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UA 5.5


College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, Department of Animal Science Records


Department of Animal Science, College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, South Dakota State University




0.42 linear feet (1 document case)




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

Access note

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

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Name of item . College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, Department of Animal Science Records. UA 5.5. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


The Department of Animal Science strives to excel in the three primary missions of a land grant university which are learning, discovery, and engagement. The collection is composed mainly of publications generated by the Animal and Range Sciences Department.

Historical Note

Courses related to animal science have always been taught at South Dakota State University. In the earliest years, livestock of all sorts was the focus. Separate departments were often established for specific types of animals, such as poultry. General courses were taught through other departments as well. Over the years, specialization decreased, and eventually the departments were combined. The focus of the department was expanded to include management of rangeland.

The Department of Animal and Science offers instruction leading to the BS degree with majors in animal science or range science. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in livestock production, related agriculture business enterprises, farming and ranching, natural resource management on both private and public lands, or graduate study.

Contents Note

Composed mainly of publications produced by the Department of Animal Science. Folders consist of programs, reports, proceedings, and newsletters.

Key Words

  • South Dakota State University. Antelope Range Livestock Station
  • South Dakota State University. Cottonwood Range and Livestock Research Station.
  • South Dakota State University. Department of Animal and Range Sciences.
  • South Dakota State University. Department of Animal Science.
  • South Dakota State University. Poultry Department.
  • South Dakota State University -- Short courses

Administrative Information

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Researchers conducting extensive research are asked to make an advance appointment to access archival material. Please call or e-mail prior to visiting the collection and indicate as much detail as possible about a particular topic and intended use.

South Dakota State University supports access to the materials, published and unpublished, in its collections. Nonetheless, access to some items may be restricted as a result of their fragile condition or by contractual agreements with donors.

Copyright note

Copyright restrictions apply in different ways to different materials. Many of the documents and other historical materials in the Archives are in the public domain and may be reproduced and used in any way. There are other materials in the Archive carrying a copyright interest and must be used according to the provisions of Title 17 of the U.S. Code. The Archive issues a warning concerning copyright restrictions to every researcher who requests copies of documents. Although the copyright law is under constant redefinition in the courts, it is ultimately the responsibility of the researcher to properly use copyrighted material.


Container List

Animal Science Department Records UA 5.5

11Administrative: Annual Report - Extension's Profiles in Progress for South Dakota1970
12Administrative: Annual Report - The Spirit of Cooperation1982
13Administrative: Annual Report - Meeting the Challenge1983
14Administrative: Annual Report of Accomplishments2008
15Administrative: Correspondence1967
16Administrative: Graduate degree program in adult education1999
17Administrative: History and philosophy of the Cooperative Extension Serviceundated
18Administrative: Horizons - community leadership to reduce poverty [publication]2008
19Administrative: Impact State West District "Making a Difference"2005
110Administrative: South Dakota Impact Documentation2006
111Administrative: South Dakota State University (Extension Only) Campus Climate Project Draft Report2005
112Administrative: Stewards of Progress2011
113Administrative: United States Department of Agriculture Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension, Service (CSREES) Certificate of Appreciation awarded to SD "Shape Up: Family Style [Certificate]2009
214-H: 4-H Afterschool2006
224-H: 4-H Arts & Crafts [4-H 165]undated
234-H: 4-H Awards programs [4-H 176]1976-1977
244-H: 4-H Building on experience [4-H 347]undated
254-H: 4-H Clothing Project [4-H 38 ; 4-H 78]undated
264-H: 4-H Club Clothing Project [4-H 4]undated
274-H: 4-H Club Doings1930-1958
284-H: 4-H Club Enrollment [4-H 180]1988, undated
294-H: 4-H Club Foundation of South Dakota [4-H 322]undated
2104-H: 4-H Club Meeting Report [4-H 290]undated
2114-H: 4-H Club Program for the Year [4-H 155]undated
2124-H: 4-H Dairy Project [4-H 47]undated
2134-H: 4-H Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks [4-H 76]undated
2144-H: 4-H Electric Project Book 1-3 [4-H 15 ; 4-H 24 ; 4-H 64 ; 4-H 129-132]undated
2154-H: 4-H Entomology Project [4-H 12 ; 4-H 13]undated
2164-H: 4-H Forestry Project [4-H 8 ; 4-H 9 ; 4-H 339]undated
2174-H: 4-H Forestry Record [R 1-22]undated
2184-H: 4-H Foundation Honor Roll of Contributors2004-2005
2194-H: 4-H Handicraft Guide - Ceramics-Mosaics [4-H 57]undated
2204-H: 4-H Handicraft Guide - Color and Design [4-H 29]undated
2214-H: 4-H Handicraft Guide - Metal Craft [4-H 70]undated
2224-H: 4-H Handicraft Guide - Wood Craft [4-H 59]undated
2234-H: 4-H Home Economics Judging [4-H 83]undated
2244-H: 4-H Home Life Project [4-H 10 ; 4-H 11]undated
2254-H: 4-H Horticulture Project [4-H 1]undated
2264-H: 4-H Impact on South Dakota Extension Homemakers [4-H 362]undated
2274-H: 4-H is for you [4-H 62]undated
2284-H: 4-H Jobs for Victoryundated
2294-H: 4-H Key Club [4-H 380]undated
2304-H: 4-H Leaders Correspondence Course [4-H 327-329]undated
2314-H: 4-H Light Horse Project [4-H 6 ; 4-H 77 ; 4-H 357]undated
2324-H: 4-H Live Animal Project [4-H 239]undated
2334-H: 4-H Livestock and Small Animal Project Record [4-H 179]undated
2344-H: 4-H Livestock Judging Guide [4-H 16]1987, undated
2354-H: 4-H Livestock Junior Financial Sheet [4-H 355]undated
2364-H: 4-H Media CD2004 Fall
2374-H: 4-H Members Accumulative Report [4-H 184 ; 4-H 276]1977, undated
2384-H: 4-H Member's Annual Report [4-H 181 ; 4-H 374-375]1977-1978, undated
2394-H: 4-H Money Management Project I-III [4-H 41-43]undated
2404-H: 4-H Officers Guide [4-H 21]undated
2414-H: 4-H On the Go [4-H 96]undated
2424-H: 4-H Projects for Beginners [4-H 71]undated
2434-H: 4-H Rodeo-Rules and Regulations1976, 1978, 1980
2444-H: 4-H Safety Program [4-H 30]undated
2454-H: 4-H School Enrichment Program [4-H 473]undated
2464-H: 4-H Special Foods [4-H 358]1984, undated
2474-H: 4-H Swine Project - Fitting and Showmanship [4-H 86F]undated
2484-H: 4-H TV-Science Clubundated
2494-H: 4-H Vegetable Growing Project [4-H 37]undated
2504-H: 4-H Youth Development2005
2514-H: 4-H Youth in Action [4-H 76]undated
2524-H: Active Group Games [4-H 35]undated
2534-H: Application for 4-H Club Charter [4-H 291]undated
2544-H: Assembling the 4-H Project Record Book [4-H 44 ; 4-H 45]1978, undated
2554-H: Bag of Food and Funundated
2564-H: Beautification of Home Grounds [4-H 151]undated
2574-H: Beef [4-H 171]undated
2584-H: Beef Production [4-H 67]undated
2594-H: Beef Showmanship [4-H 169]undated
2604-H: Beginning Clothing [4-H 284]undated
2614-H: Bob Marshall 4-H Camp [4-H 321]undated
2624-H: Brain Teasers and Puzzler [4-H 36]undated
2634-H: Breeds of Sheep [4-H 174]undated
2644-H: Camping at Lakodia [4-H 320]undated
2654-H: Camps1946, 1953, undated
2664-H: Can-it [4-H 351]undated
2674-H: Centennial Commemoration document2001-2002
2684-H: Certificates [4-H 277-280 ; 4-H 287 ; 4-H 289 ; 4-H 344]undated
2694-H: Certificates of Achievement1932, 1936
2704-H: Clippings2002 October 4
2714-H: Clothing World of a Girl [4-H 114]undated
2724-H: Clover Leaf Connection1993 April
2734-H: Club Member Record Books1935-1937
2744-H: Club Member Record Books1930-1940
2754-H: Community Service for 4-H Club Members [4-H 75]undated
2764-H: Conservation - Archery [4-H 155]undated
2774-H: Conservation - Birds [4-H 158-161]undated
2784-H: Conservation - Fish and Fishing [4-H 137-138 ; 4-H 143-144 ; 4-H 146 ; 4-H 156]undated
2794-H: Conservation - Forestry [4-H 208]undated
2804-H: Conservation - Getting Acquainted with South Dakota's Trees [4-H 117]undated
2814-H: Conservation - Habitat for Wildlife [4-H 109]undated
2824-H: Conservation - Identifying and Making Plaster Casts of Animal Tracks [4-H 115]undated
2834-H: Conservation - Irrigation [4-H 162-164]undated
2844-H: Conservation - Objectives [4-H 167]undated
2854-H: Conservation - Raising Earthworms for Fish [4-H 108]undated
2864-H: Conservation - Snakes and Snakeskin Tanning [4-H 147]undated
2874-H: Conservation - Some Facts About Our State (Soil Conservation) [4-H 148]undated
2884-H: Conservation - What is Soil? How is it Formed (Soil Conservation) [4-H 149]undated
2894-H: Conservation - Wildlife [4-H 157]undated
2904-H: Contestant Score Card [4-H 220]undated
2914-H: Curt and Candi Clover Welcome You to Discovering 4-H and the 4-H Program [4-H 253]1991
2924-H: Dairy [4-H 206-207]undated
2934-H: Democracy in Action [4-H 20]undated
2944-H: Discovering 4-H [4-H 112]undated
2954-H: Discovering Meats [4-H 245-275]undated
2964-H: Dog [4-H 124 ; 4-H 342-343]1989, undated
2974-H: Dollars and Sense [4-H 331]undated
2984-H: Electric Home Appliances [4-H 135]undated
2994-H: Electric Motors and Shop [4-H 133]undated
21004-H: Electronic [4-H 134]undated
21014-H: Energy Conservation [4-H 217]undated
21024-H: Entomology [4-H 139 ; 4-H 330]undated
21034-H: Everybody Talks [4-H 26]undated
21044-H: Exhibiting Garden Vegetables or Exhibiting Garden Fruits and Vegetables [4-H 198]1977, undated
21054-H: Feed Record [4-H 349]undated
21064-H: Focus on Leadership [4-H 111]undated
21074-H: Food Preservation [4-H 244]undated
21084-H: Foods and Nutrition [4-H 3 ; 4-H 126]undated
314-H: Games for small groups in small places by Ima R. Crisman (4-H 34)undated
324-H: General 4-H project financial summary (4-H 204)1979
334-H: Getting acquainted by Elizabeth Speckels (4-H 33)undated
344-H: Good health and you (4-H 61)undated
354-H: Good luck to you in dress revue by Elizabeth Easton (4-H 68)undated
364-H: Good meeting ideas by Roy D. Beaird (4-H 125)undated
374-H: Guide for clothing judges (4-H 371)1991
384-H: Guide to birdhouse building by Jon Willand (4-H 60)1991
394-H: Guidelines (newsletter)1987 November-1988 July
3104-H: Home improvement projects - Units 1-3 - Member's project guide by Ella Ollenburg (4-H 100-101)undated
3114-H: Home living - Unit two (4-H 417)undated
3124-H: I like 4-H because (FH 075)undated
3134-H: Ice breakers by Elizabeth Speckels (40H 32)undated
3144-H: Indoor gardening (4-H 152)undated
3154-H: Insects (lead printing plate)undated
3164-H: Intermediate clothing (4-H 286)undated
3174-H: International farm youth exchange (4-H 97)undated
3184-H: Is your citizenship showing by Ella Ollenburg (4-H 14)undated
3194-H: Job find (4-H 356)undated
3204-H: Kids in charge by Ruth I. Harmelink (4-H 436-447)undated
3214-H: Leader's crop project guide (4-H 46)undated
3224-H: Leader's handicraft project guide (4-H 28)undated
3234-H: Leader's report (4-H 192)undated
3244-H: Leadership and the junior leader (4-H 304)undated
3254-H: Learn, live, serve through junior leadership - leader's-member's guide by Henrietta Gohring (4-H 58, 63)undated
3264-H: Learning through judging � Home economics leader's guide (4-H 49)undated
3274-H: Let's explore careers � Agent's guide, Leader's guide, and Member's guide (4-H 54-55)undated
3284-H: Livestock showmanship contests � Member's guide by L.J. Kortan, J.J. O'Connell, and D. Dearborn (4-H 48)undated
3294-H: Local financing of 4-H projects by Larry Tidemann and Kenneth L. Nelson (4-H 202)undated
3304-H: Local organizations and the 4-H club (4-H 52)undated
3314-H: Management for youth � Leader's-Member's guide by Alverda Moore (4-H 84-85, 103)undated
3324-H: Mealtime manners (4-H 17)undated
3334-H: Membershipundated
3344-H: Membership card (4-H 242)undated
3354-H: Mighty muffin (4-H 345-346)undated
3364-H: National accountability and evaluation 4-H alumniundated
3374-H: New world within your child's grasp � 4-H (4-H 412)undated
3384-H: Permanent record of 4-H leader (4-H 292)undated
3394-H: Permanent record of 4-H member (4-H 205)undated
3404-H: Petroleum power (4-H 168)undated
3414-H: Photographs � 4-H member-leader guide (4-H 116)undated
3424-H: Photographsundated
3434-H: Plant science � 4-H member-leader guide (4-H 128)undated
3444-H: Poultry (4-H 148)undated
3454-H: Poultry leaders handbookundated
3464-H: Preschooler � Leader's-Member's guide (4-H 81-82)undated
3474-H: Processing fruits, tomatoes, pickled vegetables (4-H 333)undated
3484-H: Program planning � Organization of new clubsundated
3494-H: Rabbit � 4-H Member-Leader guide (4-H 136, 216)undated
3504-H: Radio writing and speaking contest1952, 1954
3514-H: Range and pasture � Leader's-Member's guide (4-H 65-66, 214)undated
3524-H: Range plants study and identification by Kenneth L. Nelson, James R. Johnson, and Ray Roath (4-H 145, 221, 297)undated
3534-H: Recreation leadership by Ima R. Crisman (4-H 31)undated
3544-H: Recruitment (4-H 313, 315, 317-318, 411-413)undated
3554-H: Rock, mineral, fossil by Earl Adams and Kenneth Nelson (4-H 72, 92, 146, 323)undated
3564-H: Safety (4-H 166)undated
3574-H: Secretary's record book (4-H 218)undated
3584-H: Selecting and preparing birds for show (4-H 203)undated
3594-H: Self-determined project (4-H 189-190)undated
3604-H: Sheep (4-H 173)undated
3614-H: Sheep blocking and trimming by L.J. Kortan and Robert E. Fritz (4-H 40)undated
3624-H: Sheep production guide by James J. O'Connell (4-H 25, 87)undated
3634-H: Sheep showmanship by Herley Miller (4-H 170, 481)undated
3644-H: So you are camp counselor of your club (4-H 69)undated
3654-H: Soil and water conservation � a beginning activity (4-H 50)undated
3664-H: Songs (4-H 90)undated
3674-H: South Dakota 4-H horse project (4-H 90)1976, 1979-1981
3684-H: South Dakota 4-H leaders guide to project selection (4-H 99)undated
3694-H: South Dakota 4-H performing arts,2005
3704-H: South Dakota 4-H shooting sports (4-H 363)undated
3714-H: Square dancing is fun for everyone! By John F. Youngs (4-H 312)undated
3724-H: Standards for county awards (4-H 42)undated
3734-H: State club week1937
3744-H: Submitting for state awards (4-H 44)undated
3754-H: Swine production guide by L.J. Kortan and Lloyd Hansen (4-H 86)undated
3764-H: Swine showmanship (4-H 172)1979, undated
3774-H: Teach, demonstrate, learn about crop production by Frank J. Heitland (4-H 56)undated
3784-H: Teen's tune-ups1974
3794-H: Toddler � leader's-member's guide (4-H 79-80)undated
3804-H: Tote bag projectcirca 1920s-1930s
3814-H: Tractor operators contest, automotive contest by G.R. Durland (4-H 201)undated
3824-H: Trip to Washington, D.C. (4-H 219)undated
3834-H: Vegetable gardening and small fruit growing (4-H 153)undated
3844-H: Veterinary science (4-H 177, 324-326)1981, undated
3854-H: Young man Dress right! Look right! � leader's-member's guide by Henrietta Gohring and Frank Heitland (4-H 88-89)undated
3864-H: Your community needs your in the 4-H program (4-H 102)undated
3874-H: Your vegetable garden (4-H 154)undated
41Personnel Communications: Agricultural economics1981-1991
42Personnel Communications: Agricultural engineering1950-1980
51Personnel Communications: Agricultural engineering1981-1990
52Personnel Communications: Agricultural soils1949-1976
53Personnel Communications: Agricultural weeds1950-1980
54Personnel Communications: Agronomy1950
55Personnel Communications: Animal husbandry1950, 1957
56Personnel Communications: Animal Science1968-1975
61Personnel Communications: Animal Science1976-1991
71Personnel Communications: Bits and things1956-1971
72Personnel Communications: Calendar of events1969-1991
73Personnel Communications: Child development1954-1987
74Personnel Communications: Clothing/textiles1954-1987
75Personnel Communications: Communication notes1959-1971
76Personnel Communications: Cutlines1976-1986
81Personnel Communications: Dairy1949-1991
82Personnel Communications: Disease1970
83Personnel Communications: Entomology1949-1984
84Personnel Communications: Environment1974-1978
85Personnel Communications: Experiment Station1987
86Personnel Communications: Extension personnel1961-1978
91Personnel Communications: Extension personnel1979-1990
92Personnel Communications: Family financial management1987
93Personnel Communications: Family life1957-1987
94Personnel Communications: Family resources management1979-1983
95Personnel Communications: Farm and Home Week1949-1950
96Personnel Communications: Farm and Ranch News1988-1990
101Personnel Communications: 4-H1949-1968
102Personnel Communications: Farm and Ranch News1990-1993
111Personnel Communications: 4-H1969-1991
121Personnel Communications: Foods/nutrition1950-1987
122Personnel Communications: Helpful hints1960-1961
123Personnel Communications: Home demonstration1950-1983
124Personnel Communications: Home economics1955-1991
125Personnel Communications: Home economics briefs1963-1990
131Personnel Communications: Home helps1955-1962
132Personnel Communications: Home management1950-1974
133Personnel Communications: Horticulture/Forestry1950-1990
134Personnel Communications: Household1966-1987
141Personnel Communications: Human relations1966-1974
142Personnel Communications: IDE1975-1981
143Personnel Communications: Information crutch1941-1951
144Personnel Communications: Messenger1954-1977
145Personnel Communications: Messenger � miscellaneous1973-1975
146Personnel Communications: Miscellaneous1956-1968
151Personnel Communications: Miscellaneous1970-1990
152Personnel Communications: Music1954-1957
153Personnel Communications: Notes for agents1962-1974
154Personnel Communications: Plan of work1965
155Personnel Communications: Plant pathology1967-1968
161Personnel Communications: Plant science1969-1988
171Personnel Communications: Plant science1988-1991
172Personnel Communications: Poultry1950-1966
173Personnel Communications: Press release summaries1973-1974
174Personnel Communications: Press releases1968-1975
175Personnel Communications: Safety and health1950-1980
176Personnel Communications: Soils and weeds1969
181Personnel Communications: South Dakota farm continuity1945-1950
182Personnel Communications: Sport stories1924-1957
191Personnel Communications: Sport stories1957-1972
201Personnel Communications: Specials1930-1945
202Personnel Communications: Sport stories1972-1973
211Personnel Communications: State Fair1986-1991
212Personnel Communications: Student stories1932-1933
221Personnel Communications: Student stories1933-1938
222Personnel Communications: Summary1959-1979
223Personnel Communications: Timely tipsundated
224Personnel Communications: Veterinary1950-1991
225Personnel Communications: Water and irrigation1968-1969
226Personnel Communications: Wildlife1971-1983
231News Releases: College stories to dailies1924-1928
241News Releases: College stories to dailies1928-1931
251News Releases: College stories to dailies1931-1934
261News Releases: College stories to dailies1934-1937
271News Releases: College stories to dailies1937-1940
281News Releases: College stories to dailies1940-1943
291News Releases: College stories to dailies1943-1947
301News Releases: College stories to dailies1947-1952
311News Releases: College stories to dailies1953-1959, 1962
321News Releases: College stories to dailies1964-1966
331News Releases: College stories to dailies1967-1969
341News Releases: College stories to dailies1970-1971
351News Releases: College stories to dailies1972-1973
36B36 MF-0001News Releases: College Stories to Dailies1927-1928
36B36 MF-0002News Releases: College Stories to Dailies, Special Stories1928-1929
36B36 MF-0003News Releases: College Stories to Dailies1930, 1932
36B36 MF-0004News Releases: College Stories to Dailies (1932 continued), Associated Press1932, 1934
36B36 MF-0005News Releases: College Stories to Dailies; Weekly stories1934-1935
36B36 MF-0006News Releases: College Stories to Dailies1936, 1938
36B36 MF-0007News Releases: College Stories to Dailies (1938 continued)1938, 1940
36B36 MF-0008News Releases: College Stories to Dailies (1940 continued)1940, 1942
36B36 MF-0009News Releases: College Stories to Dailies ; Retake of 1931 #00031931, 1942-1945
36B36 MF-0010News Releases: College Stories to Dailies1946-1978
36B36 MF-0011News Releases: College Stories to Dailies1948, 1951
36B36 MF-0012News Releases: College Stories to Dailies1952, 1957
36B36 MF-0013News Releases: College Stories to Dailies1965, 1968
36B36 MF-0014News Releases: College Stories to Dailies1966, 1968
36B36 MF-0015News Releases: College Stories to Dailies1968, 1970
36B36 MF-0016News Releases: College Stories to Dailies1970, 1972
36B36 MF-0017News Releases: College Stories to Dailies1972-1973
36B36 MF-0018Personnel Communications: Ag Econ (Retake 0031 & 0034)1975
36B36 MF-0019Personnel Communications: Ag Econ, Ag Eng.1970, 1975
36B36 MF-0020Personnel Communications: Ag Eng.; Ag Soils1971, 1976
36B36 MF-0021Personnel Communications: Ag Weeds, Animal Science1950, 1977
36B36 MF-0022Personnel Communications: Animal Science1977, 1991
36B36 MF-0023Personnel Communications: Bits & Things; Comm. Notes1956, 1971
36B36 MF-0024Personnel Communications: Cutlines; Entomology1976, 1984
36B36 MF-0025Personnel Communications: Environment; Farm & Ranch News1974, 1988
36B36 MF-0026Personnel Communications: Farm & Ranch (continued); Farm & Ranch1988, 1991
36B36 MF-0027Personnel Communications: Farm & Ranch; 4-H1971, 1989
36B36 MF-0028Personnel Communications: 4-H1971, 1989
36B36 MF-0029Personnel Communications: 4-H; Home Demonstration1979, 1990
36B36 MF-0030Personnel Communications: Home Demonstration; Hort./Fort1969, 1990
36B36 MF-0031Personnel Communications: Hort./Fort; IDE1969, 1981
36B36 MF-0032Personnel Communications: The Messenger, Pt. 11954, 1975
36B36 MF-0033Personnel Communications: The Messenger, Pt. 2; The Messenger Misc.1969, 1975
36B36 MF-0034Personnel Communications: Miscellaneousundated
36B36 MF-0035Personnel Communications: Miscellaneous; Plant Science1976, 1985
36B36 MF-0036Personnel Communications: Plant Science1977, 1989
36B36 MF-0037Personnel Communications: Plant Science; Soils & weeds1969, 1990
36B36 MF-0038Personnel Communications: SD Farm Continuity; Sport stories1941-1942, 1945
36B36 MF-0039Personnel Communications: Sport stories1952-1953, 1966
36B36 MF-0040Personnel Communications: Sport stories; Specials1931-1932, 1967-1968
36B36 MF-0041Personnel Communications: Specials, State Fair1932-1933, 1989
36B36 MF-0042Personnel Communications: State Fair, Student stories,1935-1936, 1989
36B36 MF-0043Personnel Communications: Student Stories, Wildlife, 4-H Doings (Retake)1986-1987
3714-H: Small Groups in Small Places [4-H 34]undated
3724-H: General 4-H Project Financial Summary [4-H 204]1979
3734-H: Getting Acquainted [4-H 33]undated
3744-H: Good Health and You [4-H 61]undated
3754-H: Good Luck to You in Dress Revue [4-H 68]undated
3764-H: Good Meeting Ideas [4-H 125]undated
3774-H: Guide for Clothing Judges [4-H 371]1991
3784-H: Guide to Birdhouse Building [4-H 60]undated
3794-H: Guidelines1987 November-1988 July
37104-H: Home Improvement Projects Units 1-3 [4-H 100-101]undated
37114-H: Home Living - Unit Two [4-H 417]undated
37124-H: I Like 4-H Because [FH 065]undated
37134-H: Ice Breakers [4-H 32]undated
37144-H: Indoor Gardening [4-H 152]undated
37154-H: Insects (lead printing plate)undated
37164-H: Intermediate Clothing [4-H 286]undated
37174-H: International Farm Youth Exchange [4-H 97]undated
37184-H: Is Your Citizenship Showing [4-H 14]undated
37194-H: Job Find [4-H 356]undated
37204-H: Kids in Charge [4-H 436-447]undated
37214-H: Leader's Crop Project Guide [4-H 46]undated
37224-H: Leader's Handicraft Project Guide [4-H 28]undated
37234-H: Leader's Report [4-H 192]undated
37244-H: Leadership and the Junior Leader [4-H 304]undated
37254-H: Learn, Live, Serve Through Junior Leadership [4-H 58 ; 4-H 63]undated
37264-H: Learning Through Judging - Home Economics Leaders Guide [4-H 49]undated
37274-H: Let's Explore Careers [4-H 54-55]undated
37284-H: Livestock Showmanship Contests [4-H 48]undated
37294-H: Local Financing of 4-H Projects [4-H 202]undated
37304-H: Local Organizations and the 4-H Club [4-H 52]undated
37314-H: Management for Youth [4-H 84-85, 4-H 103]undated
37324-H: Mealtime Manners [4-H 17]undated
37334-H: Membershipundated
37344-H: Membership Card [4-H 242]undated
37354-H: Mighty Muffin [4-H 345-346]undated
37364-H: National Accountability and Evaluation 4-H Alumniundated
37374-H: New World Within Your Child's Grasp 4-H [4-H 412]undated
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37394-H: Permanent Record of 4-H Member [4-H 205]undated
37404-H: Petroleum Power [4-H 168]undated
37414-H: Photography [4-H 116]undated
37424-H: Photographsundated
37434-H: Plant Science [4-H 128]undated
37444-H: Poultry [4-H 178]undated
37454-H: Poultry Leaders Hand Bookundated
37464-H: Preschooler [4-H 481-482]undated
37474-H: Processing Fruits, Tomatoes, Pickled Vegetables [4-H 333]undated
37484-H: Program Planning - Organization of New Clubsundated
37494-H: Rabbit [4-H 136, 4-H 216]undated
37504-H: Radio Writing and Speaking Contest1951, 1954
37514-H: Range and Pasture [4-H 65-66 ; 4-H 214undated
37524-H: Range Plants Study and Identification [4-H 145 ; 4-H 221 ; 4-H 247]1976
37534-H: Recreation Leadership [4-H 31]undated
37544-H: Recruitment [4-H 313 ; 4-H 315 ; 4-H 317-318 ; 4-H 411-413]undated
37554-H: Rock, Mineral, Fossil [4-H 72, 4-H 92 ; 4-H 146 ; 4-H 323]undated
37564-H: Safety [4-H 166]undated
37574-H: SD 4-H "I pledge" video & public service announcement2004 July 6
37584-H: Secretary's Record Book [4-H 218]1984, undated
37594-H: Selecting and Preparing Birds for Show [4-H 203]undated
37604-H: Self-Determined Project [4-H 189-190]undated
37614-H: Sheep [4-H 173]undated
37624-H: Sheep Blocking and Trimming [4-H 40]undated
37634-H: Sheep Production Guide [4-H 25 ; 4-H 87]undated
37644-H: Sheep Showmanship [4-H 170 ; 4-H 481]undated
37654-H: So You Are Camp Counselor of Your Club [4-H 69]undated
37664-H: Soil and Water Conservation - A Beginning Activity [4-H 50]undated
37674-H: Songsundated
37684-H: South Dakota 4-H Project [4-H 90]1976, 1979-1981
37694-H: South Dakota 4-H Leaders Guide to Project Selection [4-H 99]undated
37704-H: South Dakota 4-H Performing Arts2005
37714-H: South Dakota 4-H Shooting Sports [4-H 363]undated
37724-H: Square Dancing Is Fun for Everyone! [4-H 312]undated
37734-H: Standards for County Awards [4-H 42]undated
37744-H: State Club Week1937
37754-H: Submitting for State Awards [4-H 44]1976
37764-H: Swine Production Guide [4-H 86]undated
37774-H: Swine Showmanship [4-H 172]1979, undated
37784-H: Teach, Demonstrate, Learn About Crop Production [4-H 56]undated
37794-H: Teen's Tune-ups1974
37804-H: Toddler [4-H 79-80]undated
37814-H: Tote bag Projectcirca 1920s-1930s
37824-H: Tractor Operators Contest, Automotive Contest [4-H 201]undated
37834-H: Trip to Washington, DC [4-H 319]1984
37844-H: Vegetable Gardening & Small Fruit Growing [4-H 153]undated
37854-H: Veterinary Science [4-H 177 ; $-H 324-326]1981, undated
37864-H: Young Man Dress Right! Look Right! [4-H 88-89]undated
37874-H: Your Community Needs Your in the 4-H Program [4-H 102]undated
37884-H: Your Vegetable Garden [4-H 154]undated
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3790Publications: Abstract of Papers Presented at the Extension Agricultural Economics Training School1946
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3795Publications: Annual Conference2006
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37109Publications: Control Mosquitoes Use DEET [poster] [ESS 1103]undated
37110Publications: Control Mosquitoes - Use DEET - Fight the Bite [button]undated
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384Publications: Fight - the Bite - Use DEET to Protect Yourself! [poster] [ESS 1203]undated
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3815Publications: Homemaking Programundated
3816Publications: Horticultural Insecticidesundated
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3819Publications: Insect Pests of Trees and Shrubsundated
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496Administrative: Extension Makes a Difference: Educational Programming1996
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4911Administrative: Games for Small Groups in Small Spacescirca 1940
4912Administrative: Home Storage Extension Circular 245circa 1930
4913Administrative: How a Child Grows Mimeo Circular 3771949
4914Administrative: Living with the Pre-School Child Extension Mimeo Circular 3791950
4915Administrative: Middle-Aged Child Extension Mimeo Circular 3801950
4916Administrative: Mourning Dove Facts Factsheet 576undated
4917Administrative: Oven and Broiler Meals Mimeo Circular 3721949
4918Administrative: Photographs 0001-0003 [1 color, 3 black and white photos]1967, undated
4919Administrative: Report on a Review of Progress on the Extension Vision for the 21st Century2002
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4923Administrative: Vision for the 21st Century1999
4924Administrative: Young Home Makers' House Cleaning Handbook Extension Circular 6581976
49254-H: 4-H Leadership Camp1950
4926Extension Circulate 329 - Managing Low Cost Sunday Dinners1933
4927Southeast Research Farm to host fall field day2019