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Facilities and Services

Our Mission

The employees of Facilities and Services are proud to serve the SDSU campus community in support of the teaching, learning, discovery and innovation missions of the University.  This guide describes the various types and forms of services provided by Facilities and Services.  A common theme to our work is one of stewardship – we strive to find solutions and alternatives that provide the best sustainable outcomes through exceptional results and advice.  We know that the campus activities and programs are diverse and can be unique so we welcome the opportunity to discuss supportive services for your specific request based on a special program or need.  With a focus on continuous improvement we use industry standards and best business practices as our goal.  We evaluate our performance and effectiveness based on customer input and comparisons to peer institutions.  The facilities management standard is developed through APPA, the leading professional organization in our field. We look forward to partnering with you to make SDSU a flagship institution for higher education and research.                

Thank you,         

Barry Mielke, PE
Associate Vice President
SDSU Facilities and Services

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The department of Facilities and Services provides three service types; baseline services, above baseline fee services, and major project management and delivery services.  Each type of service is unique with different offerings and funding structures. In order for Facilities and Services to effectively manage resources, new services must be planned and communicated in advance. This will allow Facilities and Services to position their staff correctly in terms of number of available hours and skill sets. 

Policies & Standards

The university and Board of Regents have developed several policies and standards to serve as a guide for the design and use of our campus. Facilities and Services manages policies and standards that impact our physical environment. We also use nationally recognized facility standards to develop our planned preventative maintenance and baseline service models to be better stewards of our built environment.  

Facilities and Services News

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Facilities & Services

Larson Named September Civil Service Employee of the Month

Sean Larson has been selected as the South Dakota State University Civil Service Employee of the Month Award recipient for September in recognition for his exemplary performance and contributions as the equipment mechanic for Facilities and Services on campus.

Mielke named Associate Vice President for Facilities and Services

South Dakota State University President Barry Dunn announced today Barry Mielke has been named the associate vice president for Facilities and Services after serving in an interim role for the past year. Mielke replaced Dean Kattelmann who retired in July 2020 after 18 years at SDSU.

Don't Dump! Donate! collects more than 500 items

South Dakota State University’s Don’t Dump! Donate! program collected 540 items during finals week, May 4-7.

The program, which is sponsored by Facilities and Services and the Department of Housing and Residential Life, started in 2018 and was also offered in 2019.