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Students' Association Senate Documents

The agendas, minutes, and legislation linked on this page are from the most recent (2019-2020) Senate term. Additional historical records are available upon request via email to the Students' Association Chief of Staff.



Meeting Minutes

Senate Zoom Recordings


  • 20-01-R: Students' Association recognition of the pilot program for meal plan usage at athletic events - PASSED
  • 20-02-R: SDSU Students' Association support for the adoption of the Revised Attendance and Excused Absence Policy - PASSED
  • 20-03-R: SDSU Students' Association support for the development of a transportation option for students who have a temporary or long-term physical disability or injury - PASSED 
  • 20-04-R: SDSU Students' Association recognition of Vice Provost Mary Kay Helling for Outstanding Service - PASSED 
  • 20-05-R: SDSU Students' Association support for the continued requirement of face-covering use in all indoor public spaces on campus - PASSED 
  • 20-07-R: SDSU Students' Association recognition of health professionals' outstanding service during the Coronavirus pandemic - PASSED 
  • 20-08-R: SDSU Students' Association support for public health measures enacted within the City of Brookings - PASSED 
  • 20-09-R: SDSU Students' Association recognition of October as LGBTQ+ History Month  PASSED 
  • 20-10-R: SDSU Students' Association support for the retention of non-course days within the Spring 2021 academic calendar  PASSED 
  • 20-11-R: SDSU Students' Association support of the development of long-term solutions to promote the educational success of non-traditional students - POSTPONED INDEFINITELY 
  • 20-12-RSDSU Students' Association encouragement for students to receive an Influenza vaccination
  • 20-13-ROctober 26th, 2020 Removal Procedures
  • 20-14-RSDSU Students' Association Support for reopening healthier dining options in the University Student Union  PASSED
  • 20-15-R: SDSU Students' Association recognition of November as Veterans and Military Appreciation Month PASSED
  • 20-16-R: SDSU Students' Association acknowledges November 30th, 2020 and December 1st, 2020 as Rabbit Recognition and Rest Days - PASSED
  • 20-17-R:  SDSU Students' Association Request for better working conditions for our Community Assistants -POSTPONED INDEFINITELY
  • 20-18-R: SDSU Students' Association Support for Needs-Based Scholarships in South Dakota PASSED 
  • 20-19-R: SDSU Students Association Support for Senate Bill 17- PASSED
  • 20-20-R: SDSU Students' Association Opposition to House Bill 1097-PASSED
  • 20-21-R: SDSU Students' Association Support for Senate bill 171 - PASSED
  • 20-22-R: SDSU Students' Association Support for House Bill 1210 - PASSED
  • 20-23-R: SDSU Students' Association Support for House Bill 1240 - PASSED
  • 20-24-R: SDSU Students' Association Support for House Bill 1153 - PASSED
  • 20-25-R: SDSU Students' Association Support for House Bill 1209 - PASSED
  • 20-26-R: SDSU Students' Association Support for Student Acess to the Miller Wellness Center during the Summer Term - PASSED
  • 20-27-R:  SDSU Students' Association will Support the idea of Petitioning "Introduction to Global Citizenship and Diversity" (AHSS 111) for adding as an SGR.


  • 20-01-A: An Amendment Renaming General Activity Fee (GAF) Tier 2 Organizations as Unit 3 Organizations - PASSED 
  • 20-02-AAn Amendment to Provide Remote Internet Meeting Engagement - PASSED
  • 20-03-A:  An Amendment Adding Tardiness to the Students' Association Senate Attendance Policy for Senators - PASSED
  • 20-4-A: An Amendment Defining Good Conduct Standing as a Requirement of Eligibility to be an Elected or Appointed Office of the Corperation 
  • 20-5-R: An Amendment Providing for Transparent Campaign Finance Policy for SDSU Students' Association Elections 
  • 20-6-R: An Amendment Implementing Campaign Spending Limits for Senatorial and Presidential Elections 
  • 20-7-R: An Amendment Adding QR Codes to the Students' Association Campaign Guidelines
  • 20-8-R: An Amendment Revising Students' Association Election Grievance Procedures