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Student Org Handbook

Welcome Student Organization Leaders!

Congratulations on becoming a SDSU recognized student organization! By taking this step, you are leaving your mark at this University as well as creating a wonderful outlet for students who will come after you in the years to come. 

We are excited to welcome your organization into the SDSU Student Activities family! You are entering at a very exciting time in the world of student organizations here at SDSU. With the implementation of tools like Jacks Club Hub and programs like the Student Engagement Expo (S.E.E.), the Student Organization Summit (S.O.S.) and the Student Organization Awards, there are more opportunities for student orgs to shine on campus than ever before!

These organizations are such an important element to so many students’ college experience. They provide social connections, leadership development and valuable skillset practice to help prepare students for the world after college. It is our sincere hope that through your organization you will foster friendships, memories and experiences that will stay with you for the rest of your life!

Please use this handbook as a reference guide for SDSU student organization policies and procedures but always feel welcome to reach out to staff and fellow student leaders for further questions and assistance. We are here to support you, encourage you, and empower you to reach all of your student organization’s goals. 

Office of Student Activities
Center for Student Engagement
The Union, Suite 136