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Vivian V. Volstorff Papers

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UA 53.12


Vivian V. Volstorff Papers


Vivian V. (Vivian Virginia) Volstorff




4.88 linear feet (5 boxes) photographs, sound recordings




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

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This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

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Name of item . Vivian V. Volstorff Papers. UA 53.12. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M .Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


Vivian Volstorff was Dean of Women, Director of Student Activities and professor of history. This collection consists of material from Volstorff’s time as Dean of Women, records from her work with campus organizations, planning documents, and personal information and correspondence. Also included are Volstorff’s many speeches and writings, including research and drafts for her book, Winds of Change.

Biographical Note

Dr. Vivian Virginia Volstorff, Dean of Women, Director of Student Activities, and professor of history, joined the South Dakota State University [SDSU] faculty in 1932. She was graduated from Elgin, Illinois high school and received an associate degree from Elgin Junior College before attending Northwestern University where she received three degrees—Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy.

Vivian V. Volstorff is responsible for establishing several organizations for women at South Dakota State University; including Mortar Board and two national social sororities. She was the originator of Women's Day at the university, a day when women were honored and scholarships awarded. The event became a tradition soon after she established it in 1934, and was continued until 1970.

Volstorff held membership in several organizations, including the American Historical Association, National Association of Deans of Women and Counselors, Phi Kappa Phi, and an honorary membership in Mortar Board. She was also a very active member in the Brookings Branch of American Association of University Women (AAUW). She thought AAUW was so important that she worked to get the university accredited in order the make the Brookings Branch official.

Dean Volstorff was well known throughout South Dakota as a speaker in the field of international affairs and contemporary university students.

Vivian V. Volstorff has been mentioned in Who's Who, Who's Who of American Women, Who's Who in American College and University Administration, Leaders in Education, Dictionary of International Biography, and Directory of American Scholars.


This collection is arranged into seven series:

Series 1. Dean of Women records

Series 2. Personal papers

Series 3.Organizations

Series 4. Writings

Series 5. Speeches

Series 6. Collected material

Series 7. SDSU research

Contents Note

This collection is composed of material from Volstorff's personal and professional life. Folders includes personal records retained during her tenure as Dean of Women, records from her work with campus organizations, planning documents, and personal information and correspondence. Also included are Volstorff's many speeches and writings, including research and drafts for her book, Winds of Change.

Series 1. Dean of Women records.

The Dean of Women records is composed of material collected by Vivian V. Volstorff during her career as Dean of Women at South Dakota State University. The bulk of the material consists of minutes and notes from committee meetings, which dealt mainly with women's housing and dormitories. Also included is an annual report from the late 1960's, drafts of the publication Collegiate Wise (a guide for women students), lists of responsibilities of the Dean of Women (with a brief mention of the Dean of Men), and material dealing with student organizations.

Series 2. Personal papers.

The personal papers are composed of items collected by Volstorff. Included are articles, biographical information, family information, correspondence, and photographs. Also included are audio tapes of an interview of Volstorff in 1998.

Series 3.Organizations.

The organizations series is composed of material from many organizations in which Volstorff was involved. Included is material for honor societies, fraternities and sororities, and women's organizations.

Series 4. Writings.

The writings series is composed of writings by Volstorff. Included are her theses and dissertation. Also included are drafts of some chapters of her book, Winds of Change.

Series 5. Speeches.

The speeches series is composed of speeches written and presented by Volstorff during and after her career at South Dakota State University. Also included is information collected by Volstorff for use in her speeches.

Series 6. Collected material.

The collected material is composed of materials collected by Volstorff, including newspaper clippings, magazine and journal articles, and several publications.

Series 7. SDSU research.

The SDSU research is composed of materials collected by Volstorff which pertain to South Dakota State University. Included are several published histories of the SDSU, as well as numerous articles on programs, people, and events.

Key Words

American Association of University Women, Brookings Branch

South Dakota State University -- Dean of Women

South Dakota State University -- Faculty Women's Club

South Dakota State University – History

Volstorff, V. V. (Vivian Virginia), 1912-2002

Container List

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Vivian V. Volstorff Papers Container List. UA 53.12

1. Dean of Women records11Annual report1968-1969
1. Dean of Women records12Collegiate Wise (publication)1963-1966
1. Dean of Women records13Coordinating staff meetings1974-1976
1. Dean of Women records14Housing1921-1969
1. Dean of Women records15Housing committee meetings1958-1970
1. Dean of Women records16Responsibilities1957-1973
1. Dean of Women records17Stationaryundated
1. Dean of Women records18Student assistants1964-1965
1. Dean of Women records19Student organizations1932-1967
2. Personal papers110Articles on Vivian1950-1992, undated
2. Personal papers111Biographical information1953-1973
2. Personal papers112Birthday cards and letters1999-2002, undated
2. Personal papers113Christmas messages1905, 193-1987, undated
2. Personal papers114Elgin, IL High School Class of 1924 50th reunion1974
2. Personal papers115Employment correspondence1932
2. Personal papers116Foreign currencyundated
2. Personal papers117Funeral arrangements1998
2. Personal papers118Funeral folders (others)1992-2001
2. Personal papers119Holiday cards and letters I1991, 1999-2001 undated
2. Personal papers120Holiday cards and letters II1976, 1990-2001, undated
2. Personal papers121Identification cards1983-1991, undated
2. Personal papers122Interview audio tapes1998
2. Personal papers123Letters from alumni1981-1983
2. Personal papers124Miscellaneous correspondence I1998-2001, undated
2. Personal papers125Miscellaneous correspondence II1983-2002, undated
2. Personal papers126Miscellaneous correspondence III1957-2002
2. Personal papers127Personal items1938, 1941, 1949, undated
2. Personal papers128Personal notes1959, 1965, 1997, undated
2. Personal papers129Photographs1956-2000, undated
2. Personal papers130Receipts, expenses, manuals1947-1996, undated
2. Personal papers21Recognition, honors and awards1961-1998
2. Personal papers22Retirement home and church information1981-2002, undated
2. Personal papers23Vivian's Resume1983-1994, undated
2. Personal papers24Volstorff family1948, undated
3. Organizations25Alpha Lambda Delta1965-1966, 1981, 1992
3. Organizations26American Association of University Women1958-1984, 1992-1994
3. Organizations27Association of Brookings Women Christmas Devotions1985
3. Organizations28Campus organization1979-1983, undated
3. Organizations29Delta Zetaundated
3. Organizations210Fraternities and sororities1970-1992, undated
3. Organizations211Guidon1972-1973
3. Organizations212Honor societies1957
3. Organizations213Mortar Board - Sigma Lambda Sigma Chapter1939, 1970-1976
3. Organizations214National Association for Women Deans, Administrators and Counselors1974
3. Organizations215Phi Kappa Phi1978, undated
3. Organizations216SDSU Faculty Women's Club1970, 1992
3. Organizations217University Dames1968-1974
3. Organizations218Women's Club1975-983, 1999-2000
4. Writings219Dissertation [Final copy] - William Charles Cole Claiborne1932
4. Writings220Dissertation [Manuscript] - William Charles Cole Claiborne1932
4. Writings221Energy Crisis in 1936undated
4. Writings222Miscellaneous research and writingsundated
4. Writings223Miscellaneous storiesundated
4. Writings224Our Grave New World1957-1958
4. Writings225Problem of the Jewsundated
4. Writings226Thesis - General James Wilkinson1929
4. Writings227Thesis - The Letters of Pliny the Younger1930
4. Writings228Wilkinson in New Orleans (1806-07)1941
4. Writings229Winds of Change book2000
4. Writings230Winds of Change chapter draftsundated
5. Speeches234Alumni talk1965-1966, undated
5. Speeches235American Foreign Policy1970, undated
5. Speeches236Campus Unrest and the Sorority Woman1969
5. Speeches237Chi Omega speechesundated
5. Speeches238Class of 1934 reunion speechundated
5. Speeches239Coed Spiritundated
5. Speeches313Days That Are No More1981
5. Speeches233Design for Living - 1945 Style1945
5. Speeches231Five Basic Conclusionsundated
5. Speeches240Freedom From Fear1953-1954, undated
5. Speeches31Freshman talks1943, 1964-1968, undated
5. Speeches32From Memory Lane to Horizons Unlimited1972
5. Speeches33Good is the Enemy of the Best1970, undated
5. Speeches34Guidon speechundated
5. Speeches35High School seniors speech1956
5. Speeches36Higher Education for Women1956
5. Speeches37Inner Space1970, 1975, undated
5. Speeches39Moral Traffic Lights1978
5. Speeches38Notes and Used materialsundated
5. Speeches310Only Good Times1979
5. Speeches311Portrait of a Lady1957, 1964, undated
5. Speeches312Revolution Among Youth1966
5. Speeches314Soviet Sequel to the Geneva Story1956
5. Speeches315This is Our Time to Live1961
5. Speeches232Three Thousand Hours with Boards of Control1973
5. Speeches316Walk Without Fear1954
5. Speeches317We Choose the Futureundated
5. Speeches318What is a Professional Woman?1960
5. Speeches319When Your Son or Daughter Comes to Collegeundated
5. Speeches320Your Pandora's Box1958
5. Speeches321Your Personal Portrait1950-1957, undated
6. Collected material322And Then There Were These1958
6. Collected material323Crime and violence1978-1992, undated
6. Collected material324Decades1978-1995, undated
6. Collected material325Education1972-1993, undated
6. Collected material326Emmerichs'1981-1982, undated
6. Collected material327Galaudet University1988
6. Collected material328Manners and morals1929, 1978, 1981, undated
6. Collected material329Material for conclusion of Winds of Change1977, 1991, undated
6. Collected material330Miscellaneous clippings and collected materials1932-2001, undated
6. Collected material331Miscellaneous publications1977, 1993, undated
6. Collected material332Moriarty family1979, 1982, 1988
6. Collected material333On being American1960, undated
6. Collected material334Revolution of youth1940-1992, undated
6. Collected material335Russia and Society Union1953-1982, undated
6. Collected material336South Dakota History1980
6. Collected material337Wars1971-1995, undated
6. Collected material338World Community Dayundated
7. SDSU research342Alumni Association publications1984, 1998, 2000
7. SDSU research343Arts and culture1970-1998, undated
7. SDSU research344Buildings1973-1998, undated
7. SDSU research345Campus directories1935-1937, 1943-1945
7. SDSU research346College of Arts and Science1982-1984
7. SDSU research347Coughlin Campanile1975-1992, undated
7. SDSU research348Crangle arrest1989, 1992, undated
7. SDSU research349Cultural calendar1983
7. SDSU research350Ernest Buckley1987, 1989, undated
7. SDSU research351Glimpses of South Dakota State College1957
7. SDSU research352H.M. Briggs Libraryundated
7. SDSU research339History of South Dakota State College: 1881-19311931
7. SDSU research340History of South Dakota State College: 1884-19591959
7. SDSU research341History of South Dakota State College: 1884-19751975
7. SDSU research353Hobo Day riot1990-1991
7. SDSU research354Hubert Humphrey's commencement address1967
7. SDSU research416Industrial Collegian1904
7. SDSU research355International programs1980-1983, undated
7. SDSU research356Marghab Linensundated
7. SDSU research357McCrory Gardens1989, 1992
7. SDSU research358Miscellaneous research1975-1992, undated
7. SDSU research41President Berg1943, 1975-1994, undated
7. SDSU research42President Briggs1972-1995, undated
7. SDSU research43President Brownundated
7. SDSU research44President Crothers1980, undated
7. SDSU research45President Headley1956-1957, 1989, undated
7. SDSU research46President Hoops and regents controversy1984-1987, 1992, undated
7. SDSU research47President Jackson1941, undated
7. SDSU research48President Leinbach.1978-1988, undated
7. SDSU research49President Pugsleyundated
7. SDSU research410President Wagner1986-1994, undated
7. SDSU research411Presidents and first families1975-1984, undated
7. SDSU research412Resolution 211978-1979
7. SDSU research413ROTC1987-1991, undated
7. SDSU research415SDSU Foundation publications1998, 2000
7. SDSU research51SDSU Student Guide1973
7. SDSU research414Seventeen Years" A Report form South Dakota State Universityundated
7. SDSU research417Theodore Schultz1981
7. SDSU research418Traditions1974-1998, undated
7. SDSU research419Women1960-1967, 1988, undated

Administrative Information

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Researchers conducting extensive research are asked to make an advance appointment to access archival material. Please call or e-mail prior to visiting the collection and indicate as much detail as possible about a particular topic and intended use.

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Arranged and Described by

Crystal J. Gamradt, Archivist, 1999 July 7.

Additions made by Ashley Van Maanen, 2009 January 29.