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Agricultural Business

Agricultural Business

The major in Agricultural Business prepares students to excel in the challenging environment of the modern agricultural industry. Graduates are creative, adaptable and well-educated in economics and management. Our program is unique because it combines education in management and economics with a solid technical knowledge in production agriculture and skills in problem-solving.

The curriculum emphasizes:

  1. Economic theory,
  2. Agricultural business management,
  3. Quantitative methods and
  4. Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences electives.

Students can choose a variety of courses to balance this strong theoretical foundation with practical skills in specific areas such as accounting, agricultural marketing, animal science, agronomy and other agricultural fields.

Most students completing majors in agricultural business find employment in the agricultural and foods system beyond or outside of production agriculture. Many students choose careers in agribusiness management, production agriculture, financial services, sales, banking, marketing or policy formulation and analysis.

Course Catalog, Agricultural Business

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