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General Activity Fee

General Activity Fee (GAF)

The General Activity Fee (GAF) supports student functions related to the co-curricular activities and operations and payment of debt incurred for the construction, maintenance, repair and equipping of student unions, athletic facilities and wellness facilities as approved by the Board. Examples of activities funded by GAF are student organizations, cultural events, homecoming, student government, yearbooks, student newspapers, campus radio and television stations, child care, student activities, athletics, intramurals, student health services and the operational and debt expenses for student unions. The General Activity Fee shall be assessed on all on-campus credit hours.

Questions about General Activity Fee allocations should be directed to the Students' Association Finance Chair.

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GAF Strategic Plan FY20-FY23

The Students' Association approved a new strategic plan for the General Activity Fee during Spring 2019. The strategic plan outlines potential future GAF-funded projects in a variety of areas across campus.

All GAF increases are subject to approval by the South Dakota Board of Regents. Contents of the GAF Strategic Plan FY20-FY23 are subject to change.