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General Activity Fee

General Activity Fee Survey 2018  

Your dollars, your voice:

SA is planning how to invest General Activity Fee (GAF) dollars over the next four years. The GAF is a $43.75 per credit hour fee every student pays that supports a wide variety of programs and services across campus that enhance the student experience, including the Union, Wellness Center, dozens of student organizations, athletics, and so much more.

Your input through this survey will be extremely valuable in helping determine students’ priorities. Students have a lot of decision-making power about how to invest GAF, and we want to make sure your voices are heard. Please take the survey and encourage other SDSU students to do the same. There are great prizes at stake!

By taking this survey, you have a chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • 1st Prize: $750 to the SDSU Bookstore
  • 2nd Prize: 2 Summit League Basketball Tournament passes
  • 3rd Prize: Apple Watch


General Activity Fee (GAF): The general activity fee supports student functions related to the co-curricular activities and operations and payment of debt incurred for the construction, maintenance, repair, and equipping of student unions, athletic facilities and wellness facilities as approved by the Board. Examples of activities funded by GAF are student organizations, cultural events, homecoming, student government, yearbooks, student newspapers, campus radio and television stations, child care, student activities, athletics, intramurals, student health services, and the operational and debt expenses for student unions. The general activity fee shall be assessed on all on-campus credit hours.

GAF 17-18