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Internship Program

An Interview

Ness School of Management and Economics Internships

Students in the Ness School of Management and Economics are encouraged but not required to complete an internship. Completing multiple internships may be recommended. Students may earn up to 6 credits for internships. Internships may be completed anytime during a student’s academic program. While internships may be completed during the fall or spring semesters, most are completed during the summer term.

There are many advantages to completing an internship. Students gain professional experience, have a low-risk opportunity to explore a career option and ideally will receive an offer of permanent employment. An internship experience can be valuable and stimulating. It provides professional growth and development by building on your academic training to prepare you for a rewarding career.

Steps to complete when looking at different internship opportunities: 

  1. Review NSME Internship Handbook 

  1. Forward list of duties/job description from the company to Internship Coordinator to determine acceptability for academic credit. 

Steps to complete once a student accepts an internship position but before the job has started: 

  1. Complete the Internship Application. 

  1. Write an Internship Plan

  1. Forward supervisor contact information to Dr. Klein. She will work with the appropriate personnel in the company to complete the Master Agreement and Individual Agreement. (This may be a lengthy process, so we need to start on this right away.) 

  1. Forward the application and the internship plan to Dr. Klein. Arrange to meet with Dr. Klein to discuss the internship after these documents are completed. 

  1. Once all of the above have been completed, you will be given permission to enroll in the appropriate 494 section. 

Steps to complete after the internship job has started: 

  1. Write midterm report and submit to D2L dropbox by end of week 8 (Fall and Spring semesters) or by July 1 (Summer term). 

  1. Write final report and submit to D2L dropbox by first day of finals week (Fall and Spring semesters) or end of 10-week term (summer term) OR within 5 days of end of employment. Please discuss specific due date with Dr. Klein.  

  1. Have supervisor complete Supervisor Evaluation Form and email directly to Dr. Klein.