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Rabbit Report Submission Guidelines

The Rabbit Report is a weekly email sent to all SDSU students from the Students’ Association President. It contains information about campus happenings and student organization events as well as updates from the Students’ Association Senate.

The following guidelines have been created in order to standardize submissions and provide clarity about how entries are compiled for the Rabbit Report each week. Please contact with any questions.

Rabbit Report Submission Guidelines

  1. All entries for events or programs must include the name of the recognized SDSU student organization(s) and university office(s) or department(s) sponsoring or co-sponsoring the event or program.

    1. Entries for events or programs not sponsored by a recognized SDSU student organization, university office or department will not be included in the Rabbit Report.

    2. Entries from community organizations or members of the public may be accepted if the entry concerns an event or program co-sponsored by a recognized SDSU student organization, university office or department.

    3. Job postings will not be included in the Rabbit Report for either on-campus or off-campus positions.

  2. Submissions for the Rabbit Report must be sent to the Students’ Association Communications Chair ( by 11:59 p.m. each Thursday in order to be considered for inclusion in the Rabbit Report for the following Monday.

    1. Submissions received after this time frame may be accepted at the discretion of the Students’ Association Communications Chair and/or the Students’ Association President.

  3. Submissions should include the following information written in paragraph form:

    1. Name of sponsoring student organization, university office or department;

    2. Name of event or program;

    3. Date, time and location of event or program;

    4. Ticketing information, or indication that the event is open to all students;

    5. Link to further information or ticket ordering site, if applicable;

    6. Email address for contact person (optional).

    7. Submissions with incomplete or missing information may be rejected or returned for further information before being accepted for publication in the Rabbit Report.

  4. Entries submitted for events or programs that are more than one week away will not automatically be featured in multiple editions of the Rabbit Report without a clear written indication in the entry submission. Submitters who wish for their entry to appear for multiple weeks should indicate so in their submission.

  5. All Rabbit Report entries are subject to copy editing to ensure all entries adhere to a consistent format, tone and style. When copy edits are made to Rabbit Report submissions, all information about the event or program will be preserved.

  6. Inclusion of an entry in the Rabbit Report does not signify endorsement of the event, program or organization by SDSU, SDSU Students’ Association, Students’ Association President or other associated entities.

  7. Any entry may be excluded from the Rabbit Report at the discretion of the Students’ Association and/or the Vice President for Student Affairs. Exclusions may occur with or without notice to the submitter.

  8. These guidelines shall be posted publicly on the Students’ Association website and linked in every edition of the Rabbit Report.

  9. Amendments or additions may be made to these guidelines at any time upon approval by the Students’ Association Communications Committee. Changes will be announced publicly through the Rabbit Report, the Students’ Association website, email to student organization leaders or other methods as appropriate.

These guidelines were last updated 10/16/19

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