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UA 5.7


College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, Department of Dairy Science Records


Department of Dairy Science, College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, South Dakota State University




33.46 linear feet (30 records boxes, 1 document case, 2 oversize boxes-flat)




South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.

Access note

This collection is stored off-site. Requests to view this material must be made at least 24 hours in advance. This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Preferred Citation

Name of item . College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences, Department of Dairy Science Records. UA 5.7. South Dakota State University Archives and Special Collections, Hilton M. Briggs Library, Brookings, South Dakota.


The Department of Dairy Science covers the entire spectrum of the dairy industry; from farm to product, with expertise in both Dairy Production and Dairy Manufacturing. This collection consists of administrative records, publications and Dairy Husbandry records which consist of correspondence, reports, registry materials, receipts, bills, inventories, statements, photographs and miscellaneous items.

Historical Note

Instruction and research in dairying were activities at South Dakota State University long before a Department of Dairying was established. By 1897, when the department was formed, coursework was well established. In 1892, a dairy building was built, and much of the coursework was completed in the special labs and rooms. In addition to regular college courses, the department also offered a short course in creamery. These courses met for anywhere from two to twelve weeks, and were highly successful and very well attended for the 52 years of their existence.

Although minor name changes occurred through the years, the general philosophy of the department has remained essentially the same. Courses are taught which prepare students for careers in dairy manufacturing or dairy production. In addition to the BS degree, an MS in Dairy Science has been offered since 1903, and a Ph.D. in agriculture is also offered through the department in the areas of dairy science or dairy cattle nutrition and management. Much of the research is conducted through the Agricultural Experiment Station, as it had been since its inception. Dairying has also been a large component in the Cooperative Extension Service through the years.

The Department of Dairy Science has been very visible both on campus and throughout Brookings through the dairy processing plant and sales room. Students gain practical experience in processing and offer milk, cheese, butter and ice cream for sale through the sales room. These products are also used in campus eating facilities.

Contents Note

The Dairy Science Department Records are composed of departmental records, publications and Dairy Husbandry records which consist of correspondence, reports, registry materials, receipts, bills, inventories, statements, photographs and miscellaneous items.

The administrative records are composed of clippings, correspondence, policy manuals, photographs/negatives, bulletins, leaflets, newsletters, programs, reports and miscellaneous items. Included is material on cooperative education, creamery short courses, Diary Industry Week, Dairy Princess judging, and a history of the Dairy Science Department, which was revised in 1994-95. An item of note is a scrapbook from the early 1900, which contains clippings of dairy related material. Some unusual items included are two small milk cartons used by the Dairy Science Department.

The photographs were collected by the Dairy Science Department over the years. These photographs cover a wide range of topics, from barns and local creameries, to ice cream and yogurt. Some photographs are of experiments conducted by the Dairy Science Department, including bloat procedures, diseases bovine udders and a vitamin D deficiency/sun deprivation experiment. Some items of note include glass plates for experiment station bulletin publications. Ask the Special Collections staff for assistance in viewing these photographs. Folders and arranged in alphabetical order.

The Dairy Husbandry records are composed of correspondence and general office files which include reports, registry materials, receipts, bills, inventories, statements, photographs and miscellaneous items. The bulk of this collection is correspondence from companies and area dairy farmers to and from the head of the Dairy Husbandry department during the years covered. Other items in this collection show the day to day operation of the department. An item of note is correspondence from Ben Reifel while he was a student at SDSC looking for employment.

Items such as receipts, daily creamery reports, test supervisor's reports for advanced registry and feed record report cards were sampled and a small collection kept indicating how the reports were filled out and what they were used for. The photographs were separated and are housed in the photograph collection. Folders are arranged in alphabetical order and there under chronologically.

Key Words

  • South Dakota State College. Department of Dairy Husbandry.
  • South Dakota State University. Dairy Plant and Sales Bar.
  • South Dakota State University. Department of Dairy Science.

Administrative Information

Conditions Governing Access

This collection is open to researchers without restrictions. The materials in the Archives do not circulate and may be used in-house only.

Researchers conducting extensive research are asked to make an advance appointment to access archival material. Please call or e-mail prior to visiting the collection and indicate as much detail as possible about a particular topic and intended use.

South Dakota State University supports access to the materials, published and unpublished, in its collections. Nonetheless, access to some items may be restricted as a result of their fragile condition or by contractual agreements with donors.

Copyright note

Copyright restrictions apply in different ways to different materials. Many of the documents and other historical materials in the Archives are in the public domain and may be reproduced and used in any way. There are other materials in the Archive carrying a copyright interest and must be used according to the provisions of Title 17 of the U.S. Code. The Archive issues a warning concerning copyright restrictions to every researcher who requests copies of documents. Although the copyright law is under constant redefinition in the courts, it is ultimately the responsibility of the researcher to properly use copyrighted material.


Container List

11Administrative: Alumni newsletter1944-1991
12Administrative: Bulletins1938-1957
13Administrative: Clippings1926-1994
14Administrative: Collected material (pamphlets, handbooks, etc. not SDSU)1934-1939, 1982
15Administrative: Cooperative education1983-1996
16Administrative: Correspondence1976
17Administrative: Creamery short course1923-1952
18Administrative: Dairy Days (programs)1952-1953
19Administrative: Dairy Field Day (program)1925
110Administrative: Dairy Husbandry Department receipt books1924, 1930
21Administrative: Dairy Industry Week material1939-1958
22Administrative: Dairy judging cardundated
23Administrative: Dairy Plant and Sales Bar (brochures)1988, 2001, undated
24Administrative: Dairy Plant Renovation Groundbreaking [program]2010
25Administrative: Dairy Princess material (brochure, score sheet)1978
26Administrative: Dairy Science at SDSU (brochure)2001
27Administrative: Scholarships and Awards banquet (programs)1982, 2004-2008
28Administrative: Dairy Science Update (newsletter)1981
29Administrative: Faculty obituaries1988, 1991
210Administrative: Got Grads? (publication)undated
211Administrative: History1994-1995
212Administrative: Jackrabbit Dairy Review (newsletter)2003-2008
213Administrative: Leaflets1940
21Administrative: Miscellaneous charts, notes, publicationsundated
215Administrative: New Dairy Products (info sheets)1991, undated
216Administrative: Pamphlets1981-1992, undated
217Administrative: Photographs1913-1945
218Administrative: Policy Manual1980-1981, 1989-1990
219Administrative: Self-study - graduate programs (report)1982
220Administrative: South Dakota DHIA News (newsletter)1990-1994
221Administrative: Bulletin 164, Making Butter and Cheese on the Farm1919
31Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1923-1924
32Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - B1923-1924
33Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - B1923-1924
34Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - C1923-1924
35Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - C1923-1924
36Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - D1923-1924
37Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - E1923-1924
38Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - F1923-1924
39Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - M1923-1924
310Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - N1923-1924
311Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - O (Olson)1923-1924
312Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - P1923-1924
313Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1924-1925
314Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1924-1925
315Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - D1924-1925
316Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - E1924-1925
317Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - F1924-1925
318Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - G1924-1925
319Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - G1924-1925
320Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - H1924-1925
321Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - I1924-1925
322Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - J1924-1925
323Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - K1924-1925
324Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - L (including Dean Larsen)1924-1925
325Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - M1924-1925
326Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - N1924-1925
327Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - O (Olson letters, etc.)1924-1925
328Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - P1924-1925
329Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Q1924-1925
330Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - R1924-1925
331Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1924-1925
332Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - T1924-1925
41Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - U1924-1925
42Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - V1924-1925
43Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - W1924-1925
44Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Y1924-1925
45Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1925-1926
46Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - B1925-1926
47Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - C1925-1926
48Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - D1925-1926
49Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - E1925-1926
410Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - F1925-1926
411Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - H1925-1926
412Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - J1925-1926
413Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - K1925-1926
414Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - L1925-1926
415Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - M1925-1926
416Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - N1925-1926
417Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - O1925-1926
418Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - P1925-1926
419Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1925-1926
420Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - T1925-1926
421Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - U1925-1926
422Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - V1925-1926
423Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - W1925-1926
424Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Y1925-1926
425Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Z1925-1926
426Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1926-1927
427Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - B1926-1927
428Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - C1926-1927
429Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - D1926-1927
430Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - E1926-1927
431Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - F1926-1927
432Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - G1926-1927
433Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - H1926-1927
434Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - I1926-1927
435Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - J1926-1927
436Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - K1926-1927
437Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - L1926-1927
438Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - M1926-1927
439Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - N1926-1927
440Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - P1926-1927
441Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - R1926-1927
442Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1926-1927
443Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - T1926-1927
444Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - U1926-1927
445Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - V1926-1927
446Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - W1926-1927
447Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Y1926-1927
51Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1927-1928
52Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - B1927-1928
53Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - C1927-1928
54Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - D1927-1928
55Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - E1927-1928
56Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - F1927-1928
57Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - G1927-1928
58Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - H1927-1928
59Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - I1927-1928
510Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - J1927-1928
511Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - K1927-1928
512Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - L (Land O Lakes, Dean Larsen, etc.)1927-1928
513Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - L1927-1928
514Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - M1927-1928
515Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - N1927-1928
516Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - O (Olson, etc., official information)1927-1928
517Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - P1927-1928
518Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Q1927-1928
519Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - R1927-1928
520Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1927-1928
521Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1927-1928
522Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - T1927-1928
523Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - U1927-1928
524Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - V1927-1928
525Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - W1927-1928
526Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - W1927-1928
527Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Y1927-1928
528Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Z1927-1928
61Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1928-1929
62Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - B1928-1929
63Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - C1928-1929
64Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - D1928-1929
65Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - E1928-1929
66Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - F1928-1929
67Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - G (Gardner, etc.)1928-1929
68Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - G (Gardner, etc.)1928-1929
69Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - H1928-1929
610Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - I1928-1929
611Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - J1928-1929
612Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - K1928-1929
613Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - L (Dean C. Larsen, Land O Lakes, R.A.Larson, etc.)1928-1929
614Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - L (Dean C. Larsen, Land O Lakes, R.A.Larson, etc.)1928-1929
615Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - M1928-1929
616Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - N1928-1929
71Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - O (T.M. Olson, official, etc.)1928-1929
72Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - P1928-1929
73Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Q1928-1929
74Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - R1928-1929
75Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1928-1929
76Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1928-1929
77Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1928-1929
78Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - T1928-1929
79Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - U1928-1929
710Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - V1928-1929
711Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - W1928-1929
712Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Y1928-1929
713Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Z1928-1929
714Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1929-1930
715Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1929-1930
716Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - B1929-1930
717Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - C1929-1930
718Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - D1929-1930
719Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - E1929-1930
720Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - F1929-1930
721Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - G (Norton on Gardener's letters, etc. - not examined for Kolgard material)1929-1930
722Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - G1929-1930
723Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - H1929-1930
81Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - J1929-1930
82Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - K1929-1930
83Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - M1929-1930
84Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - N1929-1930
85Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - P1929-1930
86Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - R1929-1930
87Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1929-1930
88Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1929-1930
89Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - W1929-1930
810Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1930-1931
811Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1930-1931
812Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - B1930-1931
813Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - C1930-1931
814Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - D1930-1931
815Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - E1930-1931
816Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - F1930-1931
817Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - G1930-1931
818Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - H1930-1931
819Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - I1930-1931
820Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - J1930-1931
821Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - K1930-1931
822Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - L (including Dean Larsen)1930-1931
823Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - L (including Dean Larsen)1930-1931
824Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - M1930-1931
825Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - N1930-1931
826Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - O (including official file and T.M. Olson)1930-1931
91Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - P1930-1931
92Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Q1930-1931
93Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - R1930-1931
94Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1930-1931
95Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1930-1931
96Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - T1930-1931
97Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - U1930-1931
98Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - V1930-1931
99Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - W1930-1931
910Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Y1930-1931
911Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Z1930-1931
912Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1931-1932
913Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - B1931-1932
914Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - C1931-1932
915Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - D1931-1932
916Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - E1931-1932
917Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - F1931-1932
918Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - G1931-1932
919Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - H1931-1932
920Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - H1931-1932
921Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - I1931-1932
922Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - J1931-1932
923Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - J1931-1932
924Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - K1931-1932
101Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - L (including Dean Larsen, Dr. Lipp, Land O Lakes, etc.)1931-1932
102Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - L (including Dean Larsen, Dr. Lipp, Land O Lakes, etc.)1931-1932
103Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - M1931-1932
104Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - N1931-1932
105Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - O (Prof. Olson, etc.)1931-1932
106Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - P1931-1932
107Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Q1931-1932
108Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - R1931-1932
109Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1931-1932
1010Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1931-1932
1011Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1931-1932
1012Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - T1931-1932
1013Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - V1931-1932
1014Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - W1931-1932
1015Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Y1931-1932
1016Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Z1931-1932
1017Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1932-1933
1018Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - A1932-1933
1019Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - B1932-1933
1020Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - C1932-1933
1021Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - D1932-1933
1022Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - E1932-1933
1023Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - F1932-1933
1024Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - G1932-1933
1025Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - H1932-1933
1026Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - H1932-1933
1027Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - I1932-1933
111Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - J (including judging contest material1932-1933
112Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - J (including judging contest material1932-1933
113Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - K1932-1933
114Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - L1932-1933
115Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - M1932-1933
116Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - N1932-1933
117Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - O (including Olson's letters and official file)1932-1933
118Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - P1932-1933
119Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Q1932-1933
1110Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - R1932-1933
1111Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - S1932-1933
1112Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - T1932-1933
1113Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - T1932-1933
1114Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - U1932-1933
1115Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - W1932-1933
1116Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Y1932-1933
1117Dairy Husbandry: Correspondence - Z1932-1933
1118Dairy Husbandry: Judging contest material (Smith Hughs)1932-1933
1119Dairy Husbandry: T.M. Olson, official information file1927
1120Dairy Husbandry: Holstein Association material (H.W. Norton, records, etc.)1931-1932
1121Dairy Husbandry: Holstein Association material (H.W. Norton, records, etc.)1931-1932
1122Dairy Husbandry: Unpaid supervisor's bills1926-1930
1123Dairy Husbandry: Paid supervisor's bills1924-1926
121Dairy Husbandry: State College Creamery reports1923-1924
122Dairy Husbandry: State College Creamery reports1925-1927
123Dairy Husbandry: State College Creamery reports1928-1933
124Dairy Husbandry: State College Creamery reports1933-1936
125Dairy Husbandry: Station funds (State Experiment Dairy)1932-1940
126Dairy Husbandry: Station funds (All funds - closed out)1936-1937
127Dairy Husbandry: State funds (State experiment)1938
128Dairy Husbandry: Output reports1931
129Dairy Husbandry: Output reports1932
1210Dairy Husbandry: Output reports1935
1211Dairy Husbandry: Output reports1935-1936
1212Dairy Husbandry: Churning record (SDSC)1935-1936
1213Dairy Husbandry: Intake sheets1936
1214Dairy Husbandry: Weekly proof sheets1935-1936
1215Dairy Husbandry: Test supervisor's report for advanced registry (State School & Home, Redfield, South Dakota)1934-1937
1216Dairy Husbandry: Test supervisor's report for advanced registry (J.M. Coon)1932-1933
1217Dairy Husbandry: Test supervisor's report for advanced registry (S.D. Penitentiary, Sioux Falls, South Dakota)1933-1935
1218Dairy Husbandry: Test supervisor's report for advanced registry (Yankton State Hospital)1933-1937
1219Dairy Husbandry: Daily creamery report1933-1938
1220Dairy Husbandry: Herd test reports (John L. Connolly, Elk Point)1936
1221Dairy Husbandry: Herd improvement register (Wahoo Lodge Farm)1936
1222Dairy Husbandry: Herd Improvement Test Reports (C.B. Arnold, Centerville, South Dakota)1934
1223Dairy Husbandry: Herd Improvement Test Reports (State School & Farm, Redfield, South Dakota)1933
1224Dairy Husbandry: Feed Record report cards1921-1937
1225Dairy Husbandry: Feed Record report cards1921-1935
1226Dairy Husbandry: Feed Record report cards (Herd #324)1926-1937
1227Dairy Husbandry: Receipts1921
1228Dairy Husbandry: Receipts1923
1229Dairy Husbandry: Receipts1929
1230Dairy Husbandry: Receipts1932
1231Dairy Husbandry: Receipts1939-1940
131Dairy Husbandry: Paid supervisor's bills (and some older bills)1927-1929
132Dairy Husbandry: Paid supervisor's bills1929-1932
133Dairy Husbandry: Glass vat as pasteurizer of cream1922-1923
134Dairy Husbandry: Totman's files1930-1931
135Dairy Husbandry: Totman's files1932
136Dairy Husbandry: Testing reports/records1923-1927
137Dairy Husbandry: Cash reports1923-1924
138Dairy Husbandry: Cash reports1924-1926
139Dairy Husbandry: Cash reports1929
1310Dairy Husbandry: Cash reports1929-1934
1311Dairy Husbandry: Cash reports1938-1940
141Dairy Husbandry: Station funds (station local)1932-1940
142Dairy Husbandry: Station funds (State experimental)1931-1932
143Dairy Husbandry: Station funds (Federal Bankhead Jones)1935-1940
151Dairy Husbandry: Inventories1924-1935
152Dairy Husbandry: Station funds (Purnell)1931-1940
153Dairy Husbandry: Station Funds (Hatch)1931-1940
154Dairy Husbandry: Statements from business office1929-1940
161Administrative: SDSC bulk ice cream cartonundated
162Administrative: SDSU Dairy milk cartonsundated
163Administrative: Silo specificationsundated
164Administrative: Scrapbook (dairy clippings)1903-1904
171Administrative: ADA Technologies2005-2007
172Administrative: Add Serv Scholarship1996-1999
173Administrative: Advisory Council1995
174Administrative: Annual Department Heads meeting2007-2008
175Administrative: ABS Department Heads Meeting2010-2011
176Administrative: ABS Department Heads Meeting2013-2014
177Administrative: ANSADM2011
178Administrative: ANSADM2012
179Administrative: ANSADM2013
1710Administrative: Alfred Cheir in Cheese Chemistry- Background materialsundated
1711Administrative: Alfred Laboratory1996
1712Administrative: Alumni Dairy Departmentundated
1713Administrative: Alvin A. Schockundated
1714Administrative: Anaerobic Digesterundated
1715Administrative: Annual Inventory1973-2002
1716Administrative: A.M. Eberle1955
1717Administrative: Antibiotic Problem1995
1718Administrative: Assessment Dairy Scienceundated
1719Administrative: Barn Replacement Information1970-1978
1720Administrative: Bicentennial Committee1973-1975
1721Administrative: Big Stone Cheese Company Scholarship1977-1988
1722Administrative: Blue Valley Dairy Scholarship1977-1983
1723Administrative: Bobbi Ventling - Thesis Research / Dr. Mistry1990-1991
1724Administrative: Bobbi Ventling - Thesis Research Book 21990-1991
1725Administrative: Brooke Bond Cheez Co., Inc. Scholarship1979-1980
1726Administrative: Brown Swiss1970-1973
1727Administrative: Brown Swiss1998-1999
1728Administrative: Brown Swiss1984-2005
1729Administrative: Brown Swiss Registrations1963-1973
1730Administrative: Brown Swiss Registrations- Inactive2001-2006
1731Administrative: Brown Swiss Registrations- Inactive1995-2002
181Administrative: Budget (1)2005-2006
182Administrative: Budget (2)2005-2006
183Administrative: Budget2007-2008
184Administrative: Budget (1)2008-2009
185Administrative: Budget (11)2008-2009
186Administrative: Budget Fiscal Year 20092009
187Administrative: Budget (1)2009-2010
188Administrative: Budget (11)2009-2010
189Administrative: Budget Fiscal Year 20102010
1810Administrative: Budget2011-2012
1811Administrative: Budget Fiscal Year 20112011
1812Administrative: Budget Fiscal Year 20122012
1813Administrative: Budget Fiscal Year 20132013
1814Administrative: Budget2012-2013
1815Administrative: Buflovak Evaporator Donation Fairmont Foods1982
1816Administrative: Bulk Haulers Program1979
1817Administrative: Bulk Milk Tank1964-1965
1818Administrative: Buttermilk Lowfat Cheese Summer1993
1819Administrative: Calhoon Scholarship1979-1986
1820Administrative: Certificates of Registry for cows- Sold and dead1913-1943
1821Administrative: Certificates of Registry for cows and bulls- sold and dead- Ayrshire's1913-1959
191Administrative: Certificates of Registry for cows and bulls- sold and dead- Guernsey's (1)1936-1959
192Administrative: Certificates for Advanced Registry for dead or sold animals- Holstein (1)1942-1966
193Administrative: Certificates for Advanced Registry for dead or sold animals- Holstein (2)1911-1950
194Administrative: Certificates for Advanced Registry for dead or sold animals- Holstein (3)1911-1943
195Administrative: Central Plains Dairy Exposition2004-2012
196Administrative: Cheese Facts1992-1995, 1999-2002
197Administrative: Cheese Sales Policy and Other Products1974-1975
198Administrative: Cleaning Protocols for the plant1998
199Administrative: Clippings2004, 2008, 2019
1910Administrative: Collegiate Students International1916-1950
1911Administrative: Colorado Dairy Tech Society Scholarship1987-1999
1912Administrative: Communication Skills Intensive Courses1999-2002
1913Administrative: Confined Space Policy University Farm1997-2001
1914Administrative: Consolidation Committee- North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota1992-1993
1915Administrative: Convention Program for the Central Plains Dairy Exposition2001-2008
1916Administrative: Continental Colloids, Inc. Scholarship1999
1917Administrative: Consolidation Committee- North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota1993
1918Administrative: Correspondence1996-1997
1919Administrative: Correspondence2002-2003
1920Administrative: Correspondence2000-2002
1921Administrative: Correspondence2004
1922Administrative: Correspondence2005
1923Administrative: Correspondence2006
1924Administrative: Correspondence2007
1925Administrative: Corsica Cheese Scholarship1984-1988
1926Administrative: Course Cancellations Due to 7/10 Policy2002
1927Administrative: Course Evaluation1974
1928Administrative: Course Evaluation- Production1974
1929Administrative: Course and Instructor Evaluations1986-2003
1930Administrative: Culhane's Dairy Scholarship1975-1981
1931Administrative: Dairy Advisory Board1996
1932Administrative: Dairy Barn1962
1933Administrative: Dairy Center2001
201Administrative: Dairy Center2002
202Administrative: Dairy Center2003
203Administrative: Dairy Center2004
204Administrative: Dairy Center2005
205Administrative: Dairy Center2006
206Administrative: Dairy Center2007
207Administrative: Dairy Department Program Mission1975
208Administrative: Dairy Department- Yellow Dog Societyundated
209Administrative: Dairy Development2000-2009
2010Administrative: Dairy Development1994
2011Administrative: Dairy Development [26 color photos]1996
2012Administrative: Dairy Development [4 color photos]1999-2004
2013Administrative: Dairy Development [7 color photos]2001-2008
2014Administrative: Dairy Facts2003-2004
2015Administrative: Dairy Facts2006-2007
2016Administrative: Dairy Farm2001-2005
2017Administrative: Dairy Farm Management1994-2000
2018Administrative: Dairy Farm Management Program1985-1995
2019Administrative: Dairy Farm Meeting Career Service1991-2003
2020Administrative: Dairy Farm Milk Analysis2001-2004
2021Administrative: Dairy Farm Reclassification Career Service1995
2022Administrative: Dairy Foods Research Center1986
2023Administrative: Dairy Groundbreaking [32 color photos]1993
2024Administrative: DM Building - DM 116-DS dejet1983-1987
2025Administrative: Dairy Plant2001 -2006
2026Administrative: Dairy Plank Budget and Operations1997-1999
2027Administrative: Dairy Plant Equipment [2 black and white photos]1959
2028Administrative: Dairy Plant Equipment1984-1988
2029Administrative: Dairy Plant Financial Statement1968 -1972
2030Administrative: Dairy Plant Freezer Renovation1997
2031Administrative: Dairy Plant Ice Cream Freezer1994
2032Administrative: Dairy Plant Ims Rating and Cleaning Problems2000-2001
2033Administrative: Dairy Plant Lab Renovation1990-1993
2034Administrative: Dairy Production Unit1987-1988
2035Administrative: Dairy Production Pricing1975
211Administrative: Dairy Plant Production Study2003
212Administrative: Dairy Research and Training Facility Account Summary1995
213Administrative: Dairy Research and Training Facility Digester1992
214Administrative: Dairy Research and Training Facility1992
215Administrative: Dairy Research and Training Facility1992
216Administrative: Dariy Research and Training Facility Policy Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedures1998
217Administrative: Dairy Research and Training Facility Specifications1992
218Administrative: Dairy Research and Training Facility Specifications1992
219Administrative: Dairy Research and Training Facility1993
2110Administrative: Dairy Research and Training Facility Specifications1993
2111Administrative: Dairy Research and Training Facility1993
2112Administrative: Dairy Research and Training Facility1994
2113Administrative: Dairy Research and Training Facility Funding1992
2114Administrative: Dairy Research and Training Facility Funds1993
2115Administrative: Dairy Science Department1998
2116Administrative: Dairy Science Department Institutional Program/CSREES Review1999
2117Administrative: Dairy Science Department Institutional Program/CSREES Review2006
2118Administrative: Dairy Science Department CSRS Review1987
2119Administrative: Dairy Science Department CSRS Review1992
2120Administrative: Dairy Science Department CSRS Review1999
2121Administrative: Dairy Science Department CSRS Review1999
2122Administrative: Dairy Science Ground Breaking1993
2123Administrative: Dairy Science Pamphlets1997-1999
2124Administrative: Dairy Science Retreatundated
2125Administrative: Dairy Science Unit1989
2126Administrative: Dairy Science Unit1990
2127Administrative: Dairy Science Unit Building Plan1988
2128Administrative: Dairy Science Unit Building Proposals1989
2129Administrative: Dairy Science Unit Improvement Specification1990
2130Administrative: Dairy Unit Plant1994
2131Administrative: Dairy Waste Lagoon1995
2132Administrative: Dairymen's Conference1976-1979
221Administrative: Dairymen's Conference1984-1985
222Administrative: Dairymen's Conference1986-1991
223Administrative: Dairymen's Conference1990
224Administrative: Dairy Conference1984-1985
225Administrative: Dakota Cheese Scholarship1965-1971
226Administrative: Dakota Dairy Technology Society1992-1993
227Administrative: Dakota Rural Action1982-1983
228Administrative: De Kraai Scholarship1961
229Administrative: Dedication of Dairy and Bacteriology Buildingundated
2210Administrative: Data from a Project1971-1976, 1989
2211Administrative: Department of Dairy Science Christmas Letter2002-2003
2212Administrative: Department Facility Meetings2003-2004
2213Administrative: Department Facility Meetings2004-2005
2214Administrative: Department Facility Meetings2005-2006
2215Administrative: Department Facility Meetings2006-2007
2216Administrative: Department Facility Meetings1978
2217Administrative: Department head Administrative Meetings1999-2000
2218Administrative: Department head Administrative Meetings2009
2219Administrative: Department Heads meeting Animal Science2010
2220Administrative: Department Heads meeting Animal Science2009-2010
2221Administrative: Department Heads Meeting College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences2011-2012
2222Administrative: Department Heads Meeting College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences2012-2013
2223Administrative: Department Heads Meeting College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences2007
2224Administrative: Dairy Tour President Chicoine2000-2001
2225Administrative: Department Head Administrative Meetings1977-1980
231Administrative: DHI Newsletters1976-1977
232Administrative: DHI Newslettersundated
233Administrative: Division of Market1974
234Administrative: DS Self Study Informationundated
235Administrative: Dye Antibiotic prep log2000
236Administrative: EcoWater Dairy Research Bid2004-2007
237Administrative: Environmental Health and Safety1977-1991
238Administrative: Ethan Dairy Products Company Scholarship1987-2006
239Administrative: Experimental Station Proposal2003
2310Administrative: Extension Conference1954-1961
2311Administrative: Faculty Bulletin2007-2008
2312Administrative: Faculty Meeting Minutes2008-2009
2313Administrative: Faculty Meeting Minutes2009-2010
2314Administrative: Faculty Meeting Minutes2010-2011
2315Administrative: Faculty Meeting Minutes2011-2012
2316Administrative: Faculty Meeting Minutes2012-2013
2317Administrative: Faculty Meeting Minutes1985
2318Administrative: Farm Bulk Talk1991
2319Administrative: Farm Buisness Plan outlines1944
2320Administrative: Farm and Home week Registrations1999-2006
2321Administrative: Alfred Review of Processes Progress and Prospects1974
2322Administrative: Fire at Dairy Farm2011
2323Administrative: Flandreau Indian Society Success Academy Photos [16 color photos]2003
2324Administrative: Flooring Project1958
2325Administrative: 4-H Electricity Manual1904
2326Administrative: DeVries Dairy Scholarship1957-1962
2326Administrative: Fourth Annual Report of the Food and Dairy Commissioner State of South Dakota1991-2000
2327Administrative: Fuller/Smith Scholarship2006
2327Administrative: DHIA Annual Report1963-1967, 1971-1975
2328Administrative: DHIA Annual Report1973-1975
2328Administrative: Budget Fiscal Year 20062005-2006
2329Administrative: Salary Fiscal Year 20062008
2330Administrative: Budget Fiscal Year 20082008
2331Administrative: Salary Fiscal Year 20082009
2332Administrative: Salary Fiscal Year 20091970-1995
2333Administrative: George Bigger Memorial Scholarship1968-1970
2334Administrative: Governors Conference on Agriculture1993
241Administrative: High School Summer Intern1954-1966
242Administrative: Holstein Association Canceled Registration1965-1974
243Administrative: Holstein Association Canceled Registration1966-1969
244Administrative: Holstein Association Canceled Registration1973-1976
245Administrative: Holstein Association Canceled Registration1979-1983
246Administrative: Holstein Association Canceled Registration1980-1996
247Administrative: Holstein Association Canceled Registration1983-1988
248Administrative: Holstein Association Canceled Registration1984-1991
249Administrative: Holstein Association Canceled Registration1984-1994
2410Administrative: Holstein Association Canceled Registration1994-2004
2411Administrative: Holstein Association Canceled Registration1993-2007
2435Administrative: Governor George S. Mickelson1998
2436Administrative: Graduate Assessment Plan for Dairy Science (M.S.)1981-1991
2437Administrative: Hawley-Long and Associates Scholarship2006
2438Administrative: Henry Ditterich1942-1962
2439Administrative: Herd Improvement Registry2003
251Administrative: I-29 Dairy Conference1993
252Administrative: Ice Cream Freezer Donation1996
253Administrative: Ice Cream Freezer Donation Bordens1971
254Administrative: IMS Conference1999
255Administrative: Information Technology Literacy1971
256Administrative: Interstate Milk Shippers2003-2006
257Administrative: Jackrabbit Dairy Review1976-1985
258Administrative: H. Victor Joachim DHIA MEM SCH1980-1999
259Administrative: Journal of Dairy Science Abstracts of Annual Meetings1911-1938
2510Administrative: Judging Contest [26 black and white photos]1948-1950
2511Administrative: Judging Contest [27 black and white photos and negative]1991-1994
2512Administrative: Kenneth Seas Memorial Scholarship1996
2512Administrative: Holstein Association Registration1996-2007
2513Administrative: Kerry Ingredients Scholarship2004
2513Administrative: Holstein Association Registration1995-2000
2514Administrative: Kids Workshop1994-1996
2514Administrative: Holstein Registration1995-2001
2515Administrative: Holstein Registration1951-1958
2515Administrative: Kroger History Dairy Plant/ Milk Cartoons1986-2005
2516Administrative: Kroger Tomarack Farms Dairy1987
2516Administrative: Holstein Production Records2010-2012
2517Administrative: KVRA Radio Station Scholarshipundated
2518Administrative: Laboratory Equipment2001-2005
2519Administrative: Lagoon2002-2008
2520Administrative: Land O'Lakes Equity/ Patronage Payments1979-1984
2521Administrative: Land O'Lakes Gift Niro spray dryer2002
2522Administrative: Land O'Lakes South Dakota State University Cooker Water1994-1999
2523Administrative: Land O'Lakes Short Course1993-1994, 1999-2000
2524Administrative: Latest Scoop1970-1978
2525Administrative: Low fat Cheese condition2005
2526Administrative: Made in South Dakota2000-2004
2527Administrative: Maintenance/ Repair Lists2005
2528Administrative: Manufacturing Microbiology1998
2529Administrative: MS in Agriculture Science/ Biological Science1968
2530Administrative: Mastitis Council South Dakota Winter Schools2001-2002
2531Administrative: Midwest Dairy Institute/ Lake Area Technical Institute1963-1965, 1967-1969, 1973-1974, 1976
2532Administrative: Milk Facts1977-1994
2533Administrative: Milk Facts1990-1992, 1994-1995, 2002
261Administrative: Milk Records 21962
262Administrative: Milk Records1996
263Administrative: Milk Studies1968-1969
264Administrative: Milk Studies1968-1969
265Administrative: Milk Studies1969
266Administrative: Milk Quality Testing Clinic1995
267Administrative: Milking Equipment Problems1977
268Administrative: Minnesota Dairy Plants1983-1985
269Administrative: Minnesota Dairy Processors Scholarship1978-1982
2610Administrative: Minnesota Dairy Report1982-1985
2611Administrative: Minnesota Dairy Report1985-1988
2612Administrative: Minnesota Diary Report1999
2613Administrative: Minnesota DHIA Annual Summary2002
2614Administrative: Minnesota-South Dakota Foods Research Center MLG2002-2003
2615Administrative: Minnesota-South Dakota Dairy Foods Research Center- Information Annual Report1979-1985
2616Administrative: Moxon Scholarship2006
2617Administrative: National Holstein Convention2002-2009
2618Administrative: NCCIA2001-2004
2619Administrative: NDC Vitamin D1986
2620Administrative: NDPRB1986
2621Administrative: NDPRB Diary Foods Research Center1986
2622Administrative: NDPRB Diary Foods Research Center Correspondence1998
2623Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship1999
2624Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship2000
2625Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship2001
2626Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship2002
2627Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship2003
2628Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship2004
2629Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship2005
2630Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship2006
2631Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship2007
2632Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship1991
2634Administrative: Milk Facts1995-2001
2635Administrative: Milk Facts1956-1958
2636Administrative: Milk-O Meter1988
2637Administrative: Mike Hanisch1961
2638Administrative: Milk Records 11961
271Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship1992
272Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship1993
273Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship1994
274Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship1995
275Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship1996
276Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship1997
277Administrative: NDPRB Scholarship1977-1991
278Administrative: Nordica International, INC. Scholarship1980-1989
279Administrative: Northeast Holstein Association Scholarship1988-1994
2710Administrative: Northern Plains Biostress Laboratory1898-1961
2711Administrative: NSF Requests1998-2001
2712Administrative: New MS in Biological Science/ Agriculture Science1920-1944
2713Administrative: Olsons "Family Albunk" Graduate Material2006
2714Administrative: One Hundred years of Inquiry and Innovation American Dairy Science Association1980-1986
2715Administrative: Original Resume for Dairy Center2002-2003
2716Administrative: Papers Revised2004
2717Administrative: Papers Revised2005
2718Administrative: Papers Revised1993-2000
2719Administrative: Papers Revisedundated
2720Administrative: Photographs no title [14 color photos]undated
2721Administrative: Photographs no title [37 color photos]undated
2722Administrative: Photographs no title [7 black and white and 1 slide]undated
2723Administrative: Photograph no title [12 color photos]undated
2724Administrative: Photographs no title [45 black and white photos]undated
2725Administrative: Photographs no title [21 color photos and 4 negatives]undated
2726Administrative: Photographs no title [144 color photos]undated
2727Administrative: Photographs no title [24 color photos]1961
2728Administrative: Photographs no title [2 black and white photos]1969-1974
2729Administrative: Photographs no title [62 black and white photos]1969-1983
2730Administrative: Photographs Judging Team DS130 [77 black and white and 1 color photo]1970-1979
2731Administrative: Photographs no title [201 color photos]1970-1979
2732Administrative: Photographs no title [176 color photos]1975-1980
2733Administrative: Photographs no title [20 black and white, 111 color, 37 negatives, 2 slides]1975-1980
2734Administrative: Photographs no title [2 black and white, 86 color]1975-1980
281Administrative: Photographs no title [144 color photos]1978-1990
282Administrative: Photographs no title [12 color photos]1980-1981
283Administrative: Photographs no title [10 black and white, 14 color]1981
284Administrative: Photographs no title [79 color photos]1982
285Administrative: Photographs no title [40 black and white photos]1983
286Administrative: Photographs no title [14 black and white, 9 negatives]1989-1992
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288Administrative: Photographs no title [42 black and white, 9 negatives]1990-1997
289Administrative: Photographs no title [90 color photos]1991
2810Administrative: Photographs no title [30 color and 13 negatives]1918-1962
2811Administrative: Photographs no title [24 black and white photos]undated
2812Administrative: Photographs 0001-0036 [38 black and white, 8 negatives]undated
2813Administrative: Photographs 0037-0081 [47 black and white, 4 negatives]undated
2814Administrative: Photographs 0082-0130 [40 black and white, 22 negatives]undated
2815Administrative: Photographs 0001-0002 [2 black and white]undated
2816Administrative: Photographs 0131-0199 [61 black and white, 31 negatives]undated
2817Administrative: Photographs 0200-0262 [58 black and white, 5 negatives]undated
2818Administrative: Photographs 0263-0304 [30 black and white, 8 color, 14 negatives]undated
2819Administrative: Photograph Dairy Bacteria Building [2 black and white photos]undated
2820Administrative: Photograph Dairy Bacteriology Lab [27 black and white photos]undated
2821Administrative: Photograph Barn Condition [15 black and white photos]1983
2822Administrative: Dairy Club Trip to Colorado Spring Break [36 color photos]1965-1982
2823Administrative: Photographs Dairy Food Emergency Scan Sheets [81 black and white, 24 color, 2 slides, 9 negatives]undated
2824Administrative: Photographs Dairy Train [2 black and white photos]undated
2825Administrative: Photographs DM 109A Buildings and Grounds [13 color photos]undated
2826Administrative: Photograph Mabel Otterness [1 black and white]undated
2827Administrative: Photographs Dr. G.C. Wallis and Clayton Pfleuger [3 black and white]1926
2828Administrative: Negatives Judging Team [1 negative]1997
2829Administrative: Photographs Kirk Baldwin [34 color, 10 negatives]1941
2830Administrative: Photographs Milking Parlor [2 black and white]undated
2831Administrative: Photos used for 125th birthday celebration of South Dakota State University (scanned and returned in 2006) [16 black and white, 8 color]undated
2832Administrative: South Dakota Dairy Research and Training Facility Photo [199 color photos]1970-1974
2833Administrative: Photographs Shirley Seas Ds 401 [200 color photos]1974-1975
2834Administrative: Photographs Shirley Seas Ds 401 [189 color photos]undated
2835Administrative: Photographs DM IOIAundated
2836Administrative: Photographs Dariy Science Department [5 black and white photos]undated
291Administrative: Negatives no title [176 negatives]undated
292Administrative: Negatives no title [149 negatives]undated
293Administrative: Negatives no title [91 negatives]undated
294Administrative: Negatives no title [15 negatives]undated
295Administrative: Photographs and negatives [1 black and white, 10 negatives]undated
296Administrative: Negatives no title [62 negatives]1964-1968
297Administrative: Position Paper1990-2004
298Administrative: Rhondia Inc. Scholarship1977-1992
299Administrative: Ronald Linneman Memorial Scholarship1991, 1993
2910Administrative: Proceedings Diary/Forge Conference1994, 1996
2911Administrative: Proceedings Diary/Forge Conference1996
2912Administrative: Project 3141976-1977
2913Administrative: Prospective Students1985-1986, 1989-1990
2914Administrative: Policy Manual1997-1998
2915Administrative: Proceedings Dairy and Forage Conference1999
2916Administrative: Proceedings Dairy and Forage Conferenceundated
2917Administrative: Project 169 Cottage Cheese Manufacture1961
2918Administrative: Projectors1986
2919Administrative: Public Health Science Stream Pollution2010-2015
2920Administrative: Publication, Dairy Digest and Jackrabbit Dairy and Food Review2016-2018
2921Administrative: Publication, Dairy Digest and Jackrabbit Dairy and Food Review1981-1988
2922Administrative: Publication of Vikram V. Mistry Professor Dairy Science Abstracts1982-1993
301Administrative: Research Notebook III Abachillin with blue #2; lactating cow1979
302Administrative: Research Notebook IV Antibioticsundated
303Administrative: Research Manual for Wilkers Inst Research A350B and A600 Dairy Department2011
304Administrative: Retirement banquet for David J. Schingoetheundated
305Administrative: Salesmanship1998
306Administrative: Scholarship [21 color photos, 32 negatives]1999
307Administrative: Scholarship [34 negatives]2011
308Administrative: Scholarship and Awards Banquet Program1981-1988
309Administrative: Seas/ Van Treeck Scholarshipundated
3010Administrative: Seasons Greetingsundated
3011Administrative: Send a Cow to Collegeundated
3012Administrative: Send a Cow to College Donor List1965
3013Administrative: Silo Unloader1983-1985
3014Administrative: Sinton Foods Company Scholarshipundated
3015Administrative: Slides [33 slides]undated
3016Administrative: Slides [10 slides]undated
3017Administrative: Slides [37 slides]undated
3018Administrative: Slides [36 slides]undated
3019Administrative: Slides [35 slides]undated
3020Administrative: Slides [28 slides]undated
3021Administrative: Slides [87 slides]undated
3022Administrative: Slides [27 slides]1986
3023Administrative: Publication of Vikram V. Mistry Professor Dairy Science Others (I)1982-1993
3023Administrative: Slides [70 slides]undated
3024Administrative: Publication of Vikram V. Mistry Professor Dairy Science Others (II)1964-1971
3024Administrative: Slides Avoiding Sulfa Residues in Bob Veal Calves [99 slides]undated
3025Administrative: Slides Feeding and Milking the Goat Herd [122 slides]1983
3025Administrative: Regulations and Laws South Dakota1989-1993
3026Administrative: Slides Drug Residues Script in file [60 slides]1979-1992
3026Administrative: Remodeling 302 and Fume Hood 310undated
3027Administrative: Research Notebook1979
3027Administrative: South Dakota Dairy Association Financial Reports1992-2003
3028Administrative: Research Notebook I Dye Information Dye making1980
3028Administrative: South Dakota Dairy Association Financial Statements2002-2007
3029Administrative: South Dakota Dairy Association Financial Statements1991-2000
3030Administrative: South Dakota Dairy Convention1966-1967
3031Administrative: South Dakota Dairy Herd Production Testing Program1974-1980
3032Administrative: South Dakota DHIA Annual Report1989-1991
3033Administrative: Shirley Seas Memorial Judging Award1986-1994
3034Administrative: Shumaker/ Leedom Scholarshipundated
311Administrative: Research Notebook II Antibiotic Assays Procedures etcundated
312Administrative: Slides removed from slide storage container about 1990 and earlier box 2 [402 slides]undated
313Administrative: Slides removed from slide storage container about 1990 and earlier box 2 [240 slides]undated
314Administrative: Slides removed from slide storage container about 1990 and earlier box 3 [300 slides]undated
315Administrative: Slides removed from slide storage container about 1990 and earlier box 3 [358 slides]undated
316Administrative: Slides removed from slide storage container about 1990 and earlier box 4 [340 sides]undated
317Administrative: Slides removed from slide storage container about 1990 and earlier box 4 [320 slides]undated
318Administrative: Slides removed from slide storage container about 1990 and earlier box 5 [124 slides]undated
319Administrative: Slides removed from slide storage container about 1990 and earlier box 5 [260 slides]undated
3110Administrative: Slides no title [52 slides]undated
3111Administrative: Slides no title [87 slides]undated
3112Administrative: Slides no title [78 slides]undated
3113Administrative: Slides no title [28 slides]undated
3114Administrative: Slides no title [24 slides]undated
3115Administrative: Slides no title [13 slides]undated
3116Administrative: Slides no title [24 slides]undated
3117Administrative: Slides no title [18 slides]undated
3118Administrative: Slides no title [40 slides]undated
3119Administrative: Slides no title [16 slides]undated
3120Administrative: Slides no title [19 slides]undated
3121Administrative: Slides South Dakota State University Dairy Research and Training Facility Dairy Science Department Set 3 [39 slides]undated
3122Administrative: Slides Russia/ Ukraine Presentations [199 slides]undated
3130Administrative: Slides removed from slides storage container about 1990 and earlier box 2 [309 slides]1980
3135Administrative: Slides E. Kim Casselundated
3136Administrative: Slides Ext [20 slides]undated
3137Administrative: Slides Housing and Management of the Goat Herd [113 slides]undated
3138Administrative: Slides Managing for Lower Milk Pricesundated
3139Administrative: Slides removed from slides storage container about 1990 and earlier box 1 [320 slides]undated
321Administrative: Specifications for General Contract Workundated
322Administrative: Specifications for Mechanical Contract Workundated
323Administrative: South Dakota Agriculture1971-1972
324Administrative: South Dakota Annual DHIA Summary Production Testing Programundated
325Administrative: South Dakota Association of Cooperativesundated
326Administrative: South Dakota Association of Sanitarians1957-1965
327Administrative: South Dakota DHIA Annual Report1970-1972
328Administrative: State Dairy Association1959
329Administrative: South Dakota State College Alumnus1960, 1970, 1972, 1974-1981
3210Administrative: South Dakota State Dairy Association1982-1990, 1997-1999
3211Administrative: South Dakota State Dairy Association1999
3212Administrative: South Dakota State Dairy Princess Coronation2003-2005
3213Administrative: South Dakota State University Alumni/ Valley Queen Cheese Empl.2001
3214Administrative: South Dakota State University Princess Coronation1978
3215Administrative: South Dakota State University Resolution 211994
3216Administrative: South Dakota State University Digesterundated
3217Administrative: South Dakota State University Foundation Interns2008
3218Administrative: South Dakota State University Journal of Undergraduate Research Volume 61993-2002
3219Administrative: South Dakota State University/ MDI Meeting1987-1990
3220Administrative: South Dakota State University Research Support Fund Graduate Schoolundated
3221Administrative: Steam Tables2002-2006
3222Administrative: Strategic Plan College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences2003-2005
3223Administrative: Slides U.S. Department of Agriculture S.T.O.P (Swab Test on Premises) [49 slides]2006
3223Administrative: Student Advising2006-2012
3224Administrative: Space Study1960-1961
3224Administrative: Student Fees1970-1986
3225Administrative: Special Equipmentundated
3225Administrative: Terrace Park Scholarshipundated
3226Administrative: Specifications for Electrical Control Work1963
3226Administrative: Tractors1979-1985
3227Administrative: Specifications for General Contract Work1963
3227Administrative: Trudell Scholarship2001
3228Administrative: UF, wnd milk1996-2000
3228Administrative: Specifications for General Contract Workundated
3229Administrative: Ultrafiltration ABCOR1982
3230Administrative: Ultrafiltration Unit ABCOR Unit2007
3231Administrative: Valley View Dairy Partnershipundated
3232Administrative: Vending1991
3233Administrative: Vikram V. Mistry Book No. 12001-2002
3234Administrative: VVMIO Process Cheese2002
3235Administrative: VVMII Vitamin Dundated
3236Administrative: Water Softeners1976-1994
3237Administrative: Wendt Scholarship1988-1998
3238Administrative: Whittaker and Associates Scholarship1993
3239Administrative: Wilson Scholarship1996
3240Administrative: Winger Cheese Donation Foss Food Tech Scan 1041968-1970
3241Administrative: Winter Schools1993-1996
3242Administrative: Workload 
331Administrative: Dairy Department: Correspondence, Publication Lists, Strategic Plan1979-2003
332Administrative: Dairy Department: Flyers, Event Information, Notebook '031987-2003
333Administrative: History of South Dakota State College Diary Department: Letters, programs, pamphlets, graduates, creamery supplies and product prices1940-1963