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Economics Commentator

The Economics Commentator is a newsletter published by the Ness School of Management and Economics. It is written for farmers and ranchers, agriculturally-related and small-town business managers and public officials and policymakers. The newsletter provides recent market information, research findings and other information about economic conditions and changes in South Dakota.

558Complex Effects of Value-Added Livestock VenturesM. DiersenJune 8, 2016
557Farmland Use Decisions in the Dakota’s: Key Results from the 2015 Producer SurveyL. Janssen, M. Luri, M. Chowdhury, H. Feng, & D. HennessyNovember 20, 2015
556Price Discovery and Local Information in Cattle on Feed ReportsM. Diersen, S. FaustiSeptember 25, 2015
555Economics Impact of the Diary Industry in South DakotaG. TaylorAugust 31, 2015
554Agriculture’s Roles in the South Dakota EconomyT. Holmquist, M. DiersenAugust 6, 2015
553Economic Impact of the Pork Industry on South DakotaG. TaylorApril 17, 2015
552Economics Impact of the Beef Industry on South DakotaG. TaylorApril 7, 2015
551Corn Use in South DakotaH. Brown, M. DiersenMarch 13, 2015
550Economic Impact of Agriculture on South Dakota 2014G. TaylorSeptember 3, 2014
5492012 Agricultural Data in PerspectiveM. Diersen, C. TschamdaJune 24, 2014

South Dakota 2014 Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rental Rates

Janssen, Dillivan, McMurtryMay 29, 2014
547Forecasting Corn and Soybean Yields with Crop ConditionsN. Jorgensen, M. DiersenMay 9, 2014
546Developing Planning Prices for CommoditiesN. Jorgensen, M. DiersenOctober 31, 2013
545South Dakota Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rental Rates, 2013Janssen, Pflueger, McMurtryJuly 26, 2013
544Insuring Corn in South DakotaM. DiersenJanuary 4, 2013
543Economic Impact of Agriculture on South Dakota 2012G. TaylorNovember 26, 2012
542South Dakota Agricultural Land Market FactorsBurton PfluegerJune 15, 2012
541South Dakota Agricultural Land Cash Rent Values, 2012Pflueger; JanssenJune 6, 2012
540South Dakota Agricultural Land Values, 2012Pflueger; JanssenMay 31, 2012
5392011 Corn Pest Risk Survey ResultsFausti; Lundgren; OpokuMarch 26, 2012
538Consumer's Willingness to Pay for Locally Produced Ground Beef: A Case StudyChang, 4, 2012
537Economic Impact of Agriculture on South Dakota 2011Gary TaylorDecember 21, 2011
536Economic Outlook Heading into 2012Opoku, FaustiDecember 15, 2011
535Reasons to Shop at a Local Farmer's Markets: A Survey Study in South DakotaChang, Warmann, Schultheiss, RichardDecember 8, 2011
534Hay Supply and Demand Balance SheetT. Opheim, M. DiersenSeptember 8, 2011
533Economic Outlook for the Second QuarterOpoku, FaustiAugust 29, 2011
532South Dakota 2011 Crop Forecasts, DiersenJuly 7, 2011
531South Dakota Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rental Rates, 2011Pflueger, JanssenJune 20, 2011
530Economic Outlook: First Quarter 2011Opoku, FaustiApril 29, 2011
529Evaluating Women in Agriculture Training Programs in South DakotaCumber, SuguttMarch 23, 2011
528Corn Pest Survey ResultsFausti, Lundgren, OpokuFebruary 28, 2011
527Economic Outlook 2011Opoku, FaustiJanuary 14, 2011
526Economic Impact of the Sheep Industry in South DakotaTaylor, BeutlerJanuary 7, 2011
525Economic Impact of the Pork and Dairy Industries in South DakotaTaylorDecember 17, 2010
524Real Economic Development Comes from EntrepreneurshipSwainNovember 10, 2010
523Economic Impact of Agriculture on South Dakota 2010TaylorOctober 29, 2010
522Statistical Comparison and Economic Impact of the Beef Industry on South DakotaLi, TaylorSeptember 29, 2010
521Fall Crop Insurance ConsiderationsDiersenAugust 31, 2010
520South Dakota Agricultural Land Market Factors 2010Pflueger, Janssen, OpokuJuly 15, 2010
519South Dakota Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rental Rates, 2010Pflueger, JanssenJuly 8, 2010
518Eating Local and Supporting the Farm CommunityChang, LangelettMay 21, 2010
517Tri-State Goat Meat Survey SummaryBeutlerApril 30, 2010
516Twin Themes of Theodore W. SchultzJanssenApril 19, 2010
5152010 Prospective Plantings Report AnalysisMayApril 5, 2010
514Decoupling and Recoupling: Global Links to the US Business Cycle and Cattle Market FundamentalsSondey, DiersenJanuary 31, 2010
513Volatility RiskWangDecember 23, 2009
512Economic Outlook November 2009MillerNovember 24, 2009
511South Dakota Grain Elevators: Manage Characteristics and Impacts of EthanolHamda, Qasmi, FaustiSeptember 22, 2009
510Principal Component Analysis and Fall Crop MarketsLi, MaySeptember 21, 2009
509Grain Elevator Industry RevisitedHamda, Qasmi, FaustiJuly 30, 2009
508South Dakota Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rental Rates, 2009Janssen, PfluegerJune 30, 2009
507Economic Impact of Agriculture on South Dakota 2009TaylorApril 16, 2009
506Insuring Corn, Soybeans and Wheat and Yield Ratios and IncomeDiersen, DodsonFebruary 27, 2009
505Economic Outlook February 2009Fausti, AdamsonFebruary 12, 2009