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Student Opportunities


Accounting, Banking and Financial, Economics Internships

  • Internship posting - Dacotah Grown Banking Internship | Dacotah Grown Banking Internship is a 10-week long internship program that runs end of May to the first part of August located here in Aberdeen. The internship program is designed to provide students a well-rounded opportunity that exposes them to the financial industry and Dacotah Bank as a company. Interns are able to spend a month shadowing all of the department that make up the structure of our bank and are provided an opportunity to spend 1:1 time with the department(s) that they might be most interested in. Throughout the summer interns are given the opportunities to travel to other market locations in our Dacotah Territory, networking events and opportunities, and hands-on projects from any departments. For many years, our summer internship program has helped young professionals connect what they are learning in the classroom to a real-life career opportunity for the future. Our intern retention rate for interns who have later come to work for us is nearly 60%. Application Accepted September - November 3, 2023.

Agricultural Internships

  • Internship posting - Cargill |The Cargill Animal Nutrition Marketing team is seeking three students to join us next summer. These internships will be with our commercial pork, dairy and/or beef teams. They will also range from marketing and communications to portfolio assessment. Depending on their interests, we can fit the projects to them. Deadline to apply is Friday, September 22.

Marketing, Sales and HR Internships


Jobs - Full-time and Part-time

Accounting, Banking and Financial, Economics and Insurance Opportunities


Agricultural Opportunities


Daktronics Opportunities

  • We have many openings in multiple areas: sales, business, creative, accounting, and engineering! Our student roles can be done while students attend school, we offer flexible schedules that are typically 15-20 hours a week. Our internships are “co-op” style, 7 months long, and would require a semester off of school, or can be completed right after graduation.
2023-5888 Accounting Intern US Remote Intern
2023-5856 Sales Intern Tallahassee, Florida Intern
2023-5855 Sales Intern San Antonio, Texas Intern
2023-5854 Sales Intern Phoenix, Arizona Intern
2023-5853 Sales Intern Madison, Wisconsin Intern
2023-5852 Sales Intern Houston, Texas Intern
2023-5851 Sales Intern Dallas, Texas Intern
2023-5850 Sales Intern Charleston, South Carolina Intern
2023-5849 Sales Intern Brookings, South Dakota Intern
2023-5931 Training Coordination Student US Remote Student
2023-5923 IT Asset Management Student Brookings, South Dakota Student
2023-5922 Marketing Analyst Student US Remote Student
2023-5889 Supply Chain Management Student Brookings, South Dakota Student
2023-5870 Accounting Student US Remote Student
2023-5867 Business Trainee Student US Remote Student
2023-5848 Buyer/Planner Student Brookings, South Dakota Student
2023-5846 Creative Services Project Manager Student US Remote Student
2023-5847 Motion Artist Intern US Remote Intern
2023-5845 Motion Graphics Student US Remote Student
2023-5911 Process Improvement Design Co-op Intern Brookings, South Dakota Intern
2023-5901 Mechanical Design Co-op Intern Brookings, South Dakota Intern
2023-5881 Firmware/Hardware Design Co-Op Intern (Jan-Aug) Brookings, South Dakota Intern
2023-5876 Product Demonstration Technical Intern Brookings, South Dakota Intern
2023-5875 Technical Sales Intern Brookings, South Dakota Intern
2023-5925 Electrical Design Student US Remote Student
2023-5891 Manufacturing Process Engineer Student Brookings, South Dakota Student
2023-5880 Firmware/Hardware Design Student Brookings, South Dakota Student
2023-5879 Firmware/Hardware Design Student Rapid City, South Dakota Student
2023-5863 Software Design Student Brookings, Rapid City, Remote Student
2023-5860 Project Management Student Brookings or Remote Student

Human Resource Opportunities


Marketing, Sales and Real Estate Opportunities



  • Hurley & Associates is dedicated to our mission of supporting the economic stability of farm families. In accordance with that philosophy, we are excited to offer ten(10) $1,500 scholarships. The purpose of the scholarships is to give back to the families and communities we are built from by providing financial support to students attending select universities that have positively impacted our Hurley family. Application Deadline Nov. 3rd, 2023. 
  • SDFU Foundation Scholarship is offering scholarships to current member of South Dakota Farmers Union must be a Senior in high school planning to attend or a current freshman at a SD post-secondary institution. Completed application due by 8 a.m. on November 1, 2023. This includes paper forms or online submission.