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Jacks Wordmark

Jacks Wordmark

The Jacks Wordmark, illustrated with the ears and tail, should always go from left to right. Clear space requirements must be observed and should be 3/16 of an inch around the entire mark. The width of the wordmark should be a minimum of one inch. This mark may be reproduced in white and four-color palette consisting of PMS 286, PMS 109, PMS 117 and white; or a six-color option adding PMS 600 & PMS 2706. It may also be printed in two-color black or PMS 286 blue filled with white; or as a one-color PMS 109 yellow on a blue background or one-color white. This mark must always be accompanied by a TM under the tail. The Jacks Wordmark may not be overprinted or obscured.

All of the usage and print guidelines that apply to the Jackrabbit logos also apply to the Jacks Wordmark. Incorrect uses apply to this mark.

This wordmark may not be used with any of the Jackrabbit logos because of the competing font and illustration styles.

Jacks wordmark
          3/16" clear space around
          all Jacks marks
1" minimum width for all Jacks
Jacks logo
                      3-color            PMS 286          Black
Jacks logo
             3-color Outlined      PMS 109          White