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Naming Guidelines

General Guidelines and Definitions

The South Dakota State University naming policy upholds the mission and reputation of the university. Deliberate and very serious consideration is given to the naming of facilities and programs in order to appropriately recognize those being honored.

This university policy is in compliance with Board of Regents policy 1:27, Naming of Institutional Facilities, Programmatic Units or Funded Academic Honors. As spelled out in this policy, the Board of Regents shall approve the names of all new or existing campus facilities such as roadways, buildings and additions (if the addition is to carry a different name from the original building) costing more than $250,000. It shall also approve the naming of programmatic units such as colleges, schools, institutes, centers or departments. The university president may name wings, halls, rooms or other areas within buildings and chairs, lecture series or other funded academic honors.

The term "facilities" refers to any building, part of a building, structure, street, drive, landscaped area, outdoor art, open space, farm, physical improvement or other property under the administrative control of the university. The term "programs" refers to any academic or non-academic program, school, college, institute, center, etc., but does not include endowed faculty positions (e.g. chairs, professorships, etc.) or named funds to support students (e.g. scholarships, fellowships, awards, etc.).

Naming Categories

A. Facilities and Physical Properties

  1. Building or building complex.
  2. Major building components, such as wings, floors or technology systems.
  3. Interior Spaces – may include, but not limited to: classrooms, laboratories, auditoriums, locker rooms, arenas, courts, conference rooms, lobbies and offices.
  4. Outdoor spaces and structures – may include, but not limited to: athletic fields, courts, plazas, gardens, gates, walking paths, outdoor art and landscaping.
  5. A name proposed for a new facility or a facility to be renovated may be considered when the gift represents a substantial component of the projects' total cost, typically 50 percent or more of construction.
  6. A name proposed for an existing but presently untitled facility so as to recognize a gift to the institution may be considered when the gift represents a significant proportion of the value of the facility.

B. Programs

  1. Academic
    1. Academic Schools, Colleges and Departments
    2. Centers or Institutes
    3. Research funds, academic program funds, lectureships, funds for excellence, student enrichment, retention, etc.
    4. Library special collections or other functional areas
    5. Student professional development
  2. Non-Academic
    1. Athletic programs
    2. Co-curricular programs
    3. Student support services
    4. Residential Life

C. Endowed Positions

  1. Dean, Director, Department Head
  2. Chair, Distinguished Professor, Professor or Faculty Scholar
  3. Postdoc, Graduate Fellowship or Graduate Assistantship