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COJO Technology Requirements

Laptop and Technology Requirements

Yes. Students majoring in advertising, agricultural communication, journalism and public relations need a laptop to successfully complete the coursework and be adequately prepared for their professional careers.

A laptop is a standard “tool” in higher education, so you should have it on day one of your college experience. You need a laptop and the required software when you take MCOM 210 Basic Media Writing and MCOM 220 Introduction to Digital Media, key skills courses required for our majors. In addition, you’ll use your laptop and accompanying software throughout required, elective and capstone courses in all four majors.

Apple Macs are the dominant choice in creative industries. We have found Macs easier to support, tend to last longer and are less subject to attack by spyware and viruses. If necessary, you can install the Windows operating system on your Mac. We recommend the MacBook Pro 14 inch (M3).

A Windows computer is acceptable, but it must be able to run the necessary software.

Chromebooks are not recommended.

You need Microsoft Word-compatible word processing software, as well as presentation and spreadsheet software. In Microsoft Office, that’s Word, PowerPoint and Excel. As an SDSU student, you can obtain Microsoft Office at no cost with your Jacks email. Contact the SDSU Support Desk at 605-688-6776 for assistance.

You can also use Apple iWork, which comes at no cost on Mac computers (Pages, Numbers, Keynote).

You also need Adobe Creative Cloud to complete advertising, mass communication and public relations coursework and be successful professionally. Adobe Creative Cloud contains various applications, but you’ll primarily use Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Photoshop and Lightroom.

Specific prices for the MacBook Pro 14 inch, along with other laptop models mentioned above, can be found directly from the Apple store and other online or in-person stores near you.

Adobe offers students significantly discounted pricing for Creative Cloud All Apps for the first year. There is a price increase for subsequent years but at a discounted educational price versus the full professional price. You may not want to purchase Creative Cloud All Apps until you need it, typically when you take MCOM 220. Visit Adobe’s Students and Teachers for more details.

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