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Jackrabbit Logo

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The Jackrabbit is a unique symbol to South Dakota State University and has been the SDSU mascot since at least 1907 and perhaps as early as 1904. Through the years there have been more than 100 renditions done of the mascot. The new Jackrabbit can be used in several forms – the head; the head with the wordmark "Jackrabbits" and South Dakota State University; the full body; and the full body with "Jackrabbits" and "South Dakota State University." 

The Jackrabbit logos are primarily for use by Athletics. They are not for scholarly or academic use. Official student organizations and the SDSU Alumni Association may use the Jackrabbit marks. They may also be used on a limited basis on spirit-related or celebratory materials for promotions and events as approved by University Marketing and Communications. The Jackrabbit logos should never serve as a substitute for one of the institutional logos. 

The Jackrabbit head must face left and should always be accompanied by a "R" positioned on the lower right or just above the "Bs" in "Jackrabbits." 

The full body Jackrabbit should always face right and be accompanied by a "R" positioned just behind the front paw or placed at the bottom right corner of the "S" in "Jackrabbits."


Jackrabbit Logos