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Institutional Logo

In cases where it is appropriate to use a symbol to represent the university, the SD Logo (Institutional Logo) may be used.

The SD Logo is designed using an intertwined ‘S’ and D’. The SD Logo is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and requires that a ® symbol be visible at the lower right corner in all applications.

The use of this logo is restricted to SDSU departments, colleges, athletics, affiliated organizations and administrative units.

Minimum Size

Do not reproduce the SD Logo smaller than one inch in height. A smaller size may be used only if the physical size of the publication necessitates, but authorization should first be requested through University Marketing and Communications.

Clear Space

Clear space requirements must be observed except in special, preapproved circumstances. Clear space should be 3/16 of an inch around the entire mark.

SD logo
                 Clear space

             1" minimum height

SD Logo 3 color