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Tuition and Fees

2019–20 Tuition

Brookings Campus Tuition

Brookings Campus Tuition (1)

UndergraduateCost Per Credit Hour
Guard STA 50%$128.25
State Employee, ROTC, Teacher Certification$128.25
Over Sixty-Five$141.10
Remedial (5)$351.25
Western Undergraduate Exchange (2)$372.40
Child of Alumni (4)$256.55
South Dakota Advantage (3)$256.55
Minnesota Reciprocity - SU2019 - SDSU$269.00
GraduateCost Per Credit Hour
Guard STA 50%$168.40
State Employee, ROTC, Teacher Certification$168.40
Graduate Assistant$0.00
Over Sixty-Five$185.25
Nonresident Graduate Assistant$0.00
Minnesota Reciprocity - SU2019$467.65
Western Regional Graduate Program (6)$336.80
Resident - Per Semester$5,046.00
GR. UG Semester SAT$2,523.00
Nonresident - Per Semester$10,795.00
Nonresident - Per Credit Hour$879.30
Minnesota Reciprocity - SU2018 - Semester$7,594.00
Minnesota Reciprocity -SU2018 - Credit Hour$612.25
Minnesota Reciprocity - FA18 SP19 SU19 - Semester$7,594.00
Minnesota Reciprocity - FA18 SP19 SU19 - Credit Hour$612.25

Notes: All rates are effective starting 2019 summer term.

SD National Guard members may be eligible for a benefit of 50% of the in-state resident tuition after federal tuition benefits are applied, but the benefits in total may not exceed 100% of the tuition cost. The graduate benefit is limited to 32 credit hours.

(1) The mandatory fees are added to the on-campus tuition cost for a total cost per credit hour. Discipline fees may also apply to certain courses and are in addition to on-campus tuition and mandatory fees.

(2) States participating in the Western Undergraduate Exchange program: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. The SDSM&T rate is available only to new freshman and first-time transfers starting the summer of 2016.

(3) The South Dakota Advantage Program, starting summer 2019, is for new freshmen and transfers from Colorado, Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota and Wyoming.

(4) Starting summer 2015, participation in the program is limited to new freshmen or first-time transfers attending the same university from which one of their parents or legal guardian received a degree. Eligibility criteria apply and differ between institutions.

(5) These rates are the total per credit hour cost. No additional discipline fees will be assessed.Delivery fees may apply.

(6) This rate applies to students from WICHE states enrolled at SDSU in Chemistry Education Specialization and Athletic Training. The programs may limit the number of WRGP seats awarded to new students. The Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) allows master’s, graduate certificate and Ph.D. students who are residents of the WICHE member states to enroll in high-quality programs at 60 public institutions outside of their home state and pay resident tuition. For a list of South Dakota’s programs offered through WRGP.

Online and Off-Campus Centers Tuition Rates

Online and Off-Campus Centers Tuition Rates (5)

Off-Campus Tuition RatesCost Per Credit Hour
Undergraduate State Employee at Centers$223.00
Undergraduate Teacher Certification at Centers & Internet$223.00
Undergraduate Guard STA 50%$223.00
Undergraduate Qualified Veteran$94.70
UCSF Associates Degree Program (Lower Division)$284.50
UCSF Associates Degree Program Guard STA 50% (Lower Division)$156.25
UCSF Associates Degree Program Qualified Veteran (Lower Division)$27.95
National Guard at Centers$250.00
Active Duty Military Personnel at Centers$250.00
Graduate State Employee at Centers$297.40
Graduate Teacher Certification at Centers & Internet$297.40
Graduate Assistant at Centers & Internet$0.00
Technical Institute - Resident Undergraduate$291.70
Technical Institute Guard STA 50% Res/Non Undergrad$163.45
Technical Institute Qualified Veteran - Res Undergraduate$35.15
Technical Institute - Nonresident Undergraduate$393.40
Great Plains IDEA (Undergraduate)$415.00
Great Plains IDEA (Graduate)$580.00
Dual Credit Courses (7)$145.00

Notes: All rates are effective starting 2019 summer term.

SD National Guard members may be eligible for a benefit of 50% of the in-state resident tuition after federal tuition benefits are applied, but the benefits in total may not exceed 100% of the tuition cost. The graduate benefit is limited to 32 credit hours.

(5) These rates are the total per credit hour cost. No additional discipline fees will be assessed.Delivery fees may apply.

(7) Offered to qualified public high school students participating in dual credit courses taken in person or at the University Centers. $96.67 of the rate is provided by the SD Department of Education and applied towards the student's account.

Mandatory Fees

Application Fee

Students will be assessed the application fee for each university to which they apply as a degree-seeking student. Any student that attended a Regental institution in the three terms prior to the term of application is eligible for a fee waiver. Military personnel that have stopped out due to a call to active duty longer than the three previous terms are eligible for a waiver. Students taking courses as a “special” student will not be assessed the application fee until they are accepted as a degree seeking student.

Amount: $20.00 undergrad; $35.00 graduate school

General Activity Fee

The General Activity Fee is a mandatory student fee that supports the student experience to include student activities, student organizations, student government, the Student Union, the Wellness Center, athletics, intramurals, and student health and counseling services. In addition, it provides facility funding for the Student Union, Wellness Center, and dining facilities. The fee is assessed on all on-campus credit hours.

2019–2020 GAF Fee: $47.25 per credit

The South Dakota Board of Regents sets fee rates on behalf of the six (6) state colleges and universities located in South Dakota. Local consultation with the Students’ Association results in the development of a plan for the use of these fees. The allocation and per credit hour rate plans endorsed by the Students’ Association are submitted to the University President through the Vice President for Student Affairs. The University President makes the final decision on rates recommended to the SDBOR for approval and determines the final allocation of GAF once approved by the SDBOR.

Student Organizations$2.40
Student Union$15.19
Wellness Center$14.48
Intercollegiate Athletics$11.78
Transportation System$0.20
Dining Bond and Utility Fee$3.20

Student Activities

A fee assessed to provide a comprehensive program for the cultural, social, athletic and physical enhancement of students (i.e. student organizations, music ensembles, student leadership development, Students’ Association, international programming, student media, UPC events, etc.).

Student Union

A fee assessed to pay debt service for the Student Union facility including past and future renovations which are funded through public bonding administered by the South Dakota Board of Regents. The fee, together with the Student Union’s self-generated revenues, covers other costs such as liability insurance, utilities, equipment and furniture replacement, technology, staff salaries and benefits, and operational expenses. 

Wellness Center

A fee assessed to pay debt service for the Wellness Center facility including past and future renovations which are funded through public bonding administered by the South Dakota Board of Regents. The fee, together with the Wellness Center’s self-generated revenues, cover other costs for fitness and recreation opportunities as well as the Student Health and Counseling Center. Operational funding provides the following: health care provider salaries, counseling services, pharmacy services, intramural and club sport programs, wellness programming, outdoor programming and fitness classes.

Intercollegiate Athletics

A fee assessed to fund partial operational support for intercollegiate athletic programs, while providing currently enrolled students the opportunity to enjoy prepaid admission to all regular season home athletic events (other limited restrictions may apply).

Transportation System

A fee assessed to fund operational support for a new fixed route transportation system around the SDSU campus and in the Brookings community. This service, if fully implemented, will allow students to utilize the fixed route bussing system at no additional charge during hours of operation. The current fee will provide start-up funding for the transportation system, followed by a fee increase to $0.90 for the full system to operate.

Dining Bond and Utility

A fee assessed to fund debt service for dining locations including past and future renovations which are funded through public bonding administered by the South Dakota Board of Regents. The fee provides for utility expenses as well as debt service.  The facilities include dining locations in the Union, Larson Commons, Southeast Apartment Complex and Hansen Hall.

Discipline Fees

Undergraduate Discipline Fee Summary
Animal Sciences$64.25/creditAnimal science, Vet science courses
Architecture$464.95/creditArchitecture courses
Aviation$41.90/creditFlight training
Aviation 120$650.00/semesterFlight training
Bio/Micro/Anatomy$42.15/creditBiology, microbiology & anatomy courses
Chemistry$51.25/creditChemistry courses
Computer Science$70.20/creditComputer science and informatics courses
Dairy Science/Food Science$82.05/creditDairy science, food science courses
Education$170/semesterSoph/Jr Field Experience SEED 314
Education$340/semesterSenior Student teaching SEED 488, AGED 475, FCSE 473
Economics$30.20/creditUndergrad ACCT, BADM, ECON, AGEC, ENTR, HSAD, MGMT courses
Engineering$84.40/creditUndergraduate College of Engineering courses
Fine Arts$26.20/creditVisual arts, music and theatre courses
Health/Wellness$21.20/creditPhysical education, health, wellness courses
Interior Design/Landscape Design$29.55/creditInterior and landscape design courses
Math/Statistics$42.15/creditMath, statistics, lower level computer science
Medical Lab Sciences$1778.70/semesterProfessional portion of the MLS program
Nursing/Allied Health$103.00/creditUndergraduate nursing and allied health courses
Nutrition$29.55/creditNutrition, hospitality management courses
Other Sciences$21.10/creditABS, BIOS, BOT, GEOG, HO, NRM, PS, WL courses
Pharmacy$208.40/creditUndergraduate pharmacy courses
Pharmacy$3520.10/semesterCharged at a per semester rate to P1-P4 students in the professional program
Physics$84.40/creditPhysics courses
Range Sciences$46.75/creditRange science courses
Veterinary Science$64.25/creditVeterinary science courses

Note: This list does not include the Dietetics Discipline Fee and the MS in Human Biology Discipline Fee.

FY20 Housing

Residence Halls

Traditional Halls



Abbott Hall Double$2,802.30
Abbott Hall Single$3,502.70
Binnewies Hall Double$1,986.75
Binnewies Hall Single$2,651.15
Ben Reifel Hall Double$2,937.30
Ben Reifel Hall Single$3,469.75
Brown Hall Double$2,372.40
Brown Hall Single$2,984.50
Caldwell Hall Double$2,802.30
Caldwell Hall Single$3,502.70
Hansen Hall Double$1,804.10
Hansen Hall Single$2,595.15
Honors Hall Double$2,937.30
Honors Hall Single$3,469.75
Hyde Hall Double$2,937.30
Hyde Hall Single$3,469.75
Mathews Hall Double$2,124.30
Mathews Hall Single$2,834.55
Pierson Hall Double$1,986.75
Pierson Hall Single$2,651.15
Schultz Hall Double$2,937.30
Schultz Hall Single$3,469.75
Spencer Hall Double$2,802.30
Spencer Hall Single$3,502.70
Thorne Hall Double$2,802.30
Thorne Hall Single$3,502.70
Waneta Hall Single$2,595.15
Young Hall Double$1,986.75
Young Hall Single$2,651.15

University Apartments



Meadows North & Meadows South$2,802.30
Skylight/Huggins 2&3Bedrooms/Month$444.60
Garden Square 2 Bedroom/Month$455.25
Garden Square 3 Bedroom/Month$491.55
Southeast 1 Bedroom/Month$875.00
Southeast 2 Bedroom/Month$675.00
Southeast 3 Bedroom/Month$595.00
Southeast 4 Bedroom/Month$545.00
Southeast Town House/Month$695.00
Thornbers Studios/Month - 1303 7th St.$350.00
Thornbers Studios/Month - 1311 7th St.$377.10
Thornbers Studios/Month - 710 13th Ave.$200.00
Sundal Studio/Month$377.10
Sundal 1 Bedroom/Month$444.90




Summer Double Occupancy$74.50/week
Summer Single Occupancy$99.85/week
Summer Apartment$147.85/week

FY20 Meal Plan Costs

Meal Plans
Premier: Unlimited meals at Larson Commons plus $63.77 Flex Dollars per semester$2,085.35
100 Block: 100 meals at Larson Commons plus $822.80 Flex Dollars per semester$1,621.55$1,648.00
50 Block: 50 meals at Larson Commons plus $1,059.36 Flex Dollars per semester$1,648.00
Silver Flex$1,648.00
Bronze Flex$1,430.30
West Flex (available to upper division students living in Hansen or Waneta Halls and Meadows Apartments)$871.15
Summer Flex$400.95


  • Food Service Room and Board
  • Brown Hall Room and Board
  • Waneta Hall Room and Board
  • State Court Room and Board
  • Mathews Hall Room and Board
  • Pierson Hall – Room and Board
  • Hansen Hall Room and Board
  • Binnewies/Young Hall Room and Board
  • Meadows North Room and Board
  • Meadows South Room and Board
  • Caldwell Hall Room and Board
  • Cleveland Abbott Hall Room and Board
  • Velva Lu Spencer Hall Room and Board
  • Josef Thorne Hall Room and Board
  • Ben Reifel Hall Room and Board
  • Honors Hall Room and Board
  • Hallie Walker Hyde Hall Room and Board
  • Theodore Schulz Hall Room and Board

Purpose: Pay cost of operation for food service and residence halls.

The Board of Regents' definition of a charge is as follows:

The University may assess students incidental charges for miscellaneous services the University has been granted authority to administer, provided that the services do not have a direct or specific relationship to a course offering.

Students enrolled in certain courses for which the services of an outside vendor are required may be assessed a charge for the course. Students enrolled in programs requiring malpractice or other insurance may be assessed a charge to recover payments made on their behalf.

See Other Costs page for details on other expenses.