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Student Groups — Design Guidelines

All official student organizations and clubs at South Dakota State University are permitted to use the university’s name and wordmarks as well as the jackrabbit logo as approved by Trademarks and Licensing to promote their organization/club through student organization websites, on licensed apparel and merchandise, in advertising, etc. Approval must be obtained by contacting Trademarks and Licensing.

Note: If the jackrabbit logo is to be used as a part of an official logo, there is a specific Jackrabbit Lockup that must be used. Student organizations and clubs are not permitted to use the SD logo.

Process for Ordering Apparel and Merchandise

In order to use the university’s logos, word mark, name or nicknames on any apparel or merchandise item, the following steps need to be followed:
• Ensure the organization’s logo or design fits within the university’s graphic identity standards.
• Submit artwork to Trademarks and Licensing for approval prior to production.
• Use one of the approved licensed vendors.

Design Guidelines

• Student organizations are permitted to create unique logos to represent their group. All logos and designs need to follow the university’s graphic identity standards.
• The organization’s full name should appear in the design or on the product. Intramural teams, athletic club teams and student organizations must include the word “intramural,” “club,” “organization,” “society,” etc., to help differentiate the group from SDSU Athletics teams or academic programs or majors.
• All university logos, word marks and verbiage require the appropriate trademark registration symbol.
• The jackrabbit logo needs to be seen in its entirety and cannot be covered, layered, screened back, distressed or used as a background image. A minimum of 3/16 clear space must surround the logo. To see improper examples of the Jackrabbit logo, visit the incorrect uses page.
• All university logos, word marks and verbiage must be used in the proper colors and cannot appear on red or green garments.
• Stylized, cartoon or hand-drawn images of a jackrabbit are not permitted. Use of these images undermines efforts to build a unified South Dakota State brand. The university has a cartoon image of Jack the Jackrabbit that may be used (see separate guidelines for use).
• The Trademark Licensing Program reserves the right to deny any designs that are likely to cause confusion or mistake, to deceive or to dilute or tarnish university logos, word marks and verbiage.

Licensed Vendors & Royalties

• A university-licensed vendor must be used to produce all products utilizing a university logo, work mark or registered verbiage. Exceptions will be made only for highly specialized items that current vendors do not already have. A one-time licensing agreement must be obtained from Trademarks and Licensing prior to placing an order and royalties will be due upfront.
• Failure to use a licensed vendor and have artwork approved will result in the university confiscating and destroying the items at the club’s expense.
• Apparel and merchandise for student clubs and organizations are subject to royalties. The only royalty exception is official uniforms for athletic play (t-shirts do not qualify).
• The 12 percent royalty payment is paid to the university by the vendor, not the club or organization. The vendor will include this fee in the overall price of the product. When receiving a quote, be sure to ask if it includes the royalty fee or if royalties will be added on top of the quote.
• The royalties paid to the university fund student scholarships.


• Student groups are permitted to sell products associated with their organization for fundraising purposes. All designs must be approved by Trademarks and Licensing and include the club/organization name. If a club wishes to sell apparel/merchandise featuring a college or department name rather than the club name, written permission must be obtained from the appropriate dean or department head.
• A licensed vendor must be used and royalties are due.
• Due to university regulations, student organizations must obtain permission before selling anything in the University Student Union. A form can be obtained from Info Exchange and must be completely filled out and signed by the appropriate parties before items can be sold.

Main list of SDSU Trademarks (this does not include all trademarks)

• The words “South Dakota State University”
• The Jackrabbit mascot graphic (head, full body and wordmark)
• The Campanile graphic
• The SD graphic
• The initials “SDSU”
• The words “South Dakota State”
• The word “SDState”
• The word “Jackrabbits”
• The words “Jacks”
• The words “Go Jacks”
• The words, “Hobo Day”
• The words, “Go Big. Go Blue. Go Jacks.”
• The words, “Weary Wil.”
• The words, “Dirty Lil.”

Other Information

For additional information, visit University Marketing and Communications.
If you have any questions, contact Andrea Kieckhefer.

Student Group Examples