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5 Ways to Prepare for the Career Fair

1. Review Companies Attending List

Companies Attending List

Use the attendee list to visit the company's website and determine who you will want to meet with the day of the fair.

What is your major? What type of position are you looking for – internship, summer or full-time career opportunities? What kind of work appeals to you? Only you can answer these questions. After you do, it will be easier to narrow down which companies have the type of opportunities in which you are interested. Read about what companies will be in attending. Do some research, and make a point to find those employers of most interest to you.

Keep an open mind. While you may have specific employers on your list to visit, take advantage of the opportunity to talk with others if you have extra time or have to wait to speak with an employer. You might discover an excellent opportunity that you may have otherwise missed.

2. Update Resume and Prepare List of Professional References

Office of Career Development

What do I need to bring?

  1. Several copies of your updated and polished resume, as well as your list of references, to give to interested employers.
  2. A portfolio or folder to collect and organize the information that employers will give you about their company and the opportunities they offer.

Attend one of the resume writing workshops hosted by the Ness School of Management and Economics throughout the semester. Contact Kayte Haggerty for a schedule.

The Office of Career Development offers assistance to current students with developing and updating their resume. They also have many tools and resources for job search strategies and connecting students with employers.

3. Create an Account in Handshake


Create an account in Handshake, the online campus career center website in which you can review open positions for companies. Also, hundreds of opportunities are listed in Handshake by employers that are not attending the fair.

4. Create an Elevator Speech

Prepare a 20 to 40 second “elevator speech” or introduction and practice it. Imagine you enter the elevator with the CEO of your dream company and only had the elevator ride’s amount of time, what would you say to him/her? It is a 20 to 40 second introduction of yourself, your education, your goals and why you should be hired.


“Hello. I am (your name), a junior Ag Business major. I am looking for an internship opportunity relating to sales in the agriculture industry for the upcoming summer. I read on your website that (company name) has an internship program, and I would really like to learn more about opportunities within it.”

Approach employers with enthusiasm! Extend a firm handshake, make eye contact and express your genuine interest in working for their company.

5. Prepare Your Outfit

Professional dress is required. For a room full of potential employers, you want to dress to impress. Regardless of the industry, job title or status of the position you are looking for, you want to make a positive first impression with the company representative. Do this by carefully selecting clothes that help you look polished, professional and help you feel confident.

After the Career Fair

  • Within two weeks of the fair, make a follow-up contact via email or letter.
  • Employers may leave the fair with more than 100 resumes. This is your opportunity to stand out!