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Official Mailing Labels and Name Badge

Mailing Labels

Official mailing labels for colleges, departments or offices are printed in full color (SD) on a white, self-adhesive label stock.

To ensure visual consistency, all official university stationery will be designed by University Marketing and Communications and printed through the SDSU Print Lab.

"SDState Mailing Label example"

Name Badge

The university name badge identifies you and your connection to SDSU. The badge features the SD Signature logo with one line for your name and up to two additional lines for your choice of title, department and/or college. Abbreviations will not be made in order to add additional content. Academic and professional credentials as well as courtesy titles are prohibited. 

To order the official university name badge for use at meetings and events, contact the University Print Lab at 688-5111. The cost of a name badge with a magnet is $9.79; a name badge with a magnet and pinback attachment is $10.04. If information on your badge needs to be changed or updated, a replacement insert is $3.44.

University Name Badge