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Welcome to Prairie Repertory Theatre’s 53rd season of fantastic summer theatre in eastern South Dakota. Whether you are already a member of our growing summer family or planning to join us for the first time, we invite you to experience the fun and enjoyment of taking part in PRT 2024.

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Prairie Repertory 2024 Season

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Doner Auditorium makeup room

Doner Auditorium project progresses with SDHC grant

The Doner Auditorium digital preservation project is moving forward, thanks to a South Dakota Humanities Council grant.

SDSU theater history could be saved with donor help

There may be a second act in store for the SDSU theater history left behind in Doner Auditorium. The auditorium’s green room and makeup rooms hold nearly four decades worth of inscriptions from theatre students who covered the walls, ceilings and other surfaces with their signatures, dates, season lineup schedules, quotes and favorite lines from plays.