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SDSU Alumni Association

SDSU Alumni Association

The SDSU Alumni Association is an independent, not-for-profit organization, non-dues association that welcomes all graduates, former students, faculty, staff and friends of South Dakota State, as well as students, to be SDSU Alumni Association members. The association strives to connect alumni to SDSU and each other, through the promotion of the university and by providing valuable benefits, services and resources to members. The SDSU Alumni Association embraces each one of its more than 74,000 alumni and friends who are proud to be Jackrabbits.

The mission of the SDSU Alumni Association is: "To foster a spirit of loyalty and fellowship among graduates, faculty, students, former students and friends of South Dakota State University, and to direct an organized cooperative effort for the advancement, development, achievement and honor of both South Dakota State University and its alumni."

To help connect alumni to their alma mater, the SDSU Alumni Association utilizes the Jackrabbit Head Wordmark with their name underneath as their logo. As such, all rules governing the use of the Jackrabbit Logo pertain to the SDSU Alumni Association's logo as well.

All usage and print guidelines that apply to the Jackrabbit Logos also apply to the Alumni Association Jackrabbit Logo. Incorrect uses also apply to this mark.

Supplemental Signature

The SDSU identity system provides a method for creating a customized chapter signature by utilizing the official Alumni Association logo with the addition of a specific name underneath the main logo. The ratio of type size to logo size should follow the examples shown. All of the usage, print guidelines and standard colors that apply to the Jackrabbit logos also apply to supplemental signatures.

Alumni Association logo
                        4-color                Chapter logo
Alumni Association logos
         PMS 286 PMS 109 Black