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Student Organization Funding

Student Organization Funding

The Students' Association allocates General Activity Funds (GAF) to SDSU student organizations through several avenues.

Special Allocation Fund

Special Allocations are one-time funds distributed to help cover the costs of special events and programming, not ongoing operational costs of a student organization.

According to the General Activity Fee Budgeting Guidelines set forth by the Students' Association and the University Activity Fee and Budgeting Committee: Special Allocations are not to support ongoing operational costs. This allocation is requested for use when an organization has a substantial budget shortfall and needs money to support a specific, one-time event.

Learn more about applying for the Special Allocation Fund

New Venture Fund

New Venture allocations support ongoing operational costs for student organizations not already on the General Budget.

According to the General Activity Fee Budgeting Guidelines: The purpose of the New Venture Fund is to help new and existing organizations that are not currently receiving General Activity Fee funds request funds outside of the normal budget cycle.

Learn more about applying for the New Venture Fund

Speaker Fund

Speaker Fund allocations help defray costs associated with bringing speakers, lectures, presentations, etc. to the SDSU campus for events open to all students. The Speaker Fund is managed by the University Program Council.

General Budget

The General Budget consists of university entities and facilities (e.g., University Student Union, Miller Wellness Center) and student organizations who receive GAF allocations from the Students' Association to fund their yearly operating budgets. The General Budgeting process occurs each spring semester for the following fiscal year.

All funding applications are subject to review and approval by the SA Finance Chair, SA Finance Committee and SA Senate. For more information, questions or a funding application, contact the SA Finance Chair.

Contact the SA Finance Chair for more information

Student Promotion Fund

The Student Promotion Fund is an event-based grant program co-operated by the SDSU Students' Association and the Brookings Chamber and Visitors Bureau. The purpose of the fund is to recruit and sponsor events designed to provide entertainment value and enhance the collegiate experience for students and to encourage students to remain on campus and in the Brookings community on weekends during the academic year.

Funding applications are reviewed by the Student Promotion Fund Committee, a group of students, faculty/staff and city and community representatives. The committee oversees the program and allocates funding based on the fund criteria.

Is my student organization event right for the Student Promotion Fund?

If your student organization event will draw attendees from out of town (particularly overnight guests), encourage students to stay on campus or in the Brookings community on weekends, or help stimulate the local economy in some way, you may be eligible for a grant from the Student Promotion Fund.

How can my student organization apply for the Student Promotion Fund?

SDSU student organizations interested in applying for a grant from the Student Promotion Fund should contact the Students' Association Government Affairs Chair, who can provide a funding application, instructions and answer any questions about the fund.

Contact the SA Government Affairs Chair for more information

Fundraising Opportunities with Athletics

SDSU Athletics offers several opportunities for student organizations to raise funds throughout the academic year by assisting with various functions surrounding athletic games.

Student organizations that are able to commit to working an entire athletic season will earn a bonus. These groups will be given priority when signing up for fundraising opportunities.

Additional information and a list of opportunity types is available on the SDSU Athletics website.