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SDSU Extension

The cooperative extension service in South Dakota is authorized to be branded as SDSU Extension with its own registered marks and signatures. While extension in South Dakota has a rich history that includes many previous names, the name to be used with all communications – printed, digital and verbal – is SDSU Extension. No previous versions of extension logos should be used under any circumstances.

All official communications and marketing materials representing SDSU Extension, including but not limited to print media, merchandise, apparel, business forms, audio/visual media, displays, banners, signage, publications, advertising, and electronic communications must include appropriate logos (see Usage Guidelines).

Only official university entities and commercial enterprises that enter into a licensing agreement with the university may use the logos and associated components. A list of licensed vendors is available from the University Marketing & Communications website.

All communications are subject to review by the Office of University Marketing & Communications and iGrow prior to production. Elements of the review include:

  • adherence to graphic standards;
  • proper use of copyright, trademark, and service marks and verbiage;
  • consistency with University and Extension marketing and brand platform; and
  • production quality improvement recommendations.

Requests for review can be sent to the Office of University Marketing & Communications at 605-688-6161 or Andrea Kieckhefer. Vendors are responsible for providing proofs. Verify with your vendor that artwork has been approved before items are moved to production.

The iGrow logo is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. The SDSU Extension and iGrow logos must include a ® symbol visible in the upper right corner when the logo appears. Distorting or manipulating the logo to remove any of its elements is a violation of usage.

The SDSU Extension logo should appear on all SDSU Extension communications, publications, printed and electronic materials. Additionally, the iGrow logo is required on all items related to education, sellable products, marketing and promotion. It is also appropriate to utilize the wordmark to represent the official website of SDSU Extension on marketing materials. Questions regarding appropriate usage should be directed to iGrow.

GraphicID SDSU Extension

Sizing & Placement

The SDSU Extension and iGrow logos should never appear smaller than any non-SDSU logos it appears with and should, when appropriate, appear to the left of the other logos or first in reading order.

Do not print the logo smaller than one inch in width. A smaller size may be used only if the physical size of the publication necessitates, but authorization should first be requested through iGrow.

There should be adequate spacing between the logo and other design elements. Minimum space should be equal to the height of the E in Extension for the Extension logo. The minimum space required for the iGrow logo is equal to the height of the G.

GraphicID SDSU Extension Logo Guidelines 70
      1" minimum width       1" minimum width
GraphicID SDSU Extension Logo Guidelines 69
Clear space: height of E      Clear space: height of G

Guidelines for Reproducing

A high-resolution electronic file logo is available in several formats (TIFF, JPEG or Adobe Illustrator) from University Marketing & Communications or iGrow. Use only authorized camera-ready art of the official electronic files to reproduce the logo.

The logo is not to be redrawn, re-proportioned, or otherwise modified. The logo must not be overprinted, manipulated, or distorted. Such alterations would damage the logo’s visual integrity and effectiveness.

Do not use third-generation or low-resolution art downloaded from the Web for reproduction purposes. Low-resolution versions that work well on the Web are not of a high enough resolution for printing.