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Students' Association Senators

New Students' Association senators elected to serve for 2021-2022 Senate term

Please check back soon for updated information about all Students' Association senators for the 2021-2022 term. In the mean time, please see the 2021 election results for more information about the representatives elected to serve SDSU students in the SA Senate during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Senator Responsibilities

Senators are elected or appointed from each of the academic colleges. Senators serve one-year terms beginning each April.

Each senator serves on several university or Senate standing committees. These committees include faculty and staff representatives and are part of the university's system of shared governance. Senators attend all Students' Association Senate meetings and meetings for their assigned committees.

Senators hold at least two office hours per week in the Students' Association office along Main Street in the Student Union. Students are welcome to visit the office and talk with senators about concerns or problems affecting the student experience at SDSU.

Additional senator duties are outlined in the Students' Association Bylaws.

Students' Association Executive Board


Andrew Rasmussen

Vice President

Rachel Schoon

Chief of Staff

Blake Pulse

Finance Chair

Kordell Feldhaus

Government Affairs Chair

Anna Shane

Communications Chair

Lindsey Moser

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Students' Association Senators

Further information about senators from each academic college is available by clicking the button in each section. Click any senator's name to send an email.

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

  • Blake Pulse
  • Cara Teigum
  • Shelby Ruland

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College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Anna Shane
  • Rachel Goldsmith
  • Hannah Nelson
  • Michael Garofalo

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College of Education and Human Sciences

Learn more about EHS senators

Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering

  • Caleb Huizenga
  • Kordell Feldhaus
  • Asledi Castillo Zuniga

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College of Natural Sciences

  • Harley Fischer
  • Hunter Eide

Learn more about Natural Sciences senators

College of Nursing

  • Brielle Cords
  • Adam Ziebarth

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College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions

  • Kyle Shapcott
  • Morgan Eick

Learn more about Pharmacy and Allied Health professions Senators  

Graduate School

  • Sumit Kumar Ghosh

Learn more about Graduate School senators


  • Lindsey Moser
  • Karmen Sperr
  • Ryder Mortenson
  • Holly Tofte
  • Hannah Owens
  • Jonathon Sundet
  • AnnaMarie Sachs

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Become a Students' Association Senator

Elections for Students' Association senators and the student body president and vice president are held in March. Petitions for the election generally become available in February. In order to run in the senatorial election, a student must file an application and petition including signatures from at least 50 students in their academic college (25 signatures for senatorial candidates from the Graduate School). Information about Students' Association elections will be available in the Rabbit Report leading up to the election and on the Students' Association website.

Occasionally, Senate seats will become vacant during the academic year. In these cases, seats will be filled by Senators-At-Large appointed by the Students' Association Board of Directors. Senator-At-Large candidates must file an application and petition including signatures from at least 50 SDSU students regardless of their academic college. When Senator-At-Large positions are open, information will be included in the Rabbit Report and the Students' Association website.

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