetlands: Losses in the United States - 1780's to 1980's - By: Thomas E. Dahl1990
2. Collected material730Yard Waste Composting - A Study of Eight Programs1989
3. Dorand Engineering Services73149th Street Storm Sewer - Cit of Sioux Falls1981
3. Dorand Engineering Services732Aho-Long Court Case1986
3. Dorand Engineering Services733Aurora, South Dakota - Aurora Stabilization Pond Inspection1994
3. Dorand Engineering Services734Baltic, South Dakota - Infiltration Percolation System - Includes: Memos, Correspondence, Slides, Financial Information1992
3. Dorand Engineering Services735Baltic, South Dakota - Wastewater Inspection1992
3. Dorand Engineering Services736Beresford, South Dakota - Wastewater Stabilization Pond Samples1969
3. Dorand Engineering Services737Big Sioux River Basin Water Quality Management Plan1972
3. Dorand Engineering Services738Charles Tycz Property - Tyndall Waste Stabilization Pond - Tyndall, South Dakota1970
3. Dorand Engineering Services740Chef Reddy Foods - Anaerobic-aerobic lagoon system for potato processing wastes [A]1978
3. Dorand Engineering Services741Chef Reddy Foods - Clark wastewater lagoon [C]1984
3. Dorand Engineering Services742Chef Reddy Foods - Evaluation of Land Application Methods - By: Mary Yakawich, Jeanne Goodman, and William Markley1987
3. Dorand Engineering Services743Chef Reddy Foods - Follow-up sampling1978
3. Dorand Engineering Services744Chef Reddy Foods - Report on wastewater survey [B3]1981
3. Dorand Engineering Services745Chef Reddy Foods - Report on water quality of surface samples [B2]1980
3. Dorand Engineering Services746Chef Reddy Foods - Summary report concerning wastewater treatment [B1]1980
3. Dorand Engineering Services747Chef Reddy Foods - Wastewater treatment inspections -1980-1981
3. Dorand Engineering Services739Chef Reddy Foods [index] - Pertinent Reports on Wastewater System for Potato Processing Plantsundated
3. Dorand Engineering Services748City of Elkton - Water Samples1981
3. Dorand Engineering Services749Colman Corner Station - Leonary and Diane Zuroff - Atty: David Gienapp1985
3. Dorand Engineering Services750Consulting Work - Department of Health forms, correspondence, misc. -1957-1959
3. Dorand Engineering Services751Dan Fritz - Aberdeen, South Dakota - Lagoon Litigation -1998-1999
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3. Dorand Engineering Services914Moody County Zoning Ordinanceundated
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3. Dorand Engineering Services935Watertown, South Dakota - Includes: correspondence, data, and maps1990
3. Dorand Engineering Services936Watertown, South Dakota - Includes: correspondence, data, and maps1991
3. Dorand Engineering Services937Watertown, South Dakota - Includes: correspondence, data, and maps1992
3. Dorand Engineering Services101Watertown, South Dakota - Includes: correspondence, data, and maps1993
3. Dorand Engineering Services102Watertown, South Dakota - Includes: correspondence, data, and maps1994
3. Dorand Engineering Services103Watertown, South Dakota - Includes: correspondence, data, and maps1995
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3. Dorand Engineering Services105Watertown, South Dakota - Scott Engineering Company Contract1980-1981
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3. Dorand Engineering Services109Western Estates Wastewater Treatment Alternative - Brookings, South Dakota1990
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4. Personal Material1012Aaker, Terry - Thesis: A Comparison of Operation and Maintenance Costs of Wastewater Treatment Facilities for Four South Dakota Cities1995
4. Personal Material1013Addendum No. 1: Project No. II - Watertown, South Dakota1983
4. Personal Material1014Adventure in Civil Engineering - Slide Show from the American Society of Civil Engineersundated
4. Personal Material1015Aerated Pond Talk - Mitchell, South Dakota1971
4. Personal Material1016Aerated Ponds - North Dakota, Glenwood, Minnesota; Yankton Pilot Plants1968-1969
4. Personal Material1017Agriculture and Pollution - Slide Presentationundated
4. Personal Material1018Agriculture Research Service - Madison Farm1969
4. Personal Material1019Agriculture Runoff - Harm's Research Project1969
4. Personal Material1020Air Pollution Chartsundated
4. Personal Material1021Alan Larson's Thesis - Infiltration Rates of I/P Basins1977
4. Personal Material1022Algae - Types important in water suppliesundated
4. Personal Material1023Alumni Letter - Includes current information on graduates1987-1989
4. Personal Material1024Amended Facility Plan for Watertown, South Dakota1981
4. Personal Material1025Amended Step I Facility Plan - Watertown, South Dakota1982
4. Personal Material1026American Water Works Association1969-1984
4. Personal Material1027American Water Works Association - Annual Meeting1964-1965
4. Personal Material1028American Water Works Association - Correspondence1963-1965
4. Personal Material1029Anaerobic Lagoons - Lagoon Seminar, South Dakota State University1972
4. Personal Material1030Analysis of Wastewater Samples - New York Slide Seriesundated
4. Personal Material1031Appropriate Technology for Excreta Disposal1982
4. Personal Material1032Arlington, South Dakota - Correspondence, maps, data1980-1992
4. Personal Material1033Assessment of Extent and Impact of Class V Injection Wells - Research and Progress Reports1982
4. Personal Material1034Assessment of Ground Water Pollution from Surface Water Impoundments - Correspondence, reports, memos, etc.1979-1980
4. Personal Material1035Astoria Sewer Project1975
4. Personal Material1036Baltic, South Dakota - Infiltration Percolation System (J.T. Banner Assoc.)1976
4. Personal Material1037Bennett County High School Commencement1988
4. Personal Material1038Big Sioux River - Sioux Falls STP Boswell Damundated
4. Personal Material1039Big Sioux River Brookings Downstream Data1987
4. Personal Material1040Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Test of Wastewater1975
4. Personal Material1041Bleeker's Series - Pond Assessmentundated
4. Personal Material1042Brian Borgstadt's Thesis - Hydraulic Characteristics of a Rapid Infiltration System1978
4. Personal Material1043Brookings and the Environment -Slide Show by Dr. Andersonundated
4. Personal Material1044Brookings County Planning Commission1984
4. Personal Material1045Brookings Landfill - Aerial Views; General Views; Refuse Handling and Burial plus Seepage; Trench, Ponds and Water; Gravel Excavation; Soil Profiles; Wells, Installation, Development; Sampling and Recorders; Dataundated
4. Personal Material1046Brookings Landfill (Short History/Summary)undated
4. Personal Material1047Brookings Rotary Club1988-2005
4. Personal Material111Brookings Sanitary Landfill - Maps and Pictures1967
4. Personal Material119Brookings Utilities - S.T.P. and Lagoonsundated
4. Personal Material1110Brookings Utilities Board - Slide Series Presentation1984
4. Personal Material118Brookings Utilities Board Letter1978
4. Personal Material112Brookings, South Dakota - Aerial photographs, correspondence1963-1984
4. Personal Material113Brookings, South Dakota - City Planning Commissions - minutes, references, correspondence1969
4. Personal Material114Brookings, South Dakota - Operation of the Sewage Treatment Plant1959
4. Personal Material115Brookings, South Dakota - Rainfall/Runoff Research1985
4. Personal Material116Brookings, South Dakota - Solid Waste Committee1990-1991
4. Personal Material117Brookings, South Dakota - Views of the environmentundated
4. Personal Material1111Buffers - Common-Sense Conservationundated
4. Personal Material1112Case Histories with Design and Operational Problem of Land Application System - By: Dave Templeton and Leon Schochenmarundated
4. Personal Material1113Certification of Water and Wastewater Operators in South Dakota1967-1994
4. Personal Material1114City of Watertown - Flow Charts1958
4. Personal Material1115Civil Engineering Department -Miscellaneous College and Course Informationundated
4. Personal Material1116Clark Engineering: Testing for Infiltration/Percolation - Faulkton, South Dakota1983
4. Personal Material1117Clark Potato Plant - Work with J.T. Banner1971-1973
4. Personal Material1118Colloquium Committee1983-1984
4. Personal Material1119Community Domestic Waste Treatment - Dr. Anderson1971
4. Personal Material1120Concepts are in experience with Wastewater Seepage and Infiltration-Percolation System - University of Minnesota1986
4. Personal Material1121Constitution of the South Dakota Water and Sewage Works Conferenceundated
4. Personal Material1122Consulting Time Records - Submitted to Administration1963-1964
4. Personal Material1123Contacts - Rolodexundated
4. Personal Material1124Correspondence and Miscellaneous Personal Information - Applications, Resumes, Transcripts, Correspondence1983-1985
4. Personal Material1125County Village Mobile Home Park Due Diligence Report - Aberdeen, South Dakota1997
4. Personal Material1126Cross Connections - Slide Lecture1972-1981
4. Personal Material1127Dairy Talk - Sioux Falls1981
4. Personal Material1128Dakota Pork Industries V. City of Huron - Includes: notes, data, correspondence1996
4. Personal Material1129Dan Fogelberg - Homefree and Souvenirsundated
4. Personal Material1130Dayton Alsaker Thesis - High-Rate Infiltration-Percolation Treatment of water to satisfy Effluent Requirements1976
4. Personal Material1131Design and Operation of I/P System in Watertown, S.D. - Dan DeWallundated
4. Personal Material1132Design and Operation of Spray and Flood Irrigation System in Hot Springs, SD - By: John Scheltensundated
4. Personal Material1133Determination of Alkalinity (XT-68) - E.P.A. Slide Seriesundated
4. Personal Material1135Determination of Suspended Solids - E.P.A. Series (XT-57)1976-1980
4. Personal Material1136Dissolved Oxygen Determination - E.P.A. Series (XT-29)1971
4. Personal Material1137Dissolved Oxygen Test of Water1977
4. Personal Material1138Don Halstead Court Case - Dornbush: Witness to Defendant (Halstead)1979
4. Personal Material1139Dornbush's For Engineer's Open House1977
4. Personal Material1140Ducks on Stabilization Ponds - Correspondence and References1963-1964
4. Personal Material1141Ducks on Stabilization Ponds - Stabilization Pond Wildlife Questionnaire1963-1964
4. Personal Material1142Ducks on the Wastewater Pond - Correspondence1963-1964
4. Personal Material1143E.I.S. [power plant - Sioux Falls, South Dakota] - Outlines, contracts, correspondence1991
4. Personal Material1155E.P.A. EPSCoR Planning Program1992
4. Personal Material1144Eagle, Idaho - I/P Basin - Includes: maps and correspondence1996
4. Personal Material1145East Dakota Water Development District - Gravel Pit Presentation1986
4. Personal Material1146Economic Growth - Stop? of GO?undated
4. Personal Material1147Effectiveness of Selected Media for Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide - Thesis by Robert C. Renner1975
4. Personal Material1148Effluent Standards and Permits1985
4. Personal Material1149Engineering Graduate School Data1965-1972
4. Personal Material1150Engineering Research Committee1971-1983
4. Personal Material1151Engineering Theses1960-1965
4. Personal Material1152Environmental Assessmentundated
4. Personal Material1153Environmental Effects of Landfill Leachate on A Freshwater Ecosystem - EPSCoR Pre-Proposal Projectundated
4. Personal Material1154Environmental Health Profile and Priority Projection for Indian Reservations - Lead Sampling1986-1987
4. Personal Material1156EPSCoR Pre-Proposal - Environmental Effects of Landfill Leachate on a Freshwater Ecosystem (Brookings, South Dakota Landfill)1985
4. Personal Material1157Erickson's Environmental Engineering Class1991
4. Personal Material1161Facility Plan for Watertown, South Dakota1976
4. Personal Material1158Facility Planningundated
4. Personal Material1159Facility Planning - Wastewaterundated
4. Personal Material1160Faculty Bulletin1967
4. Personal Material1162Faculty Handbook1978
4. Personal Material1163Feedlot Pollution Controlundated
4. Personal Material1164Feedlot Pollution Control - Displayed at Engineers Open House1971
4. Personal Material1165Feedlot Program Review Committee - Includes: minutes, members and notes1991-1992
4. Personal Material1166Feist, Darin J. - Thesis: An Evaluation of Groundwater Nitrate Concentrations near Aurora, South Dakota1995
4. Personal Material1167Flow Diagrams - Wastewater Treatment Processundated
4. Personal Material1173Fonda, Iowa and Norwalk, Iowa - correspondence, maps, reports1977-1981
4. Personal Material1168Food Processing Waste Talk given in Madison, Wisconsin1975
4. Personal Material1169Food Processing Wastes in South Dakotaundated
4. Personal Material1170Food Protection from Processingundated
4. Personal Material1171Fred Westin - On Soils In South Dakota1979
4. Personal Material1172Freshman Orientation - Speech Outlineundated
4. Personal Material1174Fundamentals of Stabilization Ponds - Wastewater Operators Short Course1979
4. Personal Material1175Gabriel Lee's Thesis1987
4. Personal Material1176Gene Miller's Slides1977
4. Personal Material1177Gene Miller's Thesis1976
4. Personal Material1178General Outline for Land Application - Slide Lecture in Watertown, South Dakota1980
4. Personal Material1179General Shots - Other - Mural, C.E. Environmental Series, Nudes, Auto Analyzer1968-1984
4. Personal Material1180General Shots - People - Graduate Students, parties, field trips, etc.undated
4. Personal Material1181Goals Committee/Centennial Committee1980-1981
4. Personal Material1182Graduate Program Committee1986
4. Personal Material1183Graduate Student Advising1985-1986
4. Personal Material1184Graduate Student: Miscellaneous Information - program information, correspondence, reports1987
4. Personal Material1185Graduation Exercises1983
4. Personal Material1186Gravel Pits - Brookings County, Data1983-1988
4. Personal Material1187Great Plains Conference - Omaha, Nebraska1979
4. Personal Material1188Grievance Committee (Title IX) South Dakota State University1979-1982
4. Personal Material1189Groundwater Contamination Control Strategy Conference, South Dakota State University1985
4. Personal Material1190Groundwater Contamination from Waste Practices in South Dakota - Environmental Engineering Class Lecture1982
4. Personal Material1191Groundwater Quality Changes from a Landfill Gravel Pitundated
4. Personal Material121Harriet Montgomery Water Resources Collection Conference1986
4. Personal Material122Health and Sanitation Committee1981-1982
4. Personal Material124History of MS Research and Grad Students - Seminar1971
4. Personal Material125History of Sanitary Engineering Research1977-1984
4. Personal Material123History, Development, Concepts ad Future of the Volga Wastewater Lagoon System - Wastewater Lagoon Operators Seminar1986
4. Personal Material126Huron, South Dakota - Slide Lecture1993
4. Personal Material127Huron, South Dakota - Wetlands: Photographs, data and notes1991
4. Personal Material128Hydrology - Groundwater Engineering - On aerial distribution of water quality? 
4. Personal Material129Hydrology Introductionundated
4. Personal Material1210I/P Basin Installation Testing Soils - Infiltration Rate Aerials1982-1985
4. Personal Material1211Identification of Groundwater Protection Impact Zones in Brookings County, South Dakota - Preliminary Proposed Research Project1987
4. Personal Material1212Impact of Large-Scale Gravel Excavation on Groundwater Quality and Movement (Preliminary and Interim Progress Report)1984-1986
4. Personal Material1213Impact of Large-Scale Gravel Excavation on Groundwater Quality and Movement in Shallow Aquifers - Everist Gravel Pit Area1984
4. Personal Material1214Impacts of Seeping Stabilization Ponds on Groundwater (Bleekers Thesis)1980
4. Personal Material1216Infiltration Land Treatment of Stabilization Pond Effluent1981
4. Personal Material1215Infiltration Land Treatment of Stabilization Pond Effluent - Grant No. R803804-01-01975
4. Personal Material1218Infiltration Pond Research - Seasonal Streamflow Varit. Account Ledger1973-1975
4. Personal Material1219Infiltration Studies - Brookings County, Data1975-1983
4. Personal Material1220Infiltration Studies Researchundated
4. Personal Material1217Infiltration-Percolation to Recycle Wastewater in South Dakota - Great Plains Design Conference, Omaha, Nebraska1984
4. Personal Material1221Influence of Gravel Mining on Aquifer Water Quality near Brookings - Water Influence Conference1986
4. Personal Material1222Influence of Gravel Mining on Ground Water in the Brookings Area1986
4. Personal Material1223Instrumentation in Water Supply Distribution Controls - By: L. Silverundated
4. Personal Material1224Inter-Department Correspondence1957-1958
4. Personal Material1225Introduction to Active Sludge1982
4. Personal Material1226Introduction to Groundwater Contamination by Waste Disposal Practices1982
4. Personal Material1227Introduction to Municipal Wastewater Treatment - Lecture Slide Show with Tape for Environmental Engineering CE 526/626 Class1979
4. Personal Material1228Investigation of the Anaerobic-Aerobic Treatment System Treating Potato Processing Wastes, Midwest Foods Corporation, Clark, South Dakota - William J. Trygstad Thesis1974
4. Personal Material1229J.T. Banner and Associates - Aberdeen Industrial Park Lagoon Testing1979
4. Personal Material1230James Dornbush Faculty Information1975-1987
4. Personal Material1231James Norman Dornbush - Biographical Information and Workload1983-1989
4. Personal Material1232John Dickinson Thesis - Impact of infiltration-Percolation on Nitrogen Transformation1977
4. Personal Material1233John True's Thesis - Suitability of Selected Organisms for Monitoring Leachate At A Refuse Disposal Siteundated
4. Personal Material1234Laboratory Services - Prices, data, miscellaneous1976-1981
4. Personal Material1235Lagoon or Stabilization Pond Talk - Bozeman, Montana1978
4. Personal Material1236Lagoons for Wastewater Treatment - Presented to Wastewater Engineering Class1971
4. Personal Material1237Lake County Commissioners Meeting - Hearing: Dakota State1980
4. Personal Material1238Lake Preservation (class information) - CE 626: Tables, Reports1974
4. Personal Material1239Lake Preston Kiwanis Club Talk1972
4. Personal Material1240Land Application of Waste - Presented by Larry Van Houtundated
4. Personal Material1241Land Application of Wastes - Bozeman, Montana1978
4. Personal Material1242Land Application Systemsundated
4. Personal Material1243Land Disposal - Watertown and Brookingsundated
4. Personal Material1244Land Disposal Talk - Given in Rapid City, South Dakota1978
4. Personal Material1245Land Disposal Talk for Wastewater Short Course1977
4. Personal Material1246Land Treatment by Irrigation at Mitchell, S.D. - By: Dr. Robert Roskopf1979
4. Personal Material1247Land Treatment of Wastewater Seminar1978
4. Personal Material1248Land Treatment of Wastewater Seminar1979
4. Personal Material1249Land Treatment Workshop - Helena, Montana1979
4. Personal Material1250Landscape - Photos, Possible landfill site?undated
4. Personal Material1251Laramie, Wyoming - Report on Wastewater Plant Rehabilitation1992
4. Personal Material1252Larry DeMer's Thesis Seminar1977
4. Personal Material1253Le Sueur, Minnesota - Rapid Infiltration Design Report1984
4. Personal Material1254League of Women Voters and American Association of University Women - Talk Presented by Dr. Anderson1972
4. Personal Material1255Loading Everist Train To Ship Gravel1985-1986
4. Personal Material1256Low Level Radiationundated
4. Personal Material1257Luverne Anaerobic Lagoon - Lecture on anaerobic lagoonsundated
4. Personal Material1258Madison, South Dakota - data, maps, graphs1983-1987
4. Personal Material1259Madison, South Dakota - Photos, data1969-1988
4. Personal Material1260Madison, South Dakota - Sewage Agreement1962-1963
4. Personal Material1261Madison, South Dakota - Survey on Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant1958
4. Personal Material1262Madison, South Dakota - Wastewater Treatment Facility and I/P Basins1977
4. Personal Material1263Maps of Brookings County, South Dakotaundated
4. Personal Material1264Mark Perry's Oral - Impacts of large-scale gravel excavations, precipitations, and run-ff on ground water movement and quality1986
4. Personal Material1265Marshall, Minnesota - Aerated Ponds in Winterundated
4. Personal Material1266Marshall, Minnesota - Operation of Municipal Raw Sewage Ponds (investigation)1960
4. Personal Material1267McCain Foods - Evaluation of Land Disposal Methods - Students Paper1993
4. Personal Material1268Milbank, South Dakota - Reports of Operation of Wastewater Collection System and Treatment Facilities - Includes: notes, annual reports, and correspondence1964-1973
4. Personal Material1269Milk Processing - Slide Show Lectureundated
4. Personal Material1270Miscellaneous Faculty Correspondence - Includes graduate program information topics1968-1984
4. Personal Material1271Miscellaneous Images - Data, Aerial Views, Housingundated
4. Personal Material1272Monitoring Land Application Sitesundated
4. Personal Material1273Montgomery Library Project - Northern State University1986
4. Personal Material1274MRI Plant - Flandreau, South Dakota1992
4. Personal Material1275Municipal Wastewater: America's Forgotten Resource - Western Case Historiesundated
4. Personal Material1276National Water Problem1975
4. Personal Material1277Nilaksh Kothari - American Water Works Association Article2006
4. Personal Material1278Nitrogen Cycle - Huron, South Dakota1990
4. Personal Material1279Non Crop and Forrest Systems - Presentationundated
4. Personal Material1280Non-Point Source Pollution - Slide Seriesundated
4. Personal Material1281Office of Saline Water - Slide Lectureundated
4. Personal Material1282Old-Timer's Committee1983
4. Personal Material1283Outside Personal Activity Reports - Includes: forms, correspondence and reports1959-1990
4. Personal Material1284Package Plantsundated
4. Personal Material1285Past, Present, and Future of Brookings Utilities - Kiwanis's Talk1984
4. Personal Material1286Pollock High School Graduation Commencement Address1967
4. Personal Material1287Pollock, South Dakota - Viewsundated
4. Personal Material1289Pollock, South Dakota - Waste Survey Consulting1973
4. Personal Material1288Pollock, South Dakota - Wastewater Treatment Facilities - Includes:  Facility Plan, Final Diagnostics Evaluation, notes and correspondence1990-1991
4. Personal Material1290Pollution Aspect of Livestock Waste Management - Feedlot Runoff Slidesundated
4. Personal Material1291Potential New Source of Water for Brookings, SD - Presented to Golden-K Kiwanis Club1986
4. Personal Material1292Potential Research [Thesis Ideas] - Grant Requests, Correspondence, Publications by Others1971
4. Personal Material1293Potential Research [Thesis Ideas] - Publications from Others, Correspondence and Maps1986
4. Personal Material1294Poultry Lagoons - Purdue paperundated
4. Personal Material1295Preliminary Treatment of Wastewater - Slide Lecture1982-1987
4. Personal Material1296Professional Engineers in Education [P.E.E.]1985-1987
4. Personal Material1297Proposal for Contract Services Related to the Surface Impoundment Assessment for South Dakota1979
4. Personal Material1298Proposed Design Recommendations for Artificial Wetland Systems1990
4. Personal Material1299Public Water Supply - Report from the State Health Department of South Dakota to the North Dakota Water and Sewage Works Conference1957
4. Personal Material12100Radio Interview - Potential Script1981
4. Personal Material12101Radiological Waste - Engineering Class Lectureundated
4. Personal Material12102Radium Removalundated
4. Personal Material12103RESEARCH in Civil Engineering - Includes: Progress Reports, Research Ideas, Articles1963-1965
4. Personal Material12104Research in Water Resources and Pollution Control (Graduate Program)undated
4. Personal Material12105Resistivity Studies - Mohler's NSF Researchundated
4. Personal Material12106Retired Professors Helping Students Through The Gray Team (Page 8-9) - Article in "Impulse", College of Engineering Publication  Winter1998
4. Personal Material12107Rieke, Carroll, Muller Consulting - Fairbault, Minnesota Odor1985
4. Personal Material12108Roger Patocka Thesis - Land Applicationsundated
4. Personal Material12109Rollag's Patent - Absorptive/Biological Removal of Odors from Anaerobic Lagoons and Similar Odor-Producing Containments1977-1980
4. Personal Material12110Sanitary Engineering Newsletter1983-1985
4. Personal Material12111Sanitary Landfill - Slide Lectureundated
4. Personal Material12112Seepage Ponds to Recycle Municipal Wastewater - Completion Report1982
4. Personal Material12113Seminar on the Design, Operation and Closure of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills - Denver, Colorado1992
4. Personal Material12114Septic Tanks - Slide Lectureundated
4. Personal Material12115Sewage Pumps and Pumping Stations1982
4. Personal Material12116Sewage Works Operators Short Course1941
4. Personal Material12117Sibley, Iowa (Court Case) - Depositions, correspondence, reports1987
4. Personal Material12118Sigma XI1966-1985
4. Personal Material131Sigma Xi and Back. Talk  Spring1969
4. Personal Material132Sioux Falls Sewage Treatment Plant - Renner's Thesisundated
4. Personal Material134Sioux Falls Water - Vaughn's Thesis1970
4. Personal Material133Sioux Falls, South Dakota - Survey of Municipal and Industrial Wastes1957
4. Personal Material135Sisseton, South Dakota - Wetlands1993
4. Personal Material136Six-Mile Creek1971
4. Personal Material137Slide Information - Color Coding, Memorandum Regarding Slidesundated
4. Personal Material138Sludge De'Watering - Sisk's Thesis1971
4. Personal Material139Sludge Treatment Handling1983
4. Personal Material1310Small Water/Wastewater Control Systemsundated
4. Personal Material1311Solid Waste Talk - Vermillion, South Dakota1972
4. Personal Material1312Solid Wastes - Brookings Country1971
4. Personal Material1313Solids in Sewage and Water1974
4. Personal Material1314South Dakota Association of Rural Water Systems - Presentation: History of Wastewater Treatment in South Dakota1997
4. Personal Material1315South Dakota Citizens' Advisory Committee on Hazardous Waste Management1991-1992
4. Personal Material1316South Dakota Engineering Society - Dornbush Presentation1977
4. Personal Material1317South Dakota Engineering Society Meeting - Rapid City, South Dakota1992
4. Personal Material1318South Dakota Ground-Water Coordination Symposium (2nd Annual)1990
4. Personal Material1319South Dakota Public Television Appearance1983
4. Personal Material1320South Dakota State University - Long Range Master Plan1965
4. Personal Material1321South Dakota State University - Views on Campus: Air Pollution1971-1982
4. Personal Material1322South Dakota Water and Wastewater Association - 55th Annual: Pierre, South Dakota1989
4. Personal Material1323South Dakota Water and Wastewater Association - constitution, minutes, members1975-1985
4. Personal Material1324South Dakota's Wetlands Design Guidelinesundated
4. Personal Material1325South Western Avenue, Sioux Falls Research - Includes: maps, correspondence, reports1993
4. Personal Material1326Specification for Wastewater Treatment Facilities - Project #2: I/P Basins: Watertown Sanitary Sewer System - Watertown, South Dakota1983
4. Personal Material1327Spring Runoff - North of Everist Pond1986
4. Personal Material1330Stabilization Pond Wildlife Questionnaire1964
4. Personal Material1328Stabilization Ponds - Slide Lecture, data, graphsundated
4. Personal Material1329Stabilization Ponds or Wastewater Lagoons1979
4. Personal Material1331Statement for Bureau of Reclamation Hearing - Draft Environmental Statement - OAHE Unit1972
4. Personal Material1332Statement for Corps of Engineers Hearing1969
4. Personal Material1333Statement for Public Hearing - South Dakota Board of Environmental Protection1974
4. Personal Material1334Statement for Public Hearing - South Dakota Board of Environmental Protection for Surface Water Quality Standards1977
4. Personal Material1335Statement of Qualifications - Bolton and Menk, inc.1990
4. Personal Material1336Subtitle D - Poster - The Resource Conservation and Recovery Actundated
4. Personal Material1337Suitability of Water from a Gravel-Pit Pond in East Brookings as a Public Water Supply Source - M.S. Thesis Proposal: Timothy D. Stefanich (includes data)1986
4. Personal Material1338Swimming Pool Construction1979
4. Personal Material1339Swimming Pool Managers or Operators Short Course1975
4. Personal Material1340T. Drake Oral Presentationundated
4. Personal Material1341Tau Beta Pi - bylaws, correspondence, bulletin, advisory manual1975-1985
4. Personal Material1342Technique for Thesis Advisorsundated
4. Personal Material1343Tentative Research Guidelines [CE 600/601]1986
4. Personal Material1344Testimony Submitted to the Environmental Protection Subcommittee - Natural Resources Committee1971
4. Personal Material1134The Determination of Phosphorus - E.P.A. Series (XT-44)1972
4. Personal Material1345Thesis Projects1967-1971
4. Personal Material1346Toxics Testing (possible thesis) - Research Thesis Support1987
4. Personal Material1347Trace Organics in Water - Slides for Dr. Dornbush's Doctoral Thesis1962
4. Personal Material1348Treatment for Leachate Degraded Groundwater at the Brookings, South Dakota Landfill1985
4. Personal Material1349Trouble Shooting - Slide Lectureundated
4. Personal Material1350Ugly Tie Auction1984-1988
4. Personal Material1351University of South Dakota Workshop - Slide Lecture (Anderson)  Summer1973
4. Personal Material1352Use of Leaking Lagoons on Infiltration Basins in South Dakota1985
4. Personal Material1353Use of the Spectronic 20 - EPA Series (XT-51)1973
4. Personal Material1354Volga Pond - Aerated Ponds - Skie's Thesis1970
4. Personal Material1355Volga, South Dakota - Facilities Plan1988
4. Personal Material1356Volga, South Dakota - Facilities Plan1989
4. Personal Material1357Volga, South Dakota - Preliminary Report on Application for a Demonstrated Grant for Controlled Treatment of Domestic and Milk Wastes by Aerated Ponds in the Upper Missouri Basin1968
4. Personal Material1358Volga, South Dakota - Preliminary Report on Existing Sanitary Sewerage Facilities1967
4. Personal Material1359Volga, South Dakota - Proposed Groundwater Quality Monitoring Program - Includes: data and correspondence1985
4. Personal Material1360Waste Water Operators Short Course1951-1971
4. Personal Material1361Waste Water Operators Short Course1973
4. Personal Material1362Waste Water Operators Short Course1975
4. Personal Material1363Waste Water Operators Short Course1977
4. Personal Material1364Waste Water Operators Short Course1979
4. Personal Material1365Waste Water Operators Short Course1981
4. Personal Material1366Waste Water Operators Short Course1983
4. Personal Material1367Waste Water Treatment Open House (Brookings County)1977
4. Personal Material1368Wastes Engineering Conference (32nd Annual)1986
4. Personal Material1369Water Contamination at City Dump Talk - Dr. Anderson1969
4. Personal Material1370Water Operators Seminar1985
4. Personal Material1371Water Pollution Control - Shown at Engineers Open House1971
4. Personal Material1372Water Pollution Control Federation1982-1983
4. Personal Material1373Water Pollution Lawsundated
4. Personal Material1374Water Quality Class1982
4. Personal Material1375Water Resources Seminar [CE 600/601] "So You're Going To Write A Paper!"  Spring1975
4. Personal Material1376Water Softening Research - Brookings County1967-1968
4. Personal Material1377Water Works Operators Short Course1952-1966
4. Personal Material1378Water Works Operators Short Course1968
4. Personal Material1379Water Works Operators Short Course1970
4. Personal Material1380Water Works Operators Short Course1972
4. Personal Material1381Water Works Operators Short Course1974
4. Personal Material1382Water Works Operators Short Course1976
4. Personal Material1383Water Works Operators Short Course1978
4. Personal Material1384Water Works Operators Short Course1980
4. Personal Material1385Water Works Operators Short Course1982
4. Personal Material1387Watertown Treatment Facilities I/P Basin - Design Summary and Notesundated
4. Personal Material141Watertown Wastewater Infiltration1978-1983
4. Personal Material1386Watertown, South Dakota - Sampling of a Deposit1963
4. Personal Material142Well Head Protection - Brookings Countyundated
4. Personal Material143Wells Engineers Environmental, Inc. - Includes: correspondence, brochures, data - for Gering, Nebraska Wastewater Treatment Facility Proposal1997
4. Personal Material144Wetland, An Alternative Land Application System - By: Ted Streckfussundated
4. Personal Material145Wetlands - Climatic Data1961
4. Personal Material146Wetlands - Correspondence1991-1993
4. Personal Material147Wetlands - Photographs - Huron, Arlington, Brandt, South Dakota1989
4. Personal Material148Wetlands - Slide Lectureundated
4. Personal Material149Whey Disposal in Wisconsin - By: William Sendelbach1981
4. Personal Material1410Who Needs Engineering? You Do!1983-1984
4. Personal Material1411Wildlife Potential from Wastewater Storage and Treatment Areas - Potential Proposal1979
5. Publications1412Agriculture Runoff Pollutes Surface Waters [Part I]1975
5. Publications1414Anaerobic Lagoons - Water Pollution Control Research Series1971
5. Publications1415Anaerobic Stabilization Pond Treatment of Meat Packing Wastes1966
5. Publications1413Anaerobic-Aerobic Lagoon System for Potato Processing Wastes1978
5. Publications1416Analysis of the Seasonal Streamflow Variation for the Primary Unregulated Water Courses in South Dakota1975
5. Publications1417Assessment of Ground Water Pollution from Selected Seeping Stabilization Pond Impoundments in South Dakota1980
5. Publications1418Assessment of Ground Water Pollution from Surface Water Impoundments in South Dakota [Phase I]1979
5. Publications1419Bacteriological Quality of Surface Runoff from Agriculture Land [Part II]1975
5. Publications1420Constructed Wastewater Wetlands: The Answer in South Dakota's Challenging Environment1993
5. Publications1421Dairy Plant Wastes in South Dakota1981
5. Publications1422Design and Performance Evaluation of an Anaerobic Stabilization Pond System for Meat Processing Wastes1965
5. Publications1424Ducks on the Wastewater Pond1964
5. Publications1423Ducks on the Wastewater Pond (1st Draft: includes ideas on miniature refuge)1963
5. Publications1425Effects of Physiochemical Processes in Removing Organic Contaminants1963
5. Publications1426Egg-Processing Plant Wastes1975
5. Publications1427Evaluation of Arlington Wastewater Wetland System1990
5. Publications1428Evaluation of Wetlands Systems for Treatment of Municipal Wastewater in Northern Climates1992
5. Publications1429Find A Need and Fill It1983
5. Publications1430Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites - A South Dakota Problem or Opportunity?1990
5. Publications1431Impact of Gravel pits on Groundwater (movement and quality)1984
5. Publications1432Impact of Groundwater Quality Standards and Permits on Sitting Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems - Memo1989
5. Publications1433Impact of Large-Scale Gravel Excavation on Groundwater Quality and Movement in Shallow Aquifers - Progress, rough drafts, slide presentation1984-1986
5. Publications1434Impact of Water Quality Standards on the Development of the Big Sioux River Near Sioux Falls1971
5. Publications1435Important Aspects of Flood Control in the James River in Northern South Dakota1982
5. Publications1437Infiltration Lagoons for Tertiary Treatment of Stabilization Pond Effluent1976
5. Publications1438Infiltration Land Treatment of Stabilization Pond Effluent1978
5. Publications1439Infiltration Land Treatment of Stabilization Pond Effluent - Progress, rough drafts, notes, project summary1978
5. Publications1440Infiltration Land Treatment of Stabilization Pond Effluent - Technical Progress Report No. 11976
5. Publications1441Infiltration Percolation to Recycle Wastewater in South Dakota1984
5. Publications1442Influence of Sanitary Landfill on Ground Water Quality1967
5. Publications1436In-Situ Treatment of Leachate-Degrated Groundwater at the Brookings, South Dakota Landfill1985
5. Publications1443Investigation of an Anaerobic-Aerobic Lagoon System Treating Potato Processing Wastes1975
5. Publications1444Investigation of the Influence of Waste Disposal Practices on Groundwater Qualities1968
5. Publications1445Lagooning of Livestock Wastes in South Dakota1964
5. Publications1446Land Treatment of Wastewater by Infiltration-Percolation1979
5. Publications1447List of James N. Dornbush's Publicationsundated
5. Publications1448Meaningful Graduate Seminarundated
5. Publications1449Measurement of Runoff and Runoff Carried Waste from Commercial Feedlots1971
5. Publications1450Monitoring Leachate Treatment Provided by a Groundwater Interception Trench at a Solid Waste Landfill1984
5. Publications1451Natural Renovation of Leachate-Degraded Groundwater in Excavate Ponds at a Refuse Landfill1989
5. Publications1452Non-Point Pollution as a Function of Surface Runoff1977
5. Publications1453Physical and Chemical Quality of Agriculture Land Runoff1974
5. Publications1454Pollution Potential of Livestock Feeding Operations in South Dakota1970
5. Publications1455Pollution Potential of Runoff From Livestock Feeding Operations1971
5. Publications1456Pollution Potential of Runoff from Production Livestock Feeding Operations in South Dakota1973
5. Publications1457Pollution Potential of Snowmelt Runoff from Agriculture Feedlots1970
5. Publications1458Preventing Pollution While Expanding the Livestock Industry in South Dakota1971
5. Publications1459Quality Changes of Shallow Ground Water Resulting from Refuse Disposal at a Gravel Pit1968
5. Publications1460Quantification of Pollutants in Agriculture Runoff1974
5. Publications1461Quantifying Non-Point Pollutants in Agriculture Runoff1974
5. Publications1462Regulation and Control of Water Pollution from Livestock Enterprises in South Dakota1970
5. Publications1463Report on causes of Bottom Land Flooding of the James River in Brown County, South Dakota1980
5. Publications1465Seasonal Flow-Duration and Mean Flow Tables for Selected Rivers and Streams in South Dakota1974
5. Publications1466Seepage Ponds to Recycle Municipal Wastewater1982
5. Publications1467Soil Changes Caused by Municipal Wastewater Applications in Eastern South Dakota1988
5. Publications1468Solid and Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites - A South Dakota Problem or Opportunity?1991
5. Publications1464South Dakota State University's Role in Environmental Management?1970
5. Publications1469State of the Art - Anaerobic Lagoons1970
5. Publications1470State of the Art - Waste Treatment Lagoons [Rough Draft]1971
5. Publications1471Studies of the Influence of Lagoons and Landfills on Groundwater Quality1972
5. Publications1472Types of Treatment Plants1959
5. Publications1473Types of Water Treatment Plantsundated
5. Publications1474Utilization of Gravel Pits for Solid Waste Disposal and Resulting Ground Water Degradation1968
5. Publications1475Wildlife Potential from Wastewater Storage and Treatment Areas1979

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