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Society of Finance, Insurance and Real Estate Club


FIRE Club with author Peter Zeihan
SDSU FIRE Club geopolitical strategist and critically-acclaimed author Peter Zeihan

What is the FIRE Club?

There are two main goals of the FIRE Club:

  1. To provide SDState students an opportunity to expand their knowledge about Finance, Insurance and Real Estate industries.
  2. To gain and further students' professional networking skills, and help to connect students with companies in all three industries.

The club brings in local professionals from each of the three industries in the Brookings and Sioux Falls Areas. This will give students an insight into each field and a chance to see any internships, jobs and career opportunities they might offer. Joining the club is a great way to learn about the specific fields you care about, help build your resume and have some fun.

When does the FIRE Club meet?

The FIRE Club has a number of spring 2023 meetings set. Below you will find what is scheduled so far:

  • January 26th with Investment Club, Brian Gatzke, a local appraiser at 5 PM Harding Hall room 0025
  • February 21st, 6 PM, Harding Hall room 0025, Rick Gullickson, Farm Manager/Real Estate
  • April 18th, 6 PM, Harding Hall room 0025, United Prairie Bank

Club dues are $20. Free pizza at every meeting! They are planning on bringing in different industry speakers from finance, investment and real estate.