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Guidelines for Reproducing

A high-resolution electronic file logo is available in several formats (TIFF, JPEG or Adobe Illustrator) from University Marketing and Communications. Use only authorized camera-ready art of the official electronic files to reproduce the logo.

Do not use third-generation art or low-resolution art downloaded from the web for reproduction purposes. Low-resolution versions that work well on the web are not of a high enough resolution for printing.

The logo is not to be redrawn, reproportioned or otherwise modified. The logo cannot be altered or incorporated into the design of other logos. The logo is not to be used with any other logo or symbol of the university or other organization without permission from University Marketing and Communications.  

The logo must not be overprinted, manipulated, distressed or distorted. Such alterations damage the logo’s visual integrity and effectiveness. The logo may only be printed on university or neutral color palettes. It may not be printed on red or green backgrounds. For the purposes of general merchandise, printing the logo on some fashion colors (i.e. pink) may be allowed.  

The SD logo should never appear smaller than any non-SDSU logos it appears with and should, when appropriate, appear to the left of other logos or first in reading order.

Color Standards

The SD logo is available in 4-color, 3-color, and four different 1-color options. The 4-color SD is required in SDSU yellow (PMS 109), SDSU Blue (PMS 286), and SDSU Navy (PMS 289). It may also be printed in a 3-color version where the S and D are the same color (See examples). Four 1-color options are also available in black (not to be used on yellow backgrounds), PMS 286, white or PMS 109 (only on a blue background). On a dark background, the outlined version should be used for sufficient contrast.


PMS 286
100c 75m 0y 0k
0r 51g 160b

SDSU Yellow
PMS 109
0c 9m 100y 0k
255r 209g 0b

PMS 289
100c 76m 12y 70k
12r 35g 64b

SD Logos

Other Reproductions

It is acceptable to have the Institutional Logo embossed, foil stamped or printed in metallic inks providing the colors are blue or gold. The minimum height for an embossed die is one inch.