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Weary Wil and Dirty Lil

Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management

Our Mission

The division cultivates enrollment, student success and opportunity for all through innovative programs, intentional experiences, exceptional services and premier facilities to enrich student development, promote wellbeing, and foster learning in a vibrant community.

Our Vision

The Division aspires to be premier through exceptional programs, services and workplace culture, recognized for excellence in enrollment management and student success.

Our Core Values

Division Strategic Plan

  1. Enhance programming, services, and support resources to impact the student experience through effective recruitment, student development, and student success initiatives.
  2. Promote a career everywhere mindset for students by expanding leadership development and career preparedness opportunities across the university.
  3. Strengthen and implement effective programs and resources to help students develop financial literacy and address financial needs to promote student success.
  1. Develop scalable solutions to mental health services to serve students, promote wellbeing and enhance student success.
  2. Support programs and initiatives that help students build social connections, promote wellbeing and belonging, and develop engaged, productive citizens.
  3. Promote services and programs that positively impact student recruitment, retention and graduation outcomes.
  1. Commit to providing professional development opportunities for all division employees at all levels.
  2. Foster and support a culture that values employees, promotes belonging and connection and enhances wellbeing.
  3. Develop an intentional and comprehensive communication plan to provide guidance and consistent information within the division.
  1. Strengthen program evaluation and assessment across the division with intentional use of data to inform continuous improvement efforts.
  2. Develop and maintain cutting-edge facilities, services and technology that enhance student experiences.
  3. Engage in the SDSU Connect initiative to expand collaborations and enhance the student experience through alignment of our land-grant mission with the needs of Sioux Falls metropolitan area and additional communities identified through the program.