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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA)

Graduate students

Graduate assistantships offer full tuition remission and a competitive stipend for the academic year.

Admitted students are eligible for competitive graduate assistantships. Students who receive a teaching assistantship receive substantial instructional training. Most teaching assistants serve as the instructors of record for our award-winning Fundamentals of Speech (CMST 101) course. Other assistantships may also be available. All applicants for the graduate program will be considered for admission to the program and consideration for an assistantship upon submission of a completed admissions application.

The graduate committee will provide program admission decisions. Admitted applicants will be forwarded to the hiring manager for assistantship decisions.

Admitted students being considered for assistantships will provide a resume, cover letter and additional materials (e.g., recommendation letters) to the hiring manager by the priority deadline of February 1.

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