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Students' Association Senators

Students' Association 2022 - 2023 Senate

The Students' Association Senate is comprised of 26 senators serving the 7 different academic college. If an academic college doesn't fill all of their seats Senators At-Large are sworn in to fill empty seats. Additionally, an executive team is formed at the beginning of each term to serve as senate leadership include the Student Body President and Vice President.

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Students' Association Executive Board


Blake Pulse

Vice President

Anna Shane

Chief of Staff

Hannah Nelson

Finance Chair

Rachel Goldsmith

Government Affairs Chair

Erika Van Nieuwenhuyse

Communications Chair

Garrett Satterly

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Students' Association Senators

Further information about senators from each academic college is available by clicking the button in each section. Click any senator's name to send an email.

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

  • Tyler Rasmussen
  • Jessica Kott
  • Trinity Peterson
  • Ryder Mortenson

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College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Michael Garofalo
  • Betsey Williams
  • Nick Grote
  • Rachel Goldsmith

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College of Education and Human Sciences

Learn more about EHS senators

Jerome J. Lohr College of Engineering

  • Caleb Huizenga
  • Grant Sternhagen
  • Natalie Poppens

Learn more about Engineering senators

College of Natural Sciences

  • Harley Fischer
  • Hunter Eide

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College of Nursing

  • Madison Fitch

Learn more about Nursing senators

College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions

Learn more about Pharmacy and Allied Health professions Senators  

Graduate School

  • Kyle Shapcott

Learn more about Graduate School senators


  • Garrett Satterly
  • Hannah Nelson
  • William Kessler
  • Drew Kroeplin
  • Katie Neuhaus
  • Katelyn Mahan
  • Mara Andersen
  • Abhinav Kubal
  • Madeline Brink

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Become a Students' Association Senator

Elections for Students' Association senators and the student body president and vice president are held in March. Petitions for the election generally become available in February. In order to run in the senatorial election, a student must file an application and petition including signatures from at least 50 students in their academic college (25 signatures for senatorial candidates from the Graduate School). Information about Students' Association elections will be available in the Rabbit Report leading up to the election and on the Students' Association website.

Occasionally, Senate seats will become vacant during the academic year. In these cases, seats will be filled by Senators-At-Large appointed by the Students' Association Board of Directors. Senator-At-Large candidates must file an application and petition including signatures from at least 50 SDSU students regardless of their academic college. When Senator-At-Large positions are open, information will be included in the Rabbit Report and the Students' Association website.

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