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Color Standards

The four-color Jackrabbit logos are required in SDSU Yellow (PMS 109), SDSU Blue (PMS 286), PMS 117 and white. They may also be printed in two-color black or PMS 286 blue filled with white; or as a one-color PMS 109 yellow on a royal blue background or a one-color white. When used on a dark background the outlined versions of the Jackrabbit logos should be used to provide contrast. Outlined versions of the Jackrabbit logo can be obtained from University Marketing and Communications.

The six-color option includes PMS 2706 (light blue) and PMS 600 (yellow) and is reserved for use in print, websites and certain merchandise applications. The six-color option should not be used for environmental signage due to it's complexity to reproduce.

Refer to the vendor guide in the back of this book for complete color variations and further reproduction details.


PMS 286
100c 75m 0y 0k
0r 51g 160b

SDSU Yellow
PMS 109
0c 9m 100y 0k
255r 209g 0b

SDSU Dark Yellow
PMS 117
6c 27m 100y 12k
201r 151g 0b

SDSU Light Yellow
PMS 600
2c 0m 39y 0k
241r 235g 156b

SDSU Light Blue
PMS 2706
19c 10m 0y 0k
203r 211g 235b

Jackrabbit Logo Color Options