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South Dakota State University

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The Traditional SDSU Wordmark consists of the words “South Dakota State University” and is a graphic element, not a type style. The Traditional SDSU Wordmark may not be combined with other logos or names except for the Traditional Institutional Signature or the Supplemental Signature.

This wordmark is available in either flush-left, centered, or linear versions and may appear in either black, SDSU Campanile Blue (PMS 287), SDSU Yellow (PMS 109), or reversed in white on dark backgrounds.

Guidelines for Reproducing

All of the usage, print guidelines, and standard colors that apply to the Traditional Institutional Logo also apply to the Traditional Institutional Wordmark. Incorrect uses apply to this mark.

This wordmark should be used as a graphic, not typed, and it is available from University Marketing and Communications.

Institutional logo wordmark 4
                     Flush left                      SDSU Blue
Institutional logo wordmark 5
                       Centered                     SDSU Yellow
Institutional logo wordmark 6
                                One line                             Black
Institutional logo wordmark
                            Clear space                          Reverse