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Rabbit Report

The weekly Rabbit Report from the SDSU Students' Association

Monday, November 30, 2020

Hello Jackrabbits! Finals week is upon us! We wish you the best of luck on your exams and remind you to take care this week.

This semester looks a little different that previous semesters, with that there are a lot of people and resources here to help you navigate campus life and COVID-19. Please visit the many resources here to assist you with more information and commonly asked questions:

·         SDSU’s resource hub regarding the university’s response to COVID-19

·         SDSU’s JacksRBack hub

·         Student information hub

·         FAQs and latest updates+

·         Online learning resources for SDSU students

·         Housing updates

·         Coping with stress during disease outbreaks

·         Resources for international students and scholars

·         Campus communications regarding COVID-19

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to the university’s COVID-19 response team at with any questions.

Read on for this week’s student organization events, campus resources, and involvement opportunities.

This week’s edition of the Rabbit Report includes:

  1. Tonight's Students’ Association Senate Meeting
  2. Become a New Student Orientation Leader
  3. Replacing a Device or Connecting a New Device to DUO
  4. New Classroom Etiquette Guidelines
  5. Need to Report a Concern?

1. Tonight’s Students’ Association Senate Meeting

The Students’ Association Senate will conduct its  weekly meeting tonight at 7:00 pm (Monday, November 30) via Zoom video conference. Information about how to join the Students’ Association Senate meeting via Zoom is provided on this web page. Please contact with any questions about joining the SA Senate meeting. 

Tonight’s full SA agenda is linked here. Students or members of the public are welcome to speak during the public comments portion of the meeting or during discussion on relevant agenda items. Please contact with any questions about SA Senate meetings or agenda items.

2. Become a New Student Orientation Leader

New Student Orientation (NSO) is currently seeking outstanding and motivated students to become members of the 2021 orientation leader team. Our orientation leaders (OLs) are a vital part of the NSO program as orientation participants appreciate meeting and connecting with fellow Jackrabbits. Get marketable skills for your future – leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and communication – that employers are looking for in college graduates, while earning money and making great friends in the process. For more information click here and plan to attend one of our Meet the OL’s info sessions this semester: Tuesday November 17th or Wednesday, November 18th both at 5:00 pm via Zoom email for link. Feel free to email us or call 605-688-6283 with questions. 

3. Replacing a Device or Connecting a New Device to DUO

Did you score a good deal on a new phone or device for Black Friday or Christmas? Here are a few steps to take to make sure you don't lose access to your DUO protected apps including Email, D2L, Self Service, and more. We highly recommend adding a secondary device to DUO before you get your new phone set up, if you have one. For instructions on how to add a secondary device, please view the DUO How to Add a Second Device Guide. Don't have a secondary device that you can add to your DUO account or you already upgraded your phone? Contact the Support Desk at 605-688-6776. If you do not get a hold of a technician, please email us at or send us a message on our Facebook account.

The Support Desk hours of operations are Monday-Thursday 8:00 am until 6:00 pm and Friday 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.

4. New Classroom Etiquette Guidelines

 South Dakota State University’s Student Success Committee approved a new set of guidelines for virtual classroom etiquette. Whether your classroom, is face-to-face, hybrid, or entirely virtual, professors and fellow classmates expect us to portray ourselves in a positive manner while engaging in live Zoom sessions. The following are some of the easy-to-follow rules to ensure you are making the best virtual impression:

Log In Using Your SDSU Credentials.

If you share a computer or device with a roommate or family member, be sure when you enter the virtual classroom that you have logged in with your SDSU credentials.

Be Present.

Attendance and participation are expected in your virtual course. Know if your professor requires video to be on while connected via Zoom. Remember, you will be seen by the entire class and should conduct yourself in a professional manner. Keep in mind classes are often being recorded.

Avoid Multitasking.

While it may be tempting to watch a baseball game, shop or walk away and cook lunch … it is not recommended. Focus on the class, and be an engaged member of the learning community.

Mute is Your Friend.

Active engagement in your courses is the best way to learn. However, be sure to have your microphone on mute when you are not actively engaged in the discussion to eliminate background noise such as your dog begging for a treat.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings.

Remember your professor and classmates can see behind you. Make sure there is nothing in the background that may distract from the class or embarrass you. You have the option to use a virtual background but display it before class to ensure it is not too distracting as well.

Enjoy a (nonalcoholic) beverage but hold off on having lunch during a Zoom session.

We all get thirsty but save the adult beverages for outside of class… and for when you are legal. Plan meals and snacks around your Zoom sessions because eating during Zoom sessions is distracting not only to you but also to your classmates and professors.

Clothing … Wear It!

Dress as if you are in a physical classroom setting. There is such a thing as too casual! The full guidelines can be accessed here.

5. Need to Report a Concern?

You have great resources available right at your fingertips to help you through your experience at SDSU, one of which is the online Student Handbook . Here you can find policies, processes, information on how to get involved and details about student services and supports to make you successful. You also have many ways to report a concern  both related to academics and non-academics. Finally, if you need assistance, know that we are here to help and our Student Ombudsperson and the University Ombuds Office are both resources to assist you in many different ways.

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Good luck with finals Jackrabbits, and have a fantastic Holiday Break!