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COJO Minors

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Advertising Minor

Students gain insight into the advertising industry and campaign development. The minor is designed to engage students in examining the industry and its impact on a diverse society, learn about the creative process and develop media strategies to engage consumers. Electives allow students to further explore branding and marketing communication.

Communication Studies Minor

A minor in communication studies allows students to understand the central role that communication plays in people’s lives, across a variety of contexts.

Digital and Social Media Minor

The digital and social media minor is open to students in all fields. This minor prepares students to be modern-day digital storytellers. Students will effectively create, use and analyze emergent communication technologies within this minor.

Health Communication Minor - Available Online 

This minor is an 18 credit interdisciplinary minor that emphasizes knowledge and skills in areas such as patient-provider communication, telemedicine and persuasive health messaging. The minor provides students with a firm foundation to pursue a career in a variety of health-related fields, building on the central role of communication in the delivery, management and promotion of health care.

Federal agencies like the CDC, the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) recognize the importance of health communication and devote resources to developing health communication programs.

The health communication minor is available entirely online!


Journalism Minor

This minor provides students with basic journalism skills, including writing for the media and visual communication. Students choose a broadcast, design, photography or writing emphasis within the minor.

Marketing Minor

The marketing minor represents a cross-disciplinary effort to provide students with training in both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of marketing. The minor will benefit students pursuing careers in marketing, business, sales, journalism, hospitality management, sports management, advertising and graphic design, among other fields.

Public Relations Minor

Students gain expertise in designing content, implementing communication practices and multimedia campaigns, and assessing user outcomes. Students also learn how to analyze social media sites and better understand what brings users to certain sites, how long they stay there and what they click on. The minor includes classes on how to write for different types of social media sites as well as design unique content. In one course, students design their own app and launch it to have a real-world experience. The minor also helps students effectively learn how to manage multi-way interactions with users.